IMO? Just set this as a constant enchantment.
Keep the base sun, add 2 uses per day, and an environmental trigger. Total level 29 IIRC.

Yes, that's mechanically better, but then it doesn't warp the tree. Call that a personal preference on the part of the designer. ~wicked grin~

There's no rason it wouldn't - it's still a constant effect for the purposes of the table on p. 168.
If devices warp themselves, this will warp as surely as the one with the D: Moon.
If it's because you want to reach magnitude 6, remember that magnitude round up - mag 6 starts at 26.
Or you can add an extra +1 for size.

All this being said, this thread is intended for spells and effect that have already been discussed in seperate threads - finshed results so to speak.
Not that anyone appears to be able to use them for this. :-/

The Road Less Traveled

L30 Re Co Road magic
Range: Touch (Road) Target: Individual Duration: instantaneous

The person touched is transported to a point on the road as defined by the caster. The caster must have traveled this road to be able to cast this spell.

Level was defined by looking at the difference between arcane connection and road range. It's a good way to travel long distances without arcane connections or way too many rolls.

Spell: Bounty of the Olive Tree (CrAq 10)
R:Touch, D:Moon, T:Ind, Req: Herbam

This spell fills a barrel (or some other container) with pure olive oil, which can be used in oil lamps. It could also be used for cooking, but this may cause Warping if done repeatedly over a long period of time.

(Base 2, +1 Touch, +3 Moon, requisite has no effect on level)

Easily enchanted into an item to provide plentiful fuel for the covenant's lamps:

Item: Barrel of Plentiful Oil
CrAq 10, Herbam requisite

This barrel is enchanted to fill up with pure olive oil once per day, as per the spell Bounty of the Olive Tree.

(Effect level 10, +0 for 1 use/per day; S&M Bonus: Container, +5 to create or transform within)

I have a Bonisagus Mage who is focused on producing immortality (his contribution to trying to push back the limits of Hermetic Magic). He developed the following item to aid in his research. The item is a ring shaped out of a pure sapphire, giving it 15 pawns of vis to be completely opened. The twin effects on the ring take up 12 of these 15 open enchantment "slots"

The Ring of Lasting Health

Effect 1:
Cheating the Creeping Death (CrCo 54)
R:Touch, D:Sun, T: Ind

The spell continuously resolves a terminal again crisis, meaning the effects of the crisis are held at bay until a ritual can rid you of it magically. Since (I think) this would only resolve one crisis at a time, you would still need that ritual to make it permanent. If you got a second crisis without having ritual healed the first, I think the second would affect you normally.

(Base 35, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 2/uses per day, +3 environmental trigger to make it continuous)

Effect 2:
Cheating the Quick Death (CrCo 54)
R:Touch, D:Sun, T: Ind

The spell continuously heals all wounds, no matter how many you receive. I can't say I think it would keep you alive if you were, say, decapitated, but from normal wounds, you should be safe. Also, since it is not a ritual, if the ring is ever removed, all of the wounds it is holding at bay will hit you at the same time, since, as it says in the book, it is basically suspending the healing process.

(Base 35, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 2/uses per day, +3 environmental trigger to make it continuous)

The Magus is currently working with another Magus to explore how to remove the warping points that comes with wearing this item.

It takes a long time to make one of these, but it's a great way to opulently fund a Coven if you have someone who can hammer out a deal with royalty for one. It takes my character 5 seasons to make one of these, but the one I have sold funded the Coven for more than 10 years.

hat of (knowledge or craft)
basically when you wear this hat you gain the ability or knowledge of your choice(made when the hat is made of course)
what do you think?

I would readily engage in the discussion in another thread, if made.
[size=50]About 3 years ago ( :smiley: ) this thread was defined only for end products.[/size]

wand of a thousand odors!
made of iron covered completly in skunk hide, this item can send out ANY odor desired by the user!
what do you fine people think?

I have two items one of my Character will design. One he has already, one he will soon (+- 16 seasons with experimentation failures occuring ...).

To be clear, my Character is an elementalist (it may explain any issue of absence of Elemental art requisite missing).
I'm translating from french, thus sorry if i forgot to translate something. Italics for comment

The "circular door nobody or almost could open easily" was a roleplay information since the moment I cast the spell for the lab (which is a 10 size lab similar to a bunker with 2 levels, top the lab, bottom the library/living quarters. The stairs goes through a trench to the level 0, and there are stairs to level +1. I didn't want to have the subterranean flaw , even if most of the building is under earth); i decided to build an item on that piece of amusing roleplay .

