Thanatos of Flambeau

Characteristics: Int 3, Per 0, Pre 1, Com 0, Str -1, Sta 1, Dex 0, Qik 0
Size: 0
Age: 22, Height: 5'8'', Weight: 160 lbs, Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score:
Confidence: 1 (3)
Virtues and Flaws: Hermetic Magus, Flexible Formulaic Magic, Puissant Perdo (as flambeau), Puissant Corpus, Minor Magical Focus - astrological house of Mors(death, accidents, mysticism) from pages 37 and 57 of TMRE, Puissant Magic Theory, Inventive Genius, Skilled Parens;
Blatant Gift, Ambitious(Minor), Wrathful (Minor), Supernatural Nuisance (haunted by a ghost)
Personality Traits: Ambitious +3, Wrathful +3, Cheerful +1
Reputations: none to begin with
Dodge: Init: 0, Attack --, Defense +4, Damage --
Dagger: Init: 0, Attack +5, Defense +3, Damage +2
Fist: Init: 0, Attack +3, Defense +3, Damage -1
Kick: Init: -1, Attack +3, Defense +2, Damage +2
Soak: +1
Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5,
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: Artes Liberales 1(ceremonial magic), Athletics 2(climbing), Awareness 2(traps), Brawl 3 (Dodge), Code of Hermes 1(wizard's war), Concentration 1 (spell concentration), Finesse 1 (Corpus), Latin 5(church latin),Magic Lore 1(ghosts), Magic Theory 3+2(corpus), Norman French 5(noble conversation), Order of Hermes Lore 1(necromancers), Parma Magica 1(mentem), Penetration 1(corpus), Philosophiae 1(ceremonial magic) Stealth 2(sneaK)
Arts: Cr 0, In 4, Mu 0, Pe 10+3, Re 0, An 3, Aq 0, Au 0, Co 10+3, He 3, Ig 3, Im 0, Me 3, Te 3, Vi 0
Twilight Scars: sigil is death or skull related.
Equipment: robes that are black, as black as your soul.
Encumbrance: 0

Spells Known:
Decay Fur and Hide PeAn 10 +17
Agony of the beast PeCo 15 +17
Whispers through the black gate InCo(Me) 15 +11 including focus
Clenching Grasp of the crushed heart PeCo 40 +40 including focus
Curse of the rotted wood PeHe 5 +17
Well without light PeIg 25 +17
Veil of Invisibility PeIm 20 +14
Lay to rest the haunting spirit PeMe 10 +17 (I don't think this qualifies for the focus)
Rusted decay of ten score years PeTe 10 +17

Apprenticed age 7, on drawing the birth chart his master realised that the house of Mors was ascendant for this child. He taught him all he could of the magic most appropriate to the stars this child was born under, and who was so sinister and haunted that his family were eager to give him up. He aims to soon learn spells to make people forget his presence, and simple countermagics and spells to fight magical spirits and demons. One day he may learn deeper mysteries surrounding death, for that seems his destiny.

This character started off from inspiration on The Living Ghost mystery, wondering how you would start out aiming for this, and then I realised you could be a death specialist with a minor focus AND have a focus with "accidents" and "mysticism". I see accidents as low-level Rego spells to mess things around, but I don't know how you'd use "mysticism" as a focus except for Mystery rituals.

With decent Perdo, there's a lot of spells you can get early on so with a good magic theory, if he can get lab texts or improve his arts a bit so he can research, he will have a wide range of capabilities. I apprenticed him young and neglected social skills as he is supposed to be sinister and not that sociable, the presence +1 is due to striking looks but being a bit odd.
If you don't like Flexible Formulaic magic (which I find helps with Perdo specialists, as you rarely get targets of the exact size you were expecting), you can change it for secondary insight and use the two unused virtue spaces for book learner and free study to make an xp magnet.

Vertumno, one italic deity about changes and fruit gardens.

A few grogs!

The Brothers of Crete
the easy three grogs

birth name: John, Jon, & Jan
born: 1187
gender: male
race: Cretan
origin: Crete
religion: Orthodox

Personality Traits:
Protection of Brothers +3, Trusting of Others -1, Brave +2

Int 0, Per +1 (watchful), Str +1 (solid grip), Sta +1 (sturdy),
Pre -1 (big heads), Com -1 (twin talk), Dex +2 (sure footed), Qui +2 (darting)

Death Prophecy m, S
Unaging m,G
Warrior m, G

Death Curse M, S

The Death Prophecy and Curse are one in the same, "In the hour that one brother dies, all brothers will perish." They will live forever as long as all of them live. If one of them dies, then all of them will die within a hour of the first brother's death. How this death plays out is up to the story. They could simply fall over dead, or in the fine Greek tradition each other them will die but various means all at the same time.

Animal Hand (birds) 2, Athletics (nimble) 3, Awareness (guard duty) 2, Brawl (daggers) 4, Carouse (games of chance) 2, Chirugy (set bones) 1, Folk Ken (town-folk) 3, Intrigue (gossip) 1, Stealth (sneak) 2, Lang. Greek 5

At this point you can choose to use them as sailors or as soldiers. We chose sailors but I made the list for both.

Sailors: Etiquette (sailors) 1, Hunt (seashores) 3, Survival (seashores) 3, Swim (long distances) 2, Prof. Sailor (rigging and sails) 4, Craft: Sailmaking (uneven repairs) 2, Craft: Shipwright (carving repairs) 1, Language Lingua Franca (nautical terms) 3, Area Lore Crete (towns) 2, A.L. Aegean Sea (ports) 3, A.L. Empire of Nicaea (port towns) 2, Bow (short) 4, Single Weapon (axes) 2

Soldiers: Etiquette (soldiers) 1, Hunt (hillsides) 3, Survival (forests) 3, Ride (long distances) 2, Prof Soldier (care for armor) 3, Craft: Leatherwork (repairs) 4, Language Freinc, Venetato, or Genosian (slang) 3, Languages Latin (commands) 2, Area Lore Thessalonika (towns) 1, A.L. Abydos (hilside) 1, Single Weapon (shields) 5, Great Weapons (spears) 2

Story: The brothers grew up in the town of Abydos. Being born three at once and each looking exactly the same, caused quite a stir in their town and the brothers soon became known as Brothers Crete. People forgot their personal names and even family names instead simply calling the Brothers Crete, and even the brothers themselves only call each other "brother". They are quite protective of each other, however they tend towards Bravery in general and in absolute Courage when one of the brothers is in trouble. This is not out of fear of their curse, but of their loyalty and passion for the life of their brother.

Note: All three brothers use ONE character sheet. All of their skills, traits, and abilities are exactly matching.

Xantes the Unbroken
The Weapons Master of Polyaigos

birth name: Xantes Galea
born: 1156
gender: male
race: Greek / Morean
origin: Cyclades
religion: lip service to Orthodox

Personality Traits:
Quiet +2, Single Minded +2, Fearless +4, Timid -3

Int (insightful) +1, Per -1 (single-minded), Str 0, Sta +1 (indefatigable),
Pre -1 (forgettable), Com +2 (plain spoken), Dex +1 (precise/controlled), Qui +2 (whip cord)

Good Teacher m,G
Affinity: Single Weapon m,G
Puissant: Single Weapon m,G
Affinity: Great Weapon m,G
Affinity: Brawl m,G
Warrior m,G
Famous: The Weapons Master of Polyaigos Hermetic Reputation +4 m,G

Ability Block (cannot read) m,G
Arthritis m,G
Low Self-esteem (no Confidence, cannot use Confidence points) M,G
Reclusive m,P
Afflicted Tongue (teeth are broken and worn, tongue is scared and thick) m,G
Disfigured (scars and such) m,G
Intolerant of Meat (cannot digest meat, fish okay) m,G

Athletics (falling in armor) 3, Awareness (keeping watch) 4, Brawl (daggers) 7, Carouse (singing while drunk) 3, Chirugy (cauterization) 4, Etiquette (magi) 1, Folk Ken (soldiers) 2, Guile (lying by omission) 1, Hunt (hills) 1, Leadership (intimidation) 3, Ride (battle) 4, Survival (hills) 1, Teach (soldiers) 6

Prof. Soldier (repair weapons) 4, Language Greek (commands) 5, Area Lore Morea (valleys) 2, A.L. Epirius (covenants) 1, A.L. Polyaigos (terrain) 3

Single Weapon (short sword) 10(+2), Great Weapon (pelekys, Varangian axe) 8, Bow (Scythian composite bow) 7

Story: The Weapons Master and martial abilities teacher for the military focused covenant of Polyaigos, is oddly enough a mortal. Xantes lives a secluded life far up on the cliffs of a very forbidding terrain, venturing down into the covenant only long enough to see to his duties of training hoplites and mundane soldiers alike, and then retreats back to his hermit hovel. He speaks rarely using one or two words only to express his thoughts. He is not a cruel man, nor a man of arrogance. In truth he feels he does not deserve any honorifics for being a soldier of such great renounce, commenting once that being good at murdering men is not something one wants to be known for. He is very thin and even on the warmest days wears heavy gray and dark red robes, pulling them around him as if in winter. His hard eyes are constantly moving, seeking, and assessing, however he can only contemplate one thing at a time. He is marked by some Warping, as many times he has been healed by magic, this takes the form of people becoming annoyed and aggressive around him unless protected by Parma. (they gain Personality Trait: Angry +1, around him).

Xantes prefers his solitude, but lives for his duty.


Jarvis Crooked Jaw
the problem grog

birth name: Jarvis Oakolus
born: 1191
gender: male
race: Greek
origin: covenant town
religion: pagan ancestor worship (or religion of your covenant)

Personality Traits:
Opportunist Bully +3, Brave +3, Stubborn +2, Vengeful (of a specific magus, you decide which one)

Int (ignorant) -1, Per -1 (aloof), Str +1 (muscular), Sta +2 (tireless),
Pre -1 (oily), Com 0, Dex +2 (deft), Qui +2 (reflexive)

Tough m,G
Warrior m,G
Lighting Reflexes (+9 to initiative and ect.) m,G

Vengeful (of a magus that embarrassed him in a fight) m,P
Weakness (cares for small mammals) m,P
Lost Love (his departed mother, unhealthy) m,G

While he is disfigured, it is not part of his flaws because the other aspects are more important and interesting.

Athletics (tumbling) 2, Awareness (paranoia alertness) 2, Brawl (knife) 5, Carouse (gambling) 3, Folk Ken (spot weakness) 3, Guile (quick lies) 2, Hunt (fishing) 1, Leadership (intimidation) 1, Stealth (shadowing) 2, Survival (coasts) 1, Legerdemain (palming) 4

Prof. Soldier (armor) 1, Language Greek (sarcasm) 5, Area Lore covenant region (allies and enemies) 3, Order of Hermes Lore (covenant rules and bureaucracy) 2

Single Weapon (shield) 2, Thrown Weapon (knife) 3

Story: At some point in the past, Jarvis was in more control of the lowly grogs than he is now. He was born either in the covenant or the town nearest to the covenant. He grew up a very aggressive boy, and was the oldest amongst his generation, and so dominated all of the children through bullying and threats. Jarvis always gathers a gang around him, weaker opportunist who seem to support his brand of ruling. At some point a magus in the covenant decides to deal with Jarvis and the incident ends badly for the grog, his jaw is broken, his teeth destroyed, and he is permanently left with a clicking jaw. This incident frees the covenant, even the lowest of members, from Jarvis' control, and for that he hates the magus. While he is embarrassed, angry, and seeks vengeance, he refuses to leave the covenant, because he is a big fish in a small pong there. Jarvis is actually afraid of trying to make it out there alone, because since his mother died when he was just a boy, he has been nothing but alone. Jarvis is a short but strongly built man of about thirty. He has thick black hair and beard that smells of sweat and oil, and is covered all over his body with coarse oily hair. Wild eyes stare out, always seeking, always calculating, always looking to see if someone is getting something he is not.


