Ars Magica convenience app?

So SJE's question about NPC magi got me thinking...

... Ars Magica app for iOS / Android. Something handy for the SG or players to have on hand that can do some simple things.

I'm thinking things like:

What ability/art score is xp?
What kinds of art scores should a magus of age have?

Those kinds of things.

Doing something swankier (e.g. a character-creator that uses templates) would likely be outside the scope of what I'm thinking and also start requiring Atlas to get more directly involved. Right now I'm simply thinking quick'n'lite (and free).

So... thoughts? What would you want in such an app?

(NB: This is not me saying I'm going to make it. I'm just curious as to what people might want)

The android runs GAE which is really just a JAVA clone with XML layouting.

I've never looked inside the iOS-thingies, so I have no idea how they work.

I did have an idea for some kind of indexing app that would look through your pdf files on your tablet/phone and provide jump points to favourite parts and/or points as defined by the app. The idea being that if you were playing a Learned Magician, you could set bookmarks to your effect guidelines in the app, and they might run next to the bookmarks for your companion cantor and the effects he needs from RoP: The Divine. Tapping the bookmark would navigate to the required page...

But I'm somewhat time-deprived so investigations on that front would have to wait.

That's a pretty nifty idea for something more generic, actually: a PDF-bookmarker.

I'd be only slightly surprised if something like that didn't exist already. Sounds like a good excuse to learn a bit about PDFs. :smiley:

Not quite the Ars Magica focus, but most likely a wider audience.

On a tangential note, I find two things to be very helpful at the gaming table with my iPad:

  1. Rulebooks in PDF are quickly searchable (natch), and
  2. LogMeIn Ignition lets me run Metacreator via Boot Camp on my Mac at home and I can quickly access PC/NPC files via the iPad via the Intarwebs...pretty slick.


dropbox + metacreator is a very popular combnation here.
Including a shared covenant file, with our entire library.

I would LOVE it if Metacreator would do an ipad app. I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

(And thanks for the suggestion Mad Irishman... will look into "LogMeIn Ignition" to access MetaCreator.)