HAIL! - I have only been into ARS for a week or so... Just had to toss a Mythic Companion up here to see what you guys think. I would still take a lot more time to flesh out the background, dig into actual history, and tie all the personality bits, flaws, virtues, skills, & even characteristics closely to actual events/things in Marcus's background.

[b]Marcus ‘Reboare’, ab Palatinus  [/b]
{Mythic Companion}

[b]‘Finisvita passuporta Purganefa’ [i]{saying writ on shield/sword}[/i][/b]

Intelligence -1 (forgetful {from lost memories}), 
Perception  +0 (Visions get in the way), 
Presence     -1 (does not meet eyes {often uses Sense Holy/Unholy}), 
Communic  +0 (always speaks in Tongues so words unemotional), 
Strength      +3, 
Stamina      +3, 
Dexterity     +4, 
Quickness    +3 

Size: 0 
Age: 30 
FAITH: 4 (6) 
Confidence Score: 1(3) 

[b]Magic Resistance:  55[/b]

Mythic Paladin, 
True Faith, 
Guardian Angel, 
Relic, Major {Longsword}, 
Great Dexterity, 
Improved Characteristics x5, 
Heroes Birthright (x2) {at will Heal Light Wound/Fatigue (duration Moon)} [b][needs more???], [/b]
Gift of Tongues, 
Affinity: Single Weapon, 
Puissant: Single Weapon, 
Premonitions {from True Faith}, 
Sense Holiness/Unholiness {from Major Relic} 

Deep Dark  Secret, Monastic Vows, Temperance, Companion (Warhorse), Visions, Amnesia  

Pious +2, Brave +3, Loyal (Church) +2, Loyal (Angel) +4  

Longsword: Initiative +5, Attack +19, Defense +18, Damage +9 
Spear: Initiative +5, Attack +12, Defense +12, Damage +8  
Brawl: Initiative +, Attack +, Defense +, Damage +3 

[b]Soak:[/b] +20  (+STA)(+Armor)(+Guardian Angel)(+Tough) 

Italian (Grammar)   5 
Brawl (Grapple)   4
Riding (Horseback)   4 
Athletics (Sprint)   2 
Awareness (Watch)   2 
Swim (Armored) 2
Single Weapon (Longsword)   10 
Premonitions (Danger)   5
Thrown Weapon (Spear)   5
Sense Holy/Unholy (Unholy)   6
Concentration (Prayer)   3 
Theology (Heresy)   2 
Divine Lore   2 

Full Chain Armor, Longsword {major relic}, Metal re-enforced gauntlets, Warhorse, Saddle, Heater Shield, Dagger, Hatchet, Satchel, Holy Cross Pendant, Gray Cloak, Spangenhelm, 2 spears/javelins, knee-high boots of good quality.   

Shoulder-length blond/gold hair, hazel/gold eyes, 6’2” 215#, rather muscular, chiseled features, built like a triathlete. Seems to mumble to himself upon occasion (talking to angel), but has VERY piercing stare. Comes across as VERY focus & VERY intense, and yet oddly ‘not all there’ betimes… 

     From God, to the Pope, to the ‘Major General of Priests’ comes a very secretive tradition. Their symbol is a white cross on a black background overlayed with a 7-pointed gold star (point up & fork down). 
     The Major General maintains ‘The Seven Paladins’ whose sole task is to ‘seek out & end’ (politically, diplomatically, or physically) Magic (Hermetic, Hedge, etc) being used for/from Mortal Sin. This could be a murder to fuel a Ritual, invisibility used in abduction/rape, etc. 
     The Paladins are to find/prevent ‘Mortal Sins used for magic’, or ‘Mortal Sins caused by magic’. 
     As each Paladin ‘shuffles off this mortal coil’ he is replaced. The Major General seeks out a rather accomplished warrior who also suffers GREATLY under guilt/sin. As penitence the warrior agrees to undergo induction into the Paladins. This begins as taking Monastic vows, continues as taking Holy Orders, but ends before being able to perform Sacraments. The finale of the seven month ritual involves the Paladin’s soul entering purgatory, and the Paladin’s body being improved. The newly christened Paladin awakens on the sarcophagus/altar of the Paladin he is replacing. Over this tableau the Major General of Priests continually prays for the Miracle to complete the transformation. 
     Upon awakening, the Paladin is filled with the Holy Spirit, introduced to his Guardian Angel, overflowing with love/joy, BUT suffering almost total amnesia. The Paladin mostly keeps his personality (now of highest ethics, morals, & piety), knows all the skills he ever learned, but only remembers vaguely ‘bits&pieces’ of his former life. These spectral memories manifest as the VISIONS flaw. 
     Once beginning his missions the Paladin improves his relationship with his Guardian Angel. The Guardian Angel is in vague emotional contact with the Angels of the other Paladins, and can roughly know the locations of the other Paladins. (One Paladin is always stationed with the Major General of Priests) The Guardian Angel helps interpret the promptings of the Holy Spirit within the Paladin, teaches what available skills the Paladin wants to learn, and guides the Paladin on his missions. 

[b]Story: [/b]
Marcus awakens to the prayers of Saint Dominic. After learning what he has become, getting no answers about his forgotten past from Dominic, and meeting his Guardian Angel ‘Theal’, Marcus finished his training (in secret). He then took Eucharist from the Pope Honorius III (gaining two faith points!) before beginning his first missions of delivering messages to Hermetic Covenants. On his trusty gray Warhorse ‘Artax’ Marcus embarks on his first missions for the Holy Church. 
His Holy Longsword is reputed to be the one used by the ‘disciple of Christ’ to cut off the soldier’s ear before they arrested Jesus. This Major Relic has the additional power of ‘Sense Holy/Unholy’ and confers 100 skill points for its use. 

[u]Marcus arrives at the covenant on rumors of Infernal Magic in the area….[/u]

Imperius of Bonisagus

Imperius, formerly known as “Pieter”, was born in the covenant of Durenmar about 1100AD. His mother was a serving girl, and his father was unknown. People suspect that his father was one of the magi or apprentices in the covenant, but as the serving girl was well known there are plenty of possibilities. Pieter was a brilliant child, he was recognized as being of great intellect – always asking questions, then more questions. As he grew it became obvious to the magi that he had some type of gift, and at the age of 7 he was claimed by Garelius of Bonisagus.
Garelius was a kindly master of many years, Pieter was his third apprentice – and would probably be his last. His great research project was to locate places where future covenants could be sited. He and Pieter travelled in the areas around Durenmar searching for magical regios which could be noted for future development. Garelius dream was to have several covenants nearby to Durenmar so that research and ideas could be passed on more easily. As such Pieter learned a lot of small spells to make travelling easier and safer. Pieter also decided on his grand project. He wanted to be able to setup a lab somewhere where no-one else was around. He wanted to be able to travel wherever he wanted, to be able to move his lab at any time. Rather than finding places to build a covenant he wanted to be able to build his covenant anywhere.

Characteristics: Int +5, Per +1(1), Pre -2, Com +2, Str 0, Sta +1, Dex 0, Qik -1
Size: 0
Age: 142 (37)
Decrepitude: 3
Warping Score: 9 (4)
Confidence Score: 2 (points)
Virtues and Flaws: The Gift; Hermetic Magus; Major Magical Focus (Thoughts); Adept Lab Student, Good Teacher, Great Intelligence, Inventive Genius, Puissant Magic Theory, Puissant Mentem, Secret Vis Source (4 pawns mentem), Skilled Parens; Blatant Gift, Driven (Labs without covenants); Covenant Upbringing, Deleterius Circumstances (Faerie lands), Susceptability to Faerie Power, Warped Magic (People are afraid).
Personality Traits: Reclusive +3, Loyal +2, Stubborn +2
Reputations: Prolific Writer +4 (Hermetic); Loner 2 (Durenmar)
Defence: Init -1, Attack N/A, Defense +0, Damage +0
Soak: 0
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–5), –3 (6–10), –5 (11–15), Incapacitated (16–20), Dead
Abilities: Area Lore Durenmar (Places) 2, Artes Liberales (Logic) 3, Athletics (Climb) 2, Awareness (When in Lab) 2, Bargain (Cheap Prices) 2, Brawl (Dodging) 2, Carouse (Staying sober) 3, Charm (Women) 2, Concentration (Maintaining Spell) 4, Faerie Lore (Seelie nobles) 2, Finesse (Precision) 4, Folk Ken (Detecting Lies) 3, Guile (Not Reacting) 3, House Bonisagus Lore (Discoveries) 4, Intrigue (Making Deals) 2, Leadership (Magi) 3, Magic Theory (Inventing Spells) 10 + 2, Order of Hermes Organization (People) 4, Parma Magica (Faeries) 5, Penetration (Faeries) 3, Philosophae (Metaphysics) 3, Profession Scribe (Copying) 3, Speak German (Insults) 5, Speak Latin (Hermetic Usage) 5, Survival (Forest) 2, Teaching (One-on-one) 3
Arts: Cr 21, In 11, Mu 15, Pe 10, Re 14; An 17, Aq 10, Au 9, Co 18, He 11, Ig 9, Im 9, Me 21+3, Te 10, Vi 20
Twilight Scars: None
Equipment: Wizard Robes
Encumbrance: 0 (0)
Spells Known:
Chamber of Spring Breezes (CrAu 5) +31
Create the Avatar (CrMe 30)

Requisite: Rego
R:Personal, D:Conc, T:Ind
The Familiar creates an avatar inside the mental laboratory, the avatar has the same abilities as the Familiar. The familiar can control both it’s body and avatar as normal.
Base 5, +1 Conc, +2 complexity, +5 lev maintain concentration, +5 lev 24 uses

Imperius extra mobile lab (CrMe 65) +65
Requisite: Vim
R:Touch, D:Mom, T:Ind, Ritual
Create a large laboratory inside the target person’s mind
Base 55, +1 touch, +1 Complexity

Imperius Mobile Lab (CrMe 60) +65
Requisite: Vim
R:Personal, D:Mom, T:Ind, Ritual
Create a large laboratory inside a persons mind
Base 55, +1 Complexity

Memory of the Distant Dream (CrMe 20) +67
The Gift of Reason (CrMe 35) +67
The Gift of Reason (CrMe 55) +67
The Laboratory of Imperius (CrMe 40) +45

Requisites: Terram, Vim
R:Personal, D:Mom, T:Group, Ritual
Base 5, +2 Group, +5 Complexity
Outfit a mental lab with all of the standard hermetic equipment.

The Laboratory of Bonisagus (CrTe 45) +32
Shell of False Determinations (CrVi 15) +42
Shell of False Determinations (CrVi 20) +42
Shell of False Determinations (CrVi 25) +42
Shell of Opaque Mysteries (CrVi 15) +42
Shell of Opaque Mysteries (CrVi 20) +42
Shell of Opaque Mysteries (CrVi 25) +42
The Phantom Gift (CrVi 15) +42
Image of the Beast (InAn 5) +29
Subtle Taste of Poison and Purity (InAq 5) +22
Touch of the Pearls (InAq 5) +22
Intuition of the Forest (InHe 10) +23
Peering into the Mortal Mind (InMe 30) +36
Perception of the Conflicting Motives (InMe 15) +36
Sight of the Transparent Motive (InMe 10) +36
Piercing the Faerie Veil (InVi 20) +32
Piercing the Magical Veil (InVi 20) +32
Doublet of Impenetrable Silk (MuAn 15) +33
Eyes of the Cat (MuCo 5) +34
Piercing Shaft of Wood (MuHe 10) +27
Decay Fur and Hide (PeAn 10) +28
Comfort of the Drenched Traveller (PeAq 5) +21
Lay to Rest The Haunting Spirit (PeMe 20) +35
Trust of Childlike Faith (PeMe 10) +35
Circle of Beast Warding (ReAn 5) +32
Ward against Rain (ReAu 10) +24
Rise of the Feathery Body (ReCo 10) +33
The Leap of Homecoming (ReCo 35) +33
Aegis of the Hearth (ReVi 10) +35
Aegis of the Hearth (ReVi 15) +35
Aegis of the Hearth (ReVi 20) +35
Aegis of the Hearth (ReVi 25) +35
Maintaining the Demanding Spell (ReVi 15) +35
Maintaining the Demanding Spell (ReVi 20) +35
Opening the Intangible Tunnel (ReVi 15) +35
Opening the Intangible Tunnel (ReVi 20) +35
Opening the Intangible Tunnel (ReVi 25) +35

Vis: Each year Imperius gains 4 pawns of mentem vis – he sleeps under a certain tree in the local forest on the spring solstice – when he awakens he is holding a small pebble with the vis in it. If he is being observed or he stays awake no vis appears.

Appearance: Imperius is young – anyone seeing him would expect him to be a junior magus or a middle aged man. He has dark brown hair cropped short around his face but falling to his neck at the back and sides. His eyes peer out from beneath bushy eyebrows, and his short beard looks untidy no-matter how much it is combed. He stands tall, seemingly in good health and his body carries no scars from weapons.

History: Pieter was gauntleted at 22 years of age and passed on his first attempt. When he was announced with his new name he swore to his master and the witnesses that on the anniversary of this day he would write books for the betterment of the order. Every 10 years, for a century he would write at least 2 tractati and place copies in the library. This was well received by those present, and when he was 32 he wrote his first volumes. Due to his writing of 39 Tractati he gained a reputation within the Order of Hermes as a prolific writer. At the age of 32, after he had written his first 3 tractati; Garelius aided him in his longevity ritual. When he was 66 he started to have occasional dreams of a raven, as he grew older they became more frequent, until he set off to find it. During his travels around Germany he encountered a young girl called Maude who he took on as his apprentice. He eventually found the magical raven he had dreamed of and it accompanied him back home to become his familiar.

When Imperius was 82 his apprentice gauntleted as Mariel, as a parting gift he gave her a copy of one of his Magic Theory tractati. Ten years later, when he was 92 he crafted her longevity ritual, and in exchange she helped him devise a ritual to increase his intelligence. This was not a matter of pride, but necessity as he had heard of mental contruct labs, which were better the higher your intellect. When he was 106 years old his preparations were complete and he underwent the ritual he had devised for a mental lab, he then spent some time crafting a spell so that Ashel, his familiar could join him there.

At the age of 113, when he was collecting his Mentem vis he awoke to find a young boy asleep in his lap. The boy’s name was Heinrich, he was 10 years old, he had grown up with the fey and then suddenly been snatched away in the night. He didn’t know why he had been abandoned, but Imperius took him away for examination. The boy was apprentice material, that was obvious, but Imperius was never quite sure why he had been given to him. He resolved to keep an eye on the boy as he trained him, and beyond.

At the age of 127 Heinrich passed his gauntlet and became Impresius of Bonisagus. Imperius gifted him with a mental lab on the condition that he keep in regular correspondence and return to aid in the final step of the research. Impresius then spent a number of years undergoing magical experimentation to create mobile magical auras – auras tied to a person, not a location. He eventually completed the research, created a spell – Imperius Regionne - and summoned Impresius back to test it.

Tractati written:
Age 32: Creo, Herbam, Terram
Age 42: Magic Theory, Corpus, Mentem, Rego
Age 52: Magic Theory, Penetration, Finesse, Vim
Age 62: Magic Theory, Speak Latin, Intellego, Rego
Age 72: Magic Theory, Leadership, Creo, Corpus
Age 82: Creo, Intellego, Mentem, Vim
Age 92: Corpus, Intellego, Mentem, Vim
Age 102: Animal, Auram, Muto, Perdo
Age 112: Herbam, Animal, Auram, Aquam
Age 122: Magic Theory, Herbam, Ignem, Imaginem

Imperius Regionne Cr (Re) Vi General spell
R: Personal, D: Momentary, T: Individual, Ritual
Create a magical aura centered around the targeted person. The base level is 15 for a level 1 aura centered on yourself. The aura increases in strength with each 2 magnitudes. The target incurs warping as with CrVi Guidelines. If the Rego Requisite is used, additional magnitudes may be added to reduce the effect of the aura on those around you – the aura acts as a continual magical spell which will warp people and items inside it. The effect spreads out from the magus and drops 1 magnitude per multiple of 5 feet away. e.g. by 1 for 5 ft, then by 2 for 10 ft so a lvl 3 aura would disappear after approximately 15 feet. Each magnitude of rego can reduce this aura by 1, this may drop the external aura to 0. The aura may be raised up to lvl 9.
Lvl 15 +1 aura
Lvl 20 +1 Aura with full border
Lvl 25 +2 aura
Lvl 30 +2 aura with +1 border
Lvl 35 +3 aura, +2 aura with full border
Lvl 40 + 3 aura with +2 border
Lvl 45 +4 aura, +3 aura with +1 border
Lvl 50 +4 aura with +3 border, +3 aura with full border
Lvl 55 +5 aura, +4 aura with +2 border
Lvl 60 +5 aura with +4 border, +4 aura with +1 border
Lvl 65 +6 aura, +5 aura with +3 border, +4 aura with full border
Lvl 70 +6 aura with +5 border, +5 aura with +2 border
Lvl 75 +7 aura, +6 aura with +4 border, +5 aura with +1 border
Lvl 80 +7 aura with +6 aura, +6 aura with +3 border, +5 aura with no border
Lvl 85 +8 aura, +7 aura with +5 aura, +6 aura with +2 border
Lvl 90 +8 aura, +7 aura with +4 aura, +6 aura with +1 border
Lvl 95 +9 aura, +8 aura with +6 aura , +7 aura with +3 aura,+6 aura with full border
Lvl 110 +7 aura with full border
Lvl 125 +8 aura with full border
Lvl 140 +9 aura with full border


I put this character together as an idea for the basis of future game play. I've only played once before so any help with tweaks is appreciated.

I will be posting some of the spells below as a topic in the general AM forum. They are listed here for the sake of completeness.

Characteristics: Int +2, Per +1, Str -1, Sta +1, Pre 0, Com +5, Dex 0, Qik 0

Affinity: Profession (Scribe)
Affinity: Intelligo
Apt Student
Book learner
Good teacher
Great characteristic [X 2]
Improved characteristic
Minor magical focus (texts)
Study Bonus

Monastic Vows
Slow Caster
Susceptibility to Infernal Magic
Susceptibility to Faerie Magic
Twilight Prone

1 Area Lore: Bordeaux (libraries)
1 Area Lore: Rome (libraries)
2 Artes Liberales (grammar)
2 Awareness (details)
2 Finesse (scribing)
5 Latin (texts)
1 Folk Ken (clergy)
2 French (texts)
3 Magic Theory (Intelligo)
5 Italian (texts)
2 Parma Magica (Intelligo)
3 Penetration (Intelligo)
6 Profession: Scribe (from memory)
2 Survival (travel)
2 Teaching (from memory)

7+2 Intelligo
5 Muto
4 Rego
5 Animal
4 Aquam
5 Herbam
5 Imaginem
4 Terram


Any Feather is a Quill (via Erik Tyrrell @ the wiki)
MuAn Level 10

The Mind Knows What the Eye Sees
InIm 20
R: Per D: Moon T: Vision
This spell creates within the mind of the caster a perfected image of the entire contents of any one book after the caster merely flips through the pages.

If the caster does not take care to specifically turn each page there is a chance some critical information could be omitted. The caster must make a successful Dex + Finesse roll vs. ease factor of appropriate to the amount of care they take in flipping through or turning past each page.

If the caster fails the roll the spell fails to capture the entire contents of the book. This is represented by blank pages in the perfected image of the book. The caster may not be aware of this until they attempt to view or otherwise use the perfected memory.

Spell Construction:
(Base 1, +3 moon, +4 vision)

Mundane Inventory Made Easy
InIm 15
R: Touch, D: Moon , T: Room
This spell was originally intended to aid in cataloging a library. By touching a wall the caster creates a perfected memory of the interior of a room. The caster can change their viewpoint within the room to allow the caster to be able to view the mental image of items within at a level of detail as if standing in the room under the same conditions in which the image was created (i.e. well lit vs. poorly lit, etc.).

(Base 1, +1 touch, +3 moon, +2 room)

Relieving the Scribe of Tedium
MuAn 15 Req: Her, Ter
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind, Req: He, Te
The caster turns a blank sheet of parchment or paper they are touching into a perfect copy of a page the caster can either see or visualize (i.e. either by viewing a perfected memory or from looking at an existing book). The copy is indistinguishable from the original by mundane senses.