Using the Covenants supplement rules for enchanted items helping with a specailty in the lab, I propose:

Magical Heating Item:
CrIg19 (Base 2, Range: Touch +1, Target: Room +2, Duration Sun +2, +4 Levels for constant effect) ( +1 Health, +1 Ignem)

Mirror of Contemplation:
Two effects:
InMe 51 base 25, Sight+3, unlimited +10, Penetration +1 which triggers:
CrIm 43 Base 3, Diameter +1, Complexity +6, unlimited +10, triggered +3 - the Mirror)
When the a person gazes upon this large mirror, a metaphorical dreamscape is created based on the viewer's mind to help them solve a problem on their.
Intellego +4, Mentem +5

Box of Quick Growth:
CrAnCoHe55 base 30, Touch +1, Diameter +1, unlimited +10, requisite +1.
This is a large heavily lacquered wooden box, a pace high and 2 paces wide on each side. Any seed or animal egg or baby animal grows to maturity in two minutes. Note that the user must ensure that the animal or plant will not exceed the size of the box or the height of the laboratory. Such a mistake will result in damage to the box or the lab. (Creo +5)

I saw this +Die roll at predo vim effect at the start of the topic.
Does this mean you do a die roll for every kind of effect when using items?
I thought there is no roll when you use a magic item? Or there is a roll but no botch?

Polybolos (Lesser Enchantment)

This item is based on a pre-Heronian mechanica described by Pliny, but its effects are replicated by magic instead of gears. The item is an arbalest with a steel prod and an attached magazine. After the trigger is pulled (firing the bolt), the arbalest immediately spans itself and loads another bolt from the magazine, should one be present.

Rego Terram 25 (base 3, +2 metal, +1 Touch, +1 complexity, +10 unlimited uses)

Hi. Here is of my favorite magus Mario's talisman:
He has an italian mage who has some black stains in his history (diabolic master, connection with a diabolic sect).

The Wrath

A 30cm long copper wand, which has a special handle. The wand itself is a masterpiece of a very famous craftmen. The handle of the wand ends in a skull shape. In the forehead of the skull there is a tiny ruby. After examination it looks like if a thin coloured line (some sort of red fluid) from the tiny ruby just flow into the eye sockets (of the skull) where there are two (instead of the eyes) very small metal spheres (mercury inside them). From the two 'eyes' the lines connect again and continue to flow all over the wand itself. The wierd red fluid is the juice of a wild cherry.

Control things at distance 4
Fire related effect 6
muto 3
project bolt or missile 3

Name of the effect

Tough like the hardest steel lvl9
MuTe 3 +constant effect (2magnitudes 4 level) 9
The wand is literally unbreakable by mundane means

Wrath of Prometheus CrIg(Re) 25
touch, 24 uses, +1Re requisite, 20 penetration
final lvl48
This spell creates a focused jet of flame that sprays forth from the end of the Wrath. The flames actually emanate from the wand, propelled forth by the Rego Requisite which also protects the caster. The flames shoot forth up to thirty paces from the caster, inflicting +30 damage upon anyone in it’s path (-1 per pace distant from the caster). A Targeting roll is needed to strike something with the flame along a specific line, but the width of the jet makes this easy and gives a +1 bonus to the roll.

Veil of true Invisibility PeIm 5 touch+1, sun+2, +1 changing image, +5 24/day 30 Veil of invisibility + can't detect the wielder by smell or touch

Touch of Mundane Silence PeVi touch+1, +6 (50/day) 36 Destroy all magic which is weaker than (45+stress die)/2

I'd like comments on this Lesser Enchanted Item:

Measuring sticks: InTe(Me) 20 Pen 0, Unlimited (base 4, +1 Concentration, +5 Maintain concentration, +10 Unlimited uses)

These devices are always made in pairs. A two-foot staff of metal is precisely cut in the middle, and the magic ensures that when you hold one piece, you know the distance between the two cuts. Each item is an arcane connection to the other.

Any reason why this wouldn't work, or if it should be higher level?

Lesser Object

  • "Multiple Pen of Dezsiderius" Lab Bonus : +5 Rego
    ReTe 55 (B3+4Arc+1Conc +1Precise Control+1 Complexité +1 Extra Pen +2Metal; +4(12use/day)+5Maintain Concentration)

6pawn + Each pen arcane link need to be stabilised

When you write with one this metal feather (+7Scribing) the 2 others write exactly the same thing.

A bit of a thread Necromancy, but I live in Israel, so we have many sources of inspiration for Canaanite Necromancy...

Am