Gaius Galentae
the doctor with a past

birth name: Gaius Galentae Komnenos
born: 1151
gender: male
race: Greek
origin: Athens
religion: vaguely orthodox / agnostic

Personality Traits:
Sardonic +2, Sadistic +1, Good Listener +3, Loyal +2

Int +3 (analyzing), Per +2 (discerning), Str +1 (firm grip), Sta 0,
Pre 0, Com 0, Dex +1 (precise control), Qui 0

Cautious with Chirugy m,G
Affinity: Medicine m,G
Affinity: Profession Doctor m,G
Educated m,G
Baccalaureus m,Social

Branded Criminal m,S (the mark is on the cheek and is hidden poorly by a thin white beard)
Buysbody m,P
Small Frame m,G

Artes Liberales (medicine) 6, Athletics (running) 2, Awareness (details) 3, Bargain (hard sell) 2, Brawl (punches) 2, Carouse (singing) 2, Etiquette (magi) 2, Folk Ken (men) 4, Guile (plain face lies) 3, Intrigue (gossip) 3, Leadership (intimidation) 1, Stealth (sneaking) 2, Teaching (chirugy) 3

Prof. Doctor (therapies) 8, Chirugy (diagnosis) 7, Medicine (apothecary) 9, Philosophea (natural philosophy) 7

Language Greek (witty quips) 5, L. Ionic Greek (terminology) 5, L. Latin (terminology) 4, L. Arabic (vocabulary) 4, Area Lore Nisyros (people and families) 4, A.L. Crete (taverns) 2, A.L. Aegean Sea (festivals) 3, Order of Hermes Lore (correspondences) 2

Story: The people of the covenant and the villagers below, are often confronted with the sight of a old man, white beard whipping about him, his thin white hair pulled up and knotted at the top of his head, and barely wearing anything but a loin clothe, running around the walls of the covenant and between the buildings. Though old and aging, Gaius is a very fit older man, and a excellent, if somewhat unorthodox doctor. He focuses on the humors and in preventing diseases, challenging his patients to eat correctly and to exercise daily; he has even managed to create a liniment oil that relieves the affects of arthritis, if but for a day. The doctor is always chastising the cook, as well as most of the guards, stating that they need to be focused more on their health. He busies himself throughout the day, checking up on people, both in the covenant, and the village below, and can be seen running up and down the steps on his way to thwart himself and his opinion of the people around him with a very vocal concern for their health and happiness.

The good doctor has not always been so good. Though hidden by a beard, a beard which is growing thinner and thinner every year, Gaius is marked with a Byzantine brand of some sort for a crime, which he never speaks of. In a sense, the covenant is his refuge every bit as much as it is his home.

While the doctor is skilled and of excellent wisdom and knowledge, he does tend towards being somewhat cantankerous when people don't follow his instructions, and down right sadistic when some injuries themselves through some foolishness. Injuries are treated with a keen eye towards perfect, but always with a hint of torture in the application of the skill, often checking multiple times to see just where the pain is, and grinning all the while. And yet, even with such bedside manner, many feel comfortable around him, telling him their feelings and thoughts. Often telling him more than they should, but luckily, then doctor never repeats what he has learned.


Aischrion the Odious
the steersman with a vocabulary so vulgar, sailors blush

birth name: Aischrion
gender: male
race: Greek / Athenian
origin: Attica
religion: Orthodox

Personality Traits:
Vulgar +3, Sadistic +2, Critical +3, Loyal +4

Int 0, Per +1 (intuitive), Str +1(wiry), Sta +2 (indefatigable),
Pre -1 (old salty dog), Com +1 (eloquent), Dex +1 (steady footing), Qui +1 (intuitive)

Well Traveled m,G
Puissant: Sailor m,G
Long Winded m,G

Afflicted Tongue m,S
Reclusive m,P (stays up on the steering deck and refuses to leave it, ever)
Disfigured m,G

Awareness (intuitive) 3, Bargain (agitating) 1, Brawl (trips) 3, Carouse (sea chanties) 3, Folk Ken (sailors) 3, Guile (elaborate stories) 2, Intrigue (gossip) 1, Leadership (intimidation) 3, Stealth (remaining still) 1

Prof. Sailor (maneuvering) 6(+2), Language Greek (inventive vulgarity) 5, L. Lingua Franca (nautical commands) 5, Area Lore Aegean Sea (weather) 4, A.L. Ionian Sea (ports) 4, A.L. Sea of Crete (currents) 4, A.L. Middle Sea, Mediterranean Sea (ports) 4

Story: Fuck you, you (&^%^&$ (^#@#!# and for another thing &%$$@@ and &%$(& and your father @#!$#@#.