Although this allows the caster to produce copies rapidly, to curb abuse of this spell the caster is limited by the normal rules for copying.

(Base 2, +1 touch, +2 sun, +2 manufactured item)

Floats Like a Duck
ReAq 20
R: Touch D: Moon T: Room

By touching a wall this spell allows the caster to make the items within a room water repellant for a duration. The spell is broken if the target(s) becomes submerged.

(Base 1, +1 touch, +3 moon, +2 room, +1 slightly unnatural control)

Scribers Skill Revealed
MuAn 20 Req: Ter
R: Vision D: Mom. T: Ind

This spell instantly corrects any copying errors on a parchment page viewed by the caster. The caster must make a successful die roll of Perception + language of the text vs. ease factor appropriate to the amount of care they take in flipping through or turning past each page. If the caster fails the roll they might easily conclude that there were no errors to begin with.

A successful correction would make the Source Quality of a Quickly Copied book 1 higher.

(base 2, +3 vision, +2 manufactured item, +1 terram req.)

Discern the Images of Truth & Falsehood
(base 15)
AM5 p.144

I thik that the spell Scribers Skill Revealed should be ReAn or CrAn with the others requisites and it have Diameter Duration to be usefull.

Here is my impersonation and ideal character: (After i complete his others things)

[size=150]Mario Child of Simon:[/size]

House: Ex Miscellanea Parens: Ioson the Simonian
Birth/Apprenticeship/Sigil: 1197/1205/1220 Gender: Male
Race/Nationality: Castillian/Hispanic ~ Semitic
Hermetic/Wizard Sigil: Little Phylacteria in Latin, resume for his Gauntlet/ His magic forms little medieval caricatures when its working.
Covenant: Actually in study travel, formerly Complutum
Characteristics: Intelligence +3, Perception +1, Presence -1, Communication +2, Strength 0, Stamina +2, Dexterity -1, Quickness +2
Size: +0
Age: 23
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Confidence Score: 1 (3)
Twilight Scars: None
The Gift, Hermetic Magi
Summoning (free Miscellanea Virtue, Major), Affinity with Vim (free ex Misc)
Affinity with Magic Lore, Puissant with Magic Theory, Free Expression
Puissant with Rego, Puissant with Vim, Potent Magic with Theoi, Spell Binding, Skilled Parens,
Second Sight
Magic Addiction(free Miscellanea Hermetic Flaw, Major)
Hedge Wizard,
Overconfident, Fear (Snails)
Indiscreet, Failed Monk,
Lesser Malediction (Bad Luck)
Personality Traits:
Reputations: Gnostic Sorceror/Escolar (-2 Order of Hermes, Iberian Church)
Dodge ~ Ini -2, Def -1
Soak: Stamina +2 (+Form Bonus)
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20)
Castillian 5
Charm (Elders) 1
Guile (Reform the True) 1
Second Sight (Daimons) 2
Castilla Lore (Legends) 2
Stealth (Quiet) 2
Swim (Dive) 1
Profession Scribe (Quick) 2
Artes Liberales(Ceremonial Casting) 3
Latin (Magi) 4
Parma Magica(Corpus) 1
Magic Theory (Vim) 3
Penetration (Vim) 2
Phylosophy (Ritual Casting) 2
Magic Lore (Gods) 5
Organisation Lore: Order of Hermes(Personalities) 2
Code of Hermes (Relations) 1
True Names 2 (The Lasa Vegoia, the Matron from The Mysteries RE that is a Theoi and a Castilian Genii Loci of the River Tajo).
Equipment: Student Clothes, Book of Parchment middle writted.
Encumbrance: 0
Cr 4 In 1 Mu 3 Pe 0 Re 8
An 0 Aq 0 Au 0 Co 3 He 0
Ig 0 Im 0 Me 3 Te 0 Vi 12
Goetics Arts: Summoning 10
Spells Known:
Wizard Communion (20/18 ) [MuVi]
Sense the Nature of Vis(5/15)[InVi]
Circular Ward Against Demons (15/22)[ReVi]
Aegis of The Heart (30/26)[ReVi - Ritual]
Sustain a Mentem Spell (15/13)[ReVi(Me)]
Sustain a Corpus Spell (15/13)[ReVi(Co)]
Ring of Warding against Spirits (10/13)[ReMe]
Bind Wound (10/9)[CrCo]
The Chirurgeon's Healing Touch (20/15)[CrCo]
Physician's Eye (5/6)[InCo]
Eyes of the Cat (5/5)[MuCo(An)]

Appareance: His Hispanic and his semitic heritages are strongs, with no many height and his dark hair. He isn't nor handosme nor really ugly, but his Gift make really hard the personal relationships. He wear common clothes for the students, normally with hood for a mor "magician aspect".

Like other childs with the Gift his first childhood could be better, but how his father worked like parchment maker for a next abbey and others church mens, and he could try introduce him in the church. A dark tome made possible learn about strange serets, and the Churchmen toght out, in the responsability of a Hermit, Ioson the Simonian too, an holly Miscellanean magician. They have taught the basis for other two scriptures, the hebrew and the greek, but without teach him any languages yet. Really he gaunlet was to make a recopilation for the teachings of a Ancient and good God about cosmology. Now is in the Tribunal of Provença, for take more studies.

Salvete Sodales!

The new Hedge Magic sourcebook inspired me to create a learned magician for the 5th ed. setting. They differ significantly from their 4th ed. predecessors, but I think they can be interesting, too. The guy below might be part of a P&P saga I plan to start here in Bielefeld, so anybody likely to sit at my table should just skip this post.

character class: Gifted Companion (learned magician)
character concept: copycat mage

Name: (Frater) Petrellus
born as: Peter Steinhauer
Age: 33
Decreptitude: 0
Confidence 1(3)

Int +3 Per +1 Str -2 Sta +1 Pre +1 Com +3 Dex -3 Qik +1

The Gift, Mathematicus of Bologna, The Gentle Gift, Strong Amulet Magic, Strong Verbal Charms, Arcane Lore

Failed Monk, Major character flaw: Curious, Dark Secret (spying on the Order of Hermes), Rigid Magic

Personality traits:
Curious +3 Pious +1

Artes Liberales (astronomy) 4, Athletics (running) 1, Awareness (searching) 1, Bargain (charms) 2, Brawl (dodging) 1, Carouse (games of chance) 1, Charm (first impressions) 3, Christian Theology (biblical knowledge) 3, Civil and Canon Law (treatment of magic) 1, Concenration (spellcasting) 1, Dominion Lore (Names of Power) 3, Etiquette (the Church) 1, Folk Ken (clergy) 2, Guile (elaborate lies) 3, Intrigue (gossip) 2, Latin (academic usage) 5, Local Area Lore(personalities) 1, Magical Lore (magical traditions) 1, Mathematici of Bologna Lore (personalities) 1, Medicine (apothecary) 1, Native Language (extensive vocabulary) 5, Penetration (Succurro) 3, Philosophiae (Natural Philosophy) 3, Profession Scribe (copying) 2, Stealth (urban areas) 3, Survival (Swampland) 1, Swim (long distances) 1, Teaching (adolescent students) 1

