Ars Magica Icons 1080x1080

Hello all! I'm writing after too long a break, but I'm back, with the previously promised batch of Ars Magica icons, this time with both Hermetic Techniques and Forms!

I took a handful of creative liberties here and there, I hope it doesn't invalidate my efforts.

I have no idea how licensing works, but I hope whoever sees these things can use them in their own games.

I've packaged them all in my Google Drive for ease of distribution.

(I'm a little unhappy with Aquam and few others, so any feedback would be appreciated in case I ever get around to making a 2.0 version)


They are gorgeous !

I'll try to use them in my games somehow

Absolutely fantastic, will be using them for sure!

Oooohhhhhh! These are great!! :heart_eyes:
Thank you for sharing it!