Ars Magica character sheet?

Does that make me 11? I like 11. It is a magical number.

As far as bribes, um, I am a amateur. I spin Chicago style House music. I give geeky names to my mix tapes. How about a copy of House Tytalus II? Every single tune on it was illegally downloaded, keeping with the spirit of the Founder.

JK!!! Don't sic the FBI on me! It was a joke!!!!

(cops break down Markoko's door and start clubbing him, not because they are arresting him, but just for fun)

Thanks a lot!

Marvellous, thanks very much!


And thank you kindly - it'll make it easier for the beginning players among us who aren't quite up to the typo-swatting. If my character sheet said Int+Theory+Form, that's probably what I'd put there, no matter how useless. >.>

Thanks, (although you'll rue the day you spurned my baking).

As requested, the new updated Character sheet is now available from the Ars Magica 5th Edition page. Or I will be nice and just link it here. :slight_smile: Enjoy!

-Wendy the webmaster

Joy! :smiley:
Thanks to everyone involved :smiley:

It's been a little bit redesigned, no less, and looks most impressive! Many many thanks!

The offer for sweets, cake or maybe even dinner is a standing one, but either someone must transport me or you need to come to Trondheim :wink:

And thanks, it looks great.


Yep, I ended up having to convert it to InDesign from the old Quark files ... ArM5 was one of the last books we layed out using Quark. So I figured while I was at it I'd give it a quick makeover, too. Instead of the old insert box background, it now uses a modified and color version of the interior page borders. Much sharper, I think. :wink:

Looks fantastic. Thank you, Michelle. :slight_smile:

As I'm about to get back into Ars Magica after my previous campaign suffered a non to glorious end, it would be nice to have new and updated character sheets for my players. :slight_smile:



here is my vote. and I have register specially for it.

and please, ask me when you have french expression to build. avoid the akwardness of many RPG companies.