Ars Magica - Discord

Hi guys,

I was thinking about playing some more Ars Magica, and for some reason using Discord had not even occured to me – maybe because the PBEM section of Ars has been quite strong.

So – are there 3-4 others (I think a small group is preferable), who would want to start communicating about what we want out of a campaign? Playstyle, frequency etc. before even beginning to talk about what we will play and where.

Personally I am thinking once a week for a couple of hours, with rotating storytellers. An emphasis on the community the magi are at (ie the covenant), and their storyflaws; more ”We have to find Skittles the magical animal companion” and less ”There is a dragon that is threatening to destroy us”.

I have played Ars Magica before though it has been some time. Also – fun over rules.


what timezone are you in?


Denmark is UTC / GMT +1 hour :slight_smile:

I would be interested in joining. I am in Sweden so we are in the same timezone. A community focus sounds great as well.

So this is a live game (time wise) rather than PBEM? Your first post seemed to indicate both.

Right - I can see how that can confuse :slight_smile:

Yes live game :slight_smile: