Ars magica dungeon-esque maps?

Hey everyone.

I'm currently in search of detailed maps for various internal structures on canon locations in mythic europe. Maps for established covenants, Famous mundane structures, dungeons, Forests, etc.

What are the best books to look for internal maps? Pre-made adventure books like Festival of the Dammed?

Without much money, the Internet is now the best source for maps on classic and medieval sites.

If you need site maps for specific places, specialized travel guide books are handy. The best are usually in the language of the country the site is in: so look for
Touring Club Italiano Guide Rosse,
Hachette Guides Bleus,
Reclam Kunstf√ľhrer (no longer maintained, available only second-hand, and some at steep prices),
Dehio Handbuch der Deutschen Kunstdenkmäler.
The best of these books have several decades of history through their editions. Their newest editions are usually the best for you, but many can be bought through amazon and e-bay.
All of these walk you through the history of a site, its changes over old and recent times, parts lost but mentioned by old chronists and scholars, and so on.

For still more specific needs there are monographies on archeological sites and monuments. For them, the libraries and bookstores in the country of a site are by far the most useful.


This site may interest you: (I just saw that it is still up.)
It is an entire campaign, with lots of maps, based on ArM4 Triamore (2000).


And will stay up as the story is still running! Indeed, I am just working on the lost dungeon under the Bromserburg that is mentioned in Guardians of the Forests