Aischrion is about the best steerman and navigator any captain could want, but the vulgarities that issue from his mouth would shame a demon back to hell and make a angel flee back to heaven.


These are some of my favorite. I also like the Scythian dog master, who wears a hairshirt, has his mother's ghost following around, and has charm and etiquette and intrigue all specialized to dogs. There is my Sarmatian woman soldier who has the compulsion to force men to pleasure her; and then there is the wife of a magus and ninth daughter of a Learned Magician in Smyrna, who knows Classic Greek, can read it, as well as write Greek, and yet is beautiful, charming, and pretends towards shallow and bubbly personality, all the while spying, at first for her father, and then later her husband.

Making grogs is such a endless source of fun, even if a pointless endeavour. :laughing:
Another Character friend-based.

anybody use my prodigy virtue yet to design there character? ... ticas.html New Character - One Nizari with the Gift and a tribute. ... ca-el.html - One Beast, but i think that is one usefull: Lynx.

Don't forget that an affinity allows you to go over this limitation; otherwise, you are giving the affinity with art a flaw it doesn't really have.

The idea is about boost his Lab Totals with the his leadership and his social advantages to grant generous or cheap help. He can build easily Colective Labs too. ... icero.html My first Vitki.

One petition, but there will be some beast and cretures too soon.

Magi, Magae - I entreat your aid! I am planning to join Never-Ending Winter's PbP on this very forum. This is, however, my first time playing Ars Magica. I believe I have grasped the rules (or at least enough to make a character), but I would be appreciative if eyes other than mine could look over my work for obvious mistakes, or perhaps to give me some mechanical advice if I'm making some obviously subpar newbie blunders.

Many thanks for the effort if you decide to help me out!

Note: for the campaign, there is the equivalent of one 'free' Skilled Parens virtue given to all characters. So there's a little bit more experience than there should be.
EDIT: This is in addition to taking the Skilled Parens virtue normally.

[size=150]Frederika Kassmeyer Ex Miscellanea [/size]

Characteristics: Intelligence (2); Perception (-2); Strength (-1); Stamina (2); Presence (0); Communication (3); Dexterity (0); Quickness (-1).

Size: +0
Age: 25

Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0
Twilight Scars: None

Confidence Score: 1

Reputations: Academic (3)

Affinity With Art (Terram); Book Learner; Cautious Sorcerer; Doctor (in Law); Flawless Magic; Good Teacher; Hermetic Choreography; Hermetic Magus; Puissant Art (Terram); Skilled Parens, Unaging.

Dark Secret; Reckless; Difficult Longevity Ritual*; Susceptibility to Infernal Power; Weak Magic Resistance (minor)^, Weird Magic; Wrathful.

Awareness [Searching] (2); Charm [First Impressions] (2); Concentration [Spells] (2); Guile [Elaborate Lies] 2; Intrigue [Plotting] 3; German [Prose] (5); Order of Hermes Lore [Politics] (1); Profession - Scribe [Hermetic Text] (3); Artes Liberales [Ceremonial Magic] (5); Civil & Canon Law [Greater Alps] (5); Latin [Hermetic Usage] (5); Philosophiae [Ceremonial Magic] (5); Code of Hermes [Mundane Relations] (2); Finesse [Precision] (3); Infernal Lore [Demons] (2); Magic Theory [Inventing Spells] (3); Parma Magica [Terram] (1); Penetration [Terram] (3).

Creo (10); Rego (10); Terram (20); Vim (5)

Spells Known
I am...still trying to work this bit out. I have no idea what makes for a good formulaic spell to choose at character creation so I'm dithering a bit.

*Ex Misc virtues and flaw.
^I need to talk to the GM about this one. Weak magic resistance is usually a major flaw. I'd like to barter it down to a minor flaw - active when Frederika isn't near a substantial amount of earth or stone. So sailing, flying - perhaps in areas where the snow is very deep, or ontop of tall wooden structures. That sort of thing.

