For reference, the old Atlas Games Delphi forum's read-only archive can be found at Many basic questions about Ars Magica may already be answered there.

Also, these links may be of interest:

Official Ars Magica 5th Ed webpage -

5th Edition Errata -

Official Ars Magica 4th Ed webpage -

4th Edition Errata -

Project Redcap -

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Ars Magica 3 core rules indexed version

The link to the read-only archive of the old forums is broken. I hope it can be fixed/recovered, the amount of great content on the old forums was nigh priceless in my opinion!

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I'll look into it.


It seems that Delphi deleted the old forum files, and didn't reply to my email asking if it was recoverable. So I'd pretty much given up hope. Then, cleaning out old files on my computer today, I stumbled on a backup compiled by Fruny in 2005! A little bit of html formatting later, and it's up and readable on our own server now! I've updated the link above. Enjoy!