Ars Magica: Canaries Are Dying [3-6 Players]

How goes the saga? Might there be room for one more?

We're actually on a bit of a hiatus while I (the SG) recharge, but I expect to be back to running the game in about a month or so.

If that's okay with you, feel free to swing by, check things out, and we can go from there.

(in other words, yes, if you don't mind waiting to actually start play for a few weeks. Pre-play, character generation, game discussion, whatnot, is still going on).

I'll certainly take a look. Things are a bit hectic for me right now anyway, but I should have more time toward the end of the summer.

COuld you give me a quick breakdown of the active magi? I don't want to step on any toes as I design my character.

The character sheets are posted over yonder. But basically, we currently have an insecure Verditius, a Tytalus with an affinity for and magical focus with [strike]boats[/strike] ships, an Ex Misc who is interested in studying non-Hermetic traditions, a nature-based Merinita who's the leader of the covenant (whether he likes it or not), a Bjornaer lab-rat who may or may not survive her next transformation, and a cranky weather-witch Ex Misc.

And the Tytalus A lot. And often. Morale isn't usually a problem aboard her ship...

Who said I was insecure?! HE'S been talking hasn't he?! He's turned you against me!

I find myself looking for a pbp campaign. Might you have room for one more "one more"?

The saga is on a (temporary) hiatus, but it's got as many people as I feel comfortable handling at the moment.

However, one of my players also runs a pretty awesome pbp saga (In the Ruins of Bibracte), and he has room for you if your interested. (By the way, his saga was the inspiration for this one.)

It's been a busy saga. Go ahead and post in Table Talk in Bibracte forum if you're interested.

Thank you both so much for the responses! I will post over there right now.

The saga is awakening from its slumber, and finds that it hungers. It does not have as many [right]sacrifices[/right] players as it should.

If anyone is interested in joining the saga, feel free to either post something in the Table Talk thread, send me a pm, or whatever.

Do you still have need of players? I'm toying around with an imposing ex misc mentalist who I think might fit with this saga. I've never tried forum games before, but am fairly familiar with the rules.

My team in the SMVA is looking for a few good players. I need a Middle and a setter. Attitude is very important.

interested PM me.