Ars Magica: King and Emperor [Recruiting Closed]

I'm set to run a saga online starting later this month, but one of my players has had to back out, so I'm in desperate need of a new player!

The Saga is set in the County of Provence and will have a strong emphasis on mundane politics and warfare. To that end, I'd like a vigorous, engaging player to take the role of the PC Baron. Naturally, you will have the chance to play one or more Companions and as many incidental extras as you can stomach, if you choose.

We're pretty flexible in schedule, generally afternoon-to-evening Pacific Standard Time (most of my players are EST - and a potential one is in Australia! - so we're pretty accommodating.)

The game will have a strong focus on role play, getting along with the players (out of character, anyway! In character conflicts are all part of the fun) would be good.

If you think you'd find an ambitious role like this interesting, please let me know in PM!

Feel free to ask questions here or in PM.