The basic gist of the concept is Rika is a very...steady character right up until she's not. She's in control of her spells...until she isn't (then they go catastrophically wrong). She's in control of the situation...until she's not, and then she's raging all over the place. Her age is fixed, and she'll be alive and youthful...until she's not. Basically, an enduring as stone sort of theme, until the earth gets hit by something hard enough to shatter it.

The other half of her comes from her parens. Who I'm imagining as a very 'there is no bad knowledge' type concept - fully believing that knowledge should be shared freely, and there are few things greater than to share it. He took her apprenticeship very seriously, and made sure she was extremely educated. She embraces this sort of ideal wholeheartedly (with stuff like Good Teacher) and will probably end up as a bit of a seeker and a bit of an author. Unfortunately, Rika's parens was also a diabolist (Dark Secret) and she firmly believes that if that gets out, her reputation will be forever marred at best...with a chance of things being much, much worse.

Any critique is very welcome!

I'm not sure what you did wrong but you seem to have too much xp in arts and abilities
you have 45 in childhood + 75 in later life + (240+60=300) from skilled parens in gauntlet

you already spent 550 only from abilities... check p 31

Doctor gives 300 XP for academic abilities (from Arts and Acadame - it's a specialised Magister in Arbtius basically). And there's a second, 'free' Skilled Parens given out as part of the campaign (as noted at the top). Is there too much beside that?

This thread is really for finished concepts. I'd suggest starting another thread for discussing Frederika Kassmeyer Ex Miscellanea.

My mistake then I pointed here after reading the initial post :

I haven't been through this thread in a long time. Comments seem quite evident, but corrections have been relatively minor. But continuing in the vein of the OP, if not the practice of the thread, here's my take on the character.

Doctor in Faculty isn't a virtue I would allow in a saga, unless being part of a University was going to be an ongoing part of the story (doesn't appear to be the case for the saga). I have a Magister in Artibus magus in another saga, he ended up teaching during his apprenticeship and for 8 years after his gauntlet, only when he was pressed to take an apprentice did he resign his teaching position. The next issue is that Doctor in Artibus and Hermetic Magus are compatible, but it doesn't mean you can acquire them both at the same time. Most interpretations are having one before the other; in my case with the Magister in Artibus, first and then taken as an (older) apprentice next. The master continued to allow him to teach one season a year to maintain his credentials. I have a hard time seeing how someone could complete the requirements for Doctor in Faculty, simultaneous with the apprenticeship (it means the master received very little benefit from the apprentice), so I think you need to incept as Doctor of Faculty, first and then complete the apprenticeship period, meaning the age the character is at saga start is 40...

Perception is a really bad dump stat for a magus, with the high finesse it looks like Invisible Sling of Vilano might be chosen, or some other finesse based attack or spell that uses finesse, the attack roll is Perception + Finesse, rego crafting is also perception + finesse. Dexterity is probably the only good dump stat for a magus, I'd swap the two around.

Making an ex Misc magus, beyond what's in the book is about creating a tradition. What's the major non Hermetic virtue required for this tradition? Doctor in Faculty? How about minor Hermetic virtue? How does that fit the tradition, if the major virtue is that only Doctors in Faculty are accepted into the tradition? For the minor flaw, I would take Flawed Parma Magica as opposed to Weak Magic Resistance.

This is one of the elder magi that will be in the covenant my players are joining.

Sanagos of Jerbiton
Age 78 (51 past Gauntlet)
Characteristics Int +4, Per +1, Str -2, Sta +0, Prs +1, Com +3, Qui -1, Dex -2
Confidence Score 1 (3)
Sigil Symbol of the Golden Ratio
Warping 5 (84)
Twilight Scar Ghostly scholars appear and mumble along as he reads
Virtues/Flaws Affinity with Artes Liberales, Book Learner, Great Int, Great Teacher, Study Bonus, Baccalaureus; Ambitious, Sheltered Upbringing, Twilight Prone, Weird Magic
Personality Traits Introvert +2, Heckler +3, Scholar +4
Reputation Academic (4)
AbilitiesArabic 3 (reading)
Art of Memory 3 (text)
Area Lore 3 (Covenant area)
Artes Liberales 16 (Arithmetic)
Awareness 3 (searching)
Bargain 4 (books)
Charm 3 (favors)
Code of Hermes 3 (mundanes)
Etiquette 4 (scholars)
Finesse 4 (certamen)
Folk Ken 5 (scholars)
German 4 (insults)
Native Greek 5 (Romaic)
Guile 5 (to nobles)
Intrigue 2 (gossip)
Latin 4 (writing)
Magic Lore 2 (traditions)
Magic Theory 6 (inventing spells)
Parma Magica 4 (Mentem)
Penetration 3 (Mentem)
Philosophae 3 (natural philosophy)
Arts Cr 20, In 10, Mu 6, Pe 10, Re 16, An 10, Aq 0, Au 5, Co 10, He 10, Ig 5, Im 0, Me 20, Te 5, Vi 10
Personal Library (Latin unless stated otherwise) Categories (Q12, Greek), On Interpretation (Q12, Greek), Prior Analytics (Q12, Greek), Posterior Analytics (Q12, Greek), On Sophistical Refutations (Q12, Greek), Optica (Q9, Greek), De inventione I-III (Q14, Greek), Ars Grammatica - Minor (L4/Q15), Ars Grammatica - Major (Q12), Commentary on Somnium Scipionis (Q8), Consolation of Philosophy (Q9), Dialectica (Q9), Averroes’s Commentaries on Aristotle (Q12, Arabic), Hypatia’s Commentaries (Q15 x2), Theon’s Commentaries on Euclid & Ptolemy (Q12 x2), Hypatia’s Lost Astrolabe Treatise & Other Works(Q14 x2), Aesara of Lucania’s On Human Nature (Logic, Q13), Ptolemais of Cyrene’s Reflections on Music (Q14), Agallis’s Lost Grammatical Works (Q12)
Spells Known Undecided, as his primary purpose is to direct the plot as needed, with little need for going out and actually doing stuff.

Backstory A tall, crotchety Roman man. He started off doing well, and got a fair bit of prestige in various circles; even managing to become a trusted member of the Andresina covenant. About 40 years ago, he became obsessed with mathematics and began to emphasize his study there, traveling to the Islamic territories to obtain more information for such. In the last seven years since the death of the covenant leader, his travels have picked up nine texts thought lost. He's anxious to retreat into his palatial lab to study even further, and swiftly accepted the autocrat's suggestion to hire the newly Gauntleted magi to handle regular matters.

[u]Prokui of Orbus Tremere[/u]
Age 142
Characteristics Int +3, Per +1, Pre +2, Com -2, Sta +2, Str 0, Dex 0, Qik +2
Confidence Score 1 (3)
Sigil Slight pull of increased gravity
Warping 9 (9)
Virtues/Flaws he Gift, Hermetic Magus, Minor Magical Focus (certamen), Adept Lab Student, Puissant Magic Theory, Skilled Parens, Improved Characteristics (x2), Secret Vis Source (Rego), Puissant Corpus, Affinity w/Finesse; Driven (to the Moon), Blatant Gift, Infamous (Tremere), Susceptibility to Faerie
Personality Traits Recluse +2, Heckler +3, Stubborn +2
AbilitiesTransylvanian/Rhine Lore 2, Artes Liberales (Astronomy) 5, Athletics (Climb) 2, Awareness (in Lab) 4, Bargain (cheap prices) 2, Brawl (Dodge) 2, Carouse (Stay Sober) 3, Charm (Women) 5, Concentration (Maintaining) 4, Faerie Lore (Arcadia) 3, Finesse (Certamen) 7, Folk Ken (Detecting Lies) 3, Guile (Not Reacting) 5, Intrigue (Dealmaking) 4, Leadership (magi) 3, Magic Theory (inventing) 10+2, Order of Hermes (Tremere) 4, Parma Magica (Infernal) 6, Penetration (Art) 6, Philosophae (Metaphysics) 6, Native German (Insults) 5, Speak Latin (Hermetic) 4, Survival (Forest) 2, Teaching (one-on-one) 3Arts Cr 14, In 13, Mu 15, Pe 10, Re 25; An 17, Aq 10, Au 10, Co 25+2, He 15, Ig 10, Im 10, Me 18, Te 10, Vi 21
Backstory Short, beady-eyed, skilled member of the Tremere and one of the primary representatives of the House in the Rhine Tribunal. As of twenty years ago, he fell in love with a faerie nobleman that had to abruptly leave for his home on the Moon (as he claimed). Neglecting his duties with his House in his quest to return to his love, he was kicked out into Ex Miscellenea as an Orbi Magus, but retains residence in his covenant. He is eager to begin his research on breaching the Limit of the Lunar Sphere, and has already read a number of his friend's personal collection on Astronomy.

Gotvinus of Guernicus
Age 25
Personality Traits Meddling +3, Patient +2, Studious +1
Confidence Score 1(3)
Characteristics Int +3, Per +3, Str +0, Sta +0, Pre +2, Com +1, Dex -2, Qui +0
Virtues/Flaws The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Hermetic Prestige (Queasitor); Gentle Gift, Cautious Sorcerer, Skilled Parens, Subtle Magic, Clear Thinker, Improved Characteristics, Affinity Intellego, Puissant Mentem, Puissant Intellego; Twilight Prone, Meddler (Major), Busybody, Enemies
Abilities Awareness (Clues) 3, Brawl (Dodge) 1, Concentration (casting spells) 1, Etiquette (?) 1, Folk Ken (?) 4, Guile (concealing investigation) 2, Intrigue (spying) 2, Leadership (agents) 1, Native German (questions) 5, Order of Hermes Lore (Court Cases) 1, Artes Liberales (Logic) 1, Latin (Hermeticism) 4, Philosophiae (Rituals) 1, Code of Hermes (Rhine Tribunal) 3, Magic Theory (Intellego) 3, Parma (Mentem) 1, Penetration (Intellego) 1
Arts Cr 0, In 9+3, Mu 3, Pe 3, Re 8; An 0, Aq 0, Au 0, Co 5, He 0, Ig 0, Im 6, Me 8+3, Te 0, Vi 0
Spells Known Peering Into the Mortal Mind
Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie
Physician's Eye
Eyes of the Eagle
Summoning the Distant Image
Invisibility of the Standing Wizard
Aura of the Rightful Authority
The Call to Slumber

Miruna the Hooded Crow
Cords Gold 2, Silver 1, Bronze 2
Might 10 (Animal)
Characteristics Int -1, Per +3, Pre -1, Com +2, Str -8, Sta -2, Dex 0, Qik +5
Size -5
Confidence Score 1 (3)
Virtues/Flaws Magic Animal; Lightning Reflexes, Keen Vision, Unaffected by the Gift, Gift of Tongues, Lesser Power; Magical Friend, Gullible; Meddler
Qualities/Inferiorities Greater Power (x2); Gift of Speech; Reduced Abilities x2, Susceptible to Deprivation
Personality Traits Crow +3, Soft-Hearted +4, Honest +2
Abilities Athletics (flying) 3, Awareness (shiny objects) 3, Brawl (dodging) 3, Etiquette (blending) 3, Folk Ken (compatibility) 4, Hunt (voles) 1, Intrigue (setting people up) 4, Penetration (Mentem) 2, Stealth (trees) 3, Survival (fields) 1
Powers* Gift of Heart (1 point, Init +3, Mentem, Pen 20, R: Voice) Bestows a Confidence point to assist any single action of its target. This action, if it succeeds, must make the character more likely to win the affection of another.

  • Truth and Desire (1 point, Init -3, Mentem, Pen 20, R: Eye) Glimpse the personality trait most currently active, as well as an idea of their heart's desire.
  • Crow's Song (2 points, Init: +1, Corpus, Pen 10, R: Voice) The next time the target sleeps an Aging Roll is made for him, adding 5 to the roll - even if he is too young. As this is a magnitude 8 effect, it will cause Warp.
  • Human Shape (1 point, Init +3, Corpus, R: Per/D: Sun) Turns into a normal human being.