Ars Magica Digital Sale - ENDING TONIGHT

Only a hand full of hours left to get your eBook bundle of Ars Magica 4E!

Sale ends at 11:59pm central!

Get all 4E books + the core rule book as a digital PDF bundle for $59.99!

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This discounted 4th Edition bundle includes:

  • Official 4E Core Rulebook
  • Cause & Cure
  • Living Lore
  • Faerie Stories
  • Land of Fire & Ice
  • Blood & Sand: The Levant Tribunal
  • The Bishop's Staff
  • Sanctuary of Ice: The Greater Alps
  • The Medieval Bestiary Revised Edition
  • Triamore
  • Ordo Nobilis
  • Heirs to Merlin: The Stonehenge Tribunal
  • Ultima Thule: Mythic Scandinavia
  • The Dragon and the Bear: The Novgorod Tribunal
  • The Mythic Seas
  • The Wizards Grimoire Revised Edition
  • Festival of the Damned
  • Return of the Storm Rider
  • A Medieval Tapestry
  • The Fallen Angel
  • Hedge Magic
  • Parma Fabula
  • The Dragon and the Bear

Happy Gaming!