Ars Magica Conventions this weekend


Lots of news here so do have a quick look through! Next weekend we have Grand Tribunal in Cheltenham, the online version Image from the Wizard Torn and if you ever want to hear about future events you need to subscribe to new mailing list. So here goes --

  1. To subscribe to the convention group and get emails about future events just send an email to

If you do not get a response, email me. :slight_smile: The new group is configured to allow you to follow certain tags and not others, and to easily mute threads or create digests. This is the only week of the year the traffic there is busy anyway!

  1. We have Image from the Wizard Torn 4 this weekend, and we would love you to take part. You can register here, offer games - yes we ant more games! - and find the details of the discord server. You can even (optionally) buy a cheap Image ticket just to support the physical convention, as we are obviously very low on numbers again this year, but our fixed costs remain the same.
  1. Grand Tribunal is in Cheltenham, and there is still time to buy a ticket and join us! If you are coming we launch Friday night but the Ars related content will be Saturday and Sunday as always. You can currently get an airb&b in Cheltenham from £35 a night so why not come join us, and our COVID careful very intimate gathering! Come be part of the Ars Magica family :smiley: All details at

CJ x

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Whatever happened to the American regional tribunals? I went to three of them back in the day, and then they just sorta stopped.


Still spaces in online games, and can take a few more physical delegates if anyone can get to Cheltenham, UK

No sure why they stopped Mark? This is the 15th in Europe.