(I posted my home baked spells in the following thread for discussion:[url]])

  • Incorporation of Bestial Forms (SuMa 25/+16)
  • Incorporation of Further Bestial Forms (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Strengthening the Versatility of the Body (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Gift of the Bard (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Gift of Bardic Mastery (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Invocation of the Muses of Music (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Deafness to the Siren Song (TuMa 15/+16)
  • Acquiring the Powers of the Entrancer (SuMa 25/+16)
  • Gift of the Master Entrancer (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Strengthening the Will of the Entrancer (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Raising the Walls of the Mind (TuMa 15/+16)
  • Gift of the Seer (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Gift of Enhanced Clairvoyance (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Strengthening of the Mystical Eye (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Invocation of the Protection of St. Florian (TuSa 15/+16)
  • Mystical Mastery of artes liberales (SuFa 15/+16)
  • Luck of the Gambler (SuFa 10/+16)
  • Invoking the Gift of St. Francis (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Magician's Second Wind (duration) (SuMa 15/+16)
  • Magician's Second Wind (duration) (SuMa 25/+16)
  • Curse of Coughing Fits (VuSa 10/+16)

Background story:
Due to his Gentle nature young Peter had a rather normal and unddisturbed childhood, until his mother died in childbed when he was six. From then onward he accompanied his father, who worked as a stonemason. When Peter turned 14, his father was working at the buildingsite of a monastery, there was an accident, and his father lost his life. The monks took the boy in, first out of charity, but then the abbot, a learned man who had studied in Bologna and been introduced into the magic arts there, realized that the boy was Gifted, too. He offered him a place among the monks, but instead of keeping him to the usual schedule of work and prayers, he opend his Gift to learned magic and used him as assistant in his studies of magic.
The pair worked on various projects, mainly trying to investigate some 'primitive' magic traditions and to produce charms that allowed them to duplicate their powers. Actually they were quite successful, until this spring the abbot suddenly died. His successor had a completely different attitude to magic, and he made it clear for Brother Petrulus that from now onward he would have to abstain completely from the 'dark arts' and to live strictly after the monastic rule. Petrulus didn't agree and came to a important decision - he ran away.
Now he is out of the monastery, out on his own, looking for a place to live at, an occupation to live from - and for new magical secrets to investigate. His late mentor had once told him about a tradition of powerful mages who own an estate in the vicinity. Perhaps that's the place to go.

The character is constructed as a NPC for a saga. He could join the covenant as scribe or teacher and be pretty helpful for a while. In the end this will turn out into a story about somebody who tries to steal the secret of the Parma Magica, probably the end to the character - but who knows? He might as well end as member of the Order.

Technicalities. 5 years of early childhood, 9 years normal development, from then onward study time. - I know that is rather much, but I think that for a magus equivalent character this still is fair.

So, what do you think of him?

Alexios ex Miscellanea

a) just correcting spelling errors etc.
b) correcting casting totals, replaced 'inventive genius' with 'arcane lore', otherwise he would not have had access to Dominion Lore. Spent the additional XP on appropriate abilities.

Greetings sodales!

I'm new to these forums, but I have played Ars Magica for some time. I haven't played a merinita PC before and I wonder if this character sounds plausible and hopefully it is not very broken.

Castus ex Merinita
Peter was born as legitimate child after a complex love triangle involving fae and two villagers. It was a week of wild guessing for two mortals, but finally their love overcame illusions cast by the strange fae and with help of a pious travelling monk they were married and their marriage became consummate on eve of midsummer solstice in the green grove where birds sang and water was sweet. And she came to be pregnant and exactly one year later a child was born.
Their first born was wonderfully beautiful child that learned to speak early and to a slight consternation of his parents had a small fox tail. He usually placed his tail into his baggy pants or as a belt around waist. He always liked to play with others and had a sense of humor that was never ill-intentioned.
His life has always been easy, but very dull. He needs the feeling of meaningfulness to his life that he only gets when he recognizes events unfolding around himself. He lacks normal faculties for connecting with daily life unless it is interesting and that made him outcast in his early years when his gift manifested.
It wasn't that people drove him away for his gift, for his is the gentle gift, but that mundaneness of people struck him then as his inheritance came to him. He ran away in his 13th birthday in light of the full moon. [This might have to be modified depending on year]
He yearns for connection with humans and his blood sings to him as he sees stories unfold around him. He easily feels restless and meaningless unless there is buzz of human life around him and lack of human contact makes his life feel empty beyond description.
His master found him few years later - troupe of musicians, story tellers and actors had given him shelter and they often happened to come by interesting stories. People were unfair to this troupe and they were persecuted which helped Peter to feel connected to them. He often would take a stage as one of the actors (his appearance changed almost if by magic) as one of the musicians would cut purses from the crowd - to which Peter was completely oblivious.
Acer ex Merinita recognized his talents while watching the play and it came to happen that the band was proven to be guilty to their criminal ways, but guiltlessness of Peter was almost miraculously proven. Master Acer promised authorities that he would teach Peter how to live his life and became his master.
His apprenticeship gave him sense of meaning and structure and he has a firm grasp how covenant life is organized. He understands how his role as magus is supposed to play out. He bestows boons and punishments to covenfolk and companions for their heroics and villainy.
Castus prefers company of the mundanes to that of magi most of the time - he plays with them and enjoys their simpler joys - magi are often boring. He can join almost any party and trust his natural wits and likable personality to carry through with minimal amount of magic. He looks for old stories and plays for inspiration as he isn't very imaginative himself.

Castus ex Merinita
Int 2 Per 2 Pre 2 Com 2
Str -2 Sta 0 Dex -1 Qck -1
Virtues: Faerie Magic (Free), Gentle Gift, Strong Faerie Blood (Trickster), Deft Imagem, Puissant Folk Ken, Deft Mentem

Flaws: Weird magic, Warped magic (Birds), Lesser malediction (Afflicted tongue (Stuttering) when lying), Weakness: Stories, Major Meddler, Incomprehensible (Makes a story out of everything), Visions

Sigil: All spells and their effects appear more stereotyped and from warped magic there is always a bird associated with the magic somehow - for example those with bargains have a raven following them.

Spells: (120 levels)
MuIm 15 (Base 5, personal, sun +2) x 4 (Obese priest, ugly hag, beautiful maiden, helpless peasant)
MuIm 20 (Base 1, Touch +1, Moon +3, Bargain +3) Smell of broken promise
InMe 20 (Base 5, Voice +2, Diameter +1) Meaning behind the babble
CrMe 20 (Base 4, Touch +1, Concentration +1, Control +2) Thoughts of spoken meanings -- I'm not sure if this works, but I used Control guideline from Imagem spells - idea is to touch target and project ideas to target while talking normally to her/him

Athletics (Swimming) 1
Bargain (Faeries) 1
Faerie lore (Bargains) 1
Charm (Children) 1
Guile (Pretenting) 1
Awarness (Suprises) 1
Carouse (Gregariousness) 1
Etiquette (Parties) 1
Folk ken (Rural) 1 + 2
Intrigue (Stories) 1
France (Rural) 5
Flav (Rural) 2
Occ (Rural) 2
Latin (Hermetic) 4
Storytelling (Traditional) 1
Ride (Forest) 1
Stealth (Rural) 1
Survival (Forest) 1
Swim (River) 1
France lore (Villages) 1
Singing (Ballads) 1

Artes Liberales (Astrology) 1
Philosophiae (Irrelevant) 1
Theology (Stories) 1
Order of Hermes (Personal stories) 1
Hermetic law (Personal tragedies) 1
Finesse (Imitation) 1
Parma magica (Ignem) 1
Penetration (Bargain) 1
Faerie magic (Spells) 1
Magic theory (Spells) 3

Single weapon (Short sword) 1

Cr 7 Mu 7/2 In 7 Me 8 Im 8

I'm quite new to the game and english is not my native language so please be kind on comments :wink:

Tytalus with celestial magic (i'm bad at picking names...)

self confident free perso
strong penetration m gen
affinity with penetration m gen
life boost m herm
astrological cyclic magic (elemental) m herm
method caster m herm
planetary magic m herm
Celestial magic M herm
Book learner m gen

Infamous master M story grave robber
Necessary condition M herm holding an astrolab
Favors M story magoi of the star p 54 The Mysteries
Oversensive m personality calomny on Tytalus housen specialy of diabolism.

Intelligence 3
Perception 0
strength -3
stamina 3
Presence 1
Communication 2
Dexterity 0
quickness -2

Creo 5
Intelligo 8
Muto 1
Perdo 5
Rego 2

Animal 0
Aquam 0
Auram 0
Corporem 8
Herbam 0
Ignem 0
Imagonem 0
Mentem 0
Terram 1
Vim 7

careful planner 3
crafty 2
courage -1
curious 1

artes liberales astrology 3
craft mechanism 2
penetration corporem 4(+2)
théorie de la magie corporem 3
finesse precision 1
concentration injured 1
Latin hermetic terms 4
parma magica mentem 1
Hermès code wizard's marches 1
Vigilance alertness 1
Craft sculpture 1
Scribe copy 1

social child hood
natal language insults 5
Charm (confidence) 2
folk ken lies recognition 2
guile lying tio authority 2

very small background :
He is paid to find people, all he needs is an arcane connexion, date and place of birth... He can even find the arcane connexion himself if needed. Well that's what he usually do. He can also use it to kill people at distance, heal them, teleport them back, spying... (at least he 's planning to do this, he's just out of gauntlet).
He's also a fine enchanter using Celestial magic to special effects.

spells :
Sight of the Astrological Hour( with arcane connexion range) (InVi) lvl 25 (The mysteries revised)
The whole from the part (InCo) lvl 20 (HoH:TL)
The chirurgeon's hand (CrCo) lvl 20
The inexorable search (InCo) lvl 20
The wound that weeps (PeCo) lvl 15

Any ideas for the sigil or comments ?

Where is the virtue mythic Paladin from?

I think: no where.
Its the free "social for mythic companion" virtue.

I'd be all for allowing more than one Story Flaw (I frequently do), but on p.30 of ArM5 it states explicitly that the free Major Virtue for Magi Ex Miscellenea is non-Hermetic. I assume that's a rule change your troupe has made, though? Personally, I'd be fine with a character having two Major Hermetic Virtues if one of them was gained by joining a mystery cult, and I see you've got the Cabal Legacy Flaw, but under no circumstances would I as a SG allow an Ex Miscellenea character to start with a free Major Hermetic Virtue, because I think that free Virtue must represent a fundamental non-Hermetic element of his or her magical tradition.

I got ToME and MoH for Christmas - they inspired me to create a character. It's a shame I have no game to use him in at the moment.

Jakob Sculptor ex Jerbiton
Characteristics: Int +1, Per +2, Str 0, Sta +2, Pre +3, Com +0, Dex 0, Qik 0
Size: 0
Age: 22
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0
Confidence Score: 2 (5)
Virtues and Flaws: The Gift; Hermetic Magus; Apple Gild Trained, Cautious with Finesse, Fairie Blood (Sidhe), *Free Expression, Gentle Gift, Minor Magical Focus (Wood), Puissant Finesse, Self-Confident; Deficient Perdo, Harmless Magic, optimistic (minor), overconfident (minor), Plagued by Fairie Grandmother, Susceptability to Fairie Power
Personality Traits: Optimistic+2, Self-Confident+2, Brave -1
Reputations: None
Soak: +2
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: Artes Liberales (Ceremonial Magic) 1, Awareness (searching) 1, Athletics (grace) 1, Carouse (staying sober) 1, Charm (Patrons) 2, Code of Hermes (mundane relations) 1, Concentration (Spellcasting) 1, Craft: Woodcarver (sculptures) 2, Etiquette (Gifts) 2, Fairie Lore (Fairie courts) 1, Finesse (Craft magic) 4+2, Folk Ken (townsfolk) 2, Guile (disguise) 2, Intrigue (gossip) 2, Latin (Hermetic) 4, Living Language German (Imitation) 5, Magic Theory (Herbam) 3, Order of Hermes Lore (Appropriate Gifts) 1, Parma Magica (Mentem) 1, Penetration (Herbam) 1, Philosophy (ceremonial casting) 1, Profession: Scribe (diligent) 1
Arts: Cr 5, In 6, Mu 2, Pe 0, Re 6, An 0, Aq 0, Au 0, Co 0, He 10, Ig 0, Im 0, Me 0, Te 0, Vi 0
Twilight Scars: None
Equipment: Expensive blue clothes, self-made excellent wooden brooch (+3 on charm rolls)
Encumbrance: 0 (0)
Spells Known (includes Focus and Mastery):
• The Wooden Witness (InHe25) +25; Mastery 1 (Ceremonial Casting)
• Beam in Thine Eye (ReHe5) +24
• The Mystical Sculptor (ReHe15) +25; Mastery 1 (Disguised Casting)
• Dance of the Porcupines (Re[Cr]He20) +24
• Automaton (ReHe25) +24
• The Sculpture that Speaks (CrIm10) +5
• Aura of Ennobled Presence (MuIm10) +2
• Perfect Blocks of Wood (CrHe10) +22, Ritual
Spell Descriptions:
Perfect Blocks of Cherry Wood
Fills a room full with blocks of wood (up to 100 blocks) that are perfect for carving. Their shape is 2 paces high, 1 pace long and half a pace thick. Since the wood is perfect, it grants +3 to carving rolls. The caster can choose the wood, but he may only create one kind.
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Group, Ritual
Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Room

The Wooden Witness
R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind
This spell allows the caster to talk to a wooden object. Jakob sometimes sends out his animated figurines on tasks. After their return, he interviews them. If he first casts The Sculpture that speaks he can make the communication understandable for others. By casting spells on them rather than on magi, he cleverly circumvents the prohibition against scrying.
Base 15; +1 Touch, +1 Concentration (cf. ToME, p. 54)

Beam in Thine Eye
ReHe 5
R: Voice, D: Mom, T: Ind.
Shoots a wooden object at an opponent, which causes +1 to +10 damage depending on size (maximum: 1 cubic pace) and form. This spell uses finesse + perception for targeting and avoiding Parma. Targeting of unarmored or vulnerable body parts is possible to increase damage. The range increment is 20 paces. Jakob carries a quiver with unfletched, sharpened wooden arrow shafts that cause +4 damage.
Base 3; +2 Voice (cf. ToME, p. 55)

The Mystical Carpenter
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Group
This spell works given pieces of wood into a desired form. It can cut, split and carve. The spell only reluctantly works with inappropriate (e.g. green) wood. A Finesse + Perception roll with a difficulty of a comparable Craft + 3 is required for success. Jakob normally uses this spell to create his Sculptures, but it could also be used to change the shape of other wooden objects. He mastered this spell because he didn’t want his sigil to interfere with his art.
Base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Group, +1 Flexibility (cf. Covenants p. 50)

Dance of the Porcupines
R: Voice, D: Mom, T: Group
This spell creates a group of wooden lances that are hurled at a group of enemies. They do +6 damage to each opponent (maximum of 6 opponents).
Base 3, +2 Voice, +2 Group (cf. ToME, p. 55)

R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind
This spell animates a wooden object so that it follows simple commands and solves simple problems without the direct oversight of the magus. The object must be wooden and no larger than a cubic pace of wood. Jakob has to concentrate and touch the object to change the given orders. Jakob uses this spell to animate his sculptures for entertainment or carrying, but is aware of its use in battle. To distinguish friends from foes, he usually hands his friends brooches or other useful little trinkets made from cherry-wood that they can wear so the Automaton doesn’t take them for enemies.
Base 10, +2 Sun, +1 Touch (cf. ToME, p. 55)

The Sculpture that Speaks
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind
A wooden object can produce smell and sound species, including speech, for the duration of the spell. Usually it says what the caster tells it to say, but in combination with The Wooden Witness it can really speak its own mind. The caster as to concentrate to change what the statue says. The statues lips only move accordingly if the spell is used with Automaton or a similar spell. Jakob uses this spell primarily for entertainment.
Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 intelligible speech

Aura of Ennobled Presence
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind
Jakob uses this spell both on himself and on his creations. It differs from the original in that it uses smell instead of sound.
Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun

Appearance: Jakob is a man of average build with wavy blond hair that he wears long and open. His attentive eyes are the deep blue of the summer sky, his nose is straight and his cheeks are shaved clean. His hands are white and his fingers are long and slim. He usually dresses tastefully in expensive woad blue robes fastened by a delicately carved wooden brooch.
Casting Sigil: slightly pointed ears
Voting Sigil: A beautiful figurine carved from cherry wood in his likeness

Jakob was born into a family of Sculptors. His father worked to embellish Bamberg Cathedral and expected the son to learn the same craft. Jakob had inherited his father’s creative talent, but not his dexterity. From his mother, who disappeared one day when he was six years old, he had got his good looks. Shortly after he was approached by two women: One promised to make him a Magus and a great Artist, the other promised him to be reunited with his mother as a courtier at his grandmother’s fairie court.
Jakob decided to go with the Maga Zoe ex Jerbiton to become her apprentice. Working with wood, he proved to be both unerring and talented, which immensely bolstered his self-confidence. He finds using Perdo difficult, because his fairie heritage makes it difficult for him to use the Art of Destruction properly anyway. After the Itinerarum, which took him from Paris over Valnastium to Rome, he passed his Gauntlet by magically creating the finely carved wooden brooch that he always wears.
He joined the Apple Gild and the League of the Dancing Tools, a group of Jerbiton dedicated to Craft Magic and creating art.
From time to time, minions of his fairie grandmother show up to coax him into joining her fairie court, a prospect that holds little attraction for the young magus.

Midas of Jerbiton

1 Minor Magical Focus : gems
1 puissant finesse
1 affinity with finesse
1 imbued with the spirit of Terram
0 apt student (free)
3 mercurian magic
1 affinity with terram
1 puissant terram
1 skilled parens
-3 optimistic
-3 curse of venus
-1 infamous master
-1 lost love
-1 disfigured
-1 poor pres

Int 3, Pres -4, Com -1, Per 3, Sta 2, str -1, Qck 3, Dex -3

So at age 66, +46 post gauntlet
Magic theory (inventing spells) 11 (347)
Teaching 6 (105)
Parma Magica (Mentem) 4 (50)
Code of Hermes (wealth) 1 (5)
Guile (elaborated lies) 2 (15)
Folk ken (magi) 2 (15)
Scottisch lore (geography) 1 (5)
Charm (magi) 1 (5)
Bargain (magi) 1 (5)
Latin (hermetic terms) 4 (50)
Artes liberales (ceremonial casting) 1 (5)
Finesse (Terram) 3 (30) +2

Creo 19 (190)
Intellego 8 (36)
Muto 10 (55)
Rego 13 (91)
Aquam 3 (6)
Auram 3 (6)
Corpus 10 (55)
Ignem 4 (10)
Mentem 8 (36)
Terram 26 (350) +3

“Conjuring the mystic tower” CrTe 35 ritual
“The ambulatory Laboratory” ReTe 30
“touch of Midas” CrTe 20 ritual
“Production of gems” CrTe 45 ritual (base 25, touch, group, +1 elaborated shape): this spell creates 10 gems with a shape determined by the caster and depending upon the Finesse roll. The gem’s value is roughly 100 pawns each.
“The miner keen’s eye” InTe 20
“The Flawed legendary Sorcerer’s Tower” CrTe 95 ritual (base 25, touch, +10 size, +3 elaborated design) : this spell creates a tower, as per “Conjuring the mystic tower” but made of gems (ruby, diamonds, topazes and emeralds). This give an aesthetic base value for laboratories of +21. Due to experimentation, the gems are opaques and weird , and the bonus is only +12.
“The Truly Flawed legendary Sorcerer’s Tower” CrTe 95 ritual (base 25, touch, +10 size, +3 elaborated design) : this spell creates a tower, as per “Conjuring the mystic tower” but made of gems (ruby, diamonds, topazes and emeralds). This give an aesthetic base value for laboratories of +21. Due to experimentation, the gems are bleeding and it does give only a +3 in aesthetic. Diamonds shape are visible everywhere.
“The Unique legendary Sorcerer’s Tower” CrTe 95 ritual (base 25, touch, +10 size, +3 elaborated design) : this spell creates a tower, as per “Conjuring the mystic tower” but made of gems (ruby, diamonds, topazes and emeralds). This give an aesthetics base value for laboratories of +21. Due to experimentation, the gems are reverberating light giving an aesthetic value of +22.
“Conjuring the beautiful house” CrTe 75 ritual (base 25, touch, +4 size, +3 elaborated design) : this spell creates a house, made of gems (ruby, diamonds, topazes and emeralds).
“Diamond’s blade” CrTe 50 (base 25, touch, diam, elaborated shape, +2 size) : this spell creates a dagger made in diamond. The characteristics are init +2, atk +8, def +8, dmg +10. Mastery 5 (fast cast, penetration, quiet x2, subtle)

Magic item
*bag with gold string opened with 8 pawns, with the following powers:

  • “the infinite purse”: this effect creates enough pounds of silver, pennies and shillings to fill the bag. The coins last until the caster decide to stop the effect which can be long time after. The effect is usable 1 times a day. Usable by me. Activated by rubbing the bag 3 times. Total level 45
  • “Bring my money back”: this effect works if the bag is not empty. It teleports all pounds which were in the bag and aren’t now to it. Activated by shaking the bag 3 times in circle. Usable by me. Penetration is 4. Total level 30

A diamond, opened with 15 pawns

Familiar : magical mole
Int 0
MT (terram) 5 (76)

  • Mutual speech in both senses

Note: he has experimented 22 seasons to finally obtain his CrTe 95 spell! And during these experimentation, he convoqued 1 gem's elemental and 3 times the same dragon who asked for help... But, finally, he made it!

Hello guys,

Here is a magus i devised, he will be my next char in our ongoing saga.
I post it here for your advice on him and for anyone being able to use him as a npc or pc if they wish :slight_smile:

Be aware that my english is far from perfect ^^

Draco Ex Tytalus

Hi guys, this is my first post and this is the character I'm playing in a new game. I got the inspiration to create this after reading a WH40K novel about the Grey Knights Space Marine Chapter, so the character is modelled after a Space Marine. He has a small number of low-level utility and multi-purpose spells and is designed to be versatile in abilities. The concept is a character who aspires to be a hoplite and hunts demons (of course).

Silas of Ex Miscellanea, "The Sword Bearer"

Int +2, Per +2, Pre -2, Com -3
Str +6, Sta +6, Dex +0, Qik +1

Real Name: Jurgen
Parens: Basilius of Ex Miscellanea (formerly Tytalus)
Size: +2
Age: 35 [35] - 0 yrs after Guantlet
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0
Confidence Score: 1(3)
Personality: Brave +3, Patient, +3, Determined +3
Height: 7 ft 10 in
Weight: 460 pounds

[General, Major] Giant Blood - Free
[Hermetic, Minor] Fast Caster - Free
[Hermetic, Major] Gentle Gift
[Supernatural, Major] Strong Faerie Blood of the Sidhe
[General, Minor] Great Strength x 2
[General, Minor] Great Stamina x 2

[Hermetic, Major] Magic Addiction - Free
[Hermetic, Major] Study Requirement
[Personality, Major] Optimistic
[Personality, Minor] Covenant Upbringing
[Story, Major] Tormenting Master

[5] Athletics - Running 1
[5] Awareness - Alertness 1
[5] Brawl - Dodge 1
[5] Carouse - Drinking 1
[5] Charm - Magi 1
[5] Chirurgy - Diagnosis 1
[105] Concentration - Addiction 6
[5] Etiquette - Magi 1
[5] Folk Ken -Magi 1
[5] Guile - Magi 1
[5] Hunt - Forests 1
[5] Intrigue - Hermetic Politics 1
[5] Leadership - Soldiers 1
[75] Lang/German - Storytelling 5
[75] Lang/Latin - Hermetic Terms 5
[5] Lore/Order of Hermes - Tytalus 1
[5] Profession/Scribe - Copying 1
[5] Stealth - Forests 1
[5] Survival - Forests 1
[5] Swim - Rivers 1
[5] Artes Liberales - Logic 1
[105] Magic Theory - Rego 6
[5] Philosophiae - Metaphysics 1
[5] Code of Hermes - Wizard's Marches 1
[5] Faerie Lore - Sidhe 1
[5] Finesse - Targetting 1
[5] Magic Lore - Creatures 1
[5] Parma Magica - Perdo 1
[5] Penetration - Rego 1
[30] Great Weapon - Long Spear 3
[30] Single Weapon - Long Sword 3
[5] Second Sight - Invisibility 1 (Free from SFB)

[6] Creo 3
[6] Intellego 3
[6] Muto 3
[6] Perdo 3
[6] Rego 3

[1] Animal 1
[1] Aquam 1
[1] Auram 1
[1] Corpus 1
[1] Herbam 1
[1] Ignem 1
[1] Imaginem 1
[1] Mentem 1
[1] Terram 1
[1] Vim 1

True Sight of the Air [InAu 15] +10
Whispering Wind [InAu 15] +10
Intuition of the Forest [InHe 10] +10
Trap of Entwining Vines [CrHe 15] +10
The Crystal Dart [MuTe 10] +10
Lift the Dangling Puppet [ReCo 15] +10
Wizard's Sidestep [ReIm 15] +10
Grasp the Distant Slingstone [ReTe 10] +10
Wind of Mundane Silence [ReVi 15] +10

Full Metal Scale Armor
Sword, Long
Shield, Heater
Spear, Long

Combat Statistics:
Soak +6/+13 (with armor)
Long sword & shield; Init +3, Atk +8, Def +9, Dmg +12
Long spear; Init +4, Atk +7, Def +6, Dmg +13

Encumberance: 4 (0)

Weak magus AND weak fighter. Unneccessary much points on Concentration and Magic Theory while his arts are at extremely low level, he knows weak spells and weapon skills are only on level 3. Second sight at level 1 worths not much. Definitely needs a magical focus against demons.

I think also the magus could be better designed but i like the concept.

The spread of abilities and arts weakens the character a lot. Centering in a few abilities is quirte necessary IMO. Also, I am fairly sure that you can¡'t have strength and stamina at +6 each, +5 being the maximum for humans, even with fae and giant blood. (besides finding that having giants mate with faeries sounds extremely weird to me). puissant Single weapon and a Single weapon skill of 5 are also quite mandatory if he wants to be semi-capable in hand to hand. right now our 16-17 year old recruits should be more than a match for him, and that is NOT right.

In geeneral, concentrating the abilities and arts makes for a much more focused character, one that can be a combat power house instead of a village ruffian.


For giant blooded, +6 is possible (because contrary to faerie blood, it's not caped). but this is quite a lot of virtues (2x minor for strength, then also 2x minor for stamina... and a major... 7 virtues for 3 points, argh!)

Remember that not all faeries are... well, fae or sprites. The giant that terrorizes the country is an exemple of faerie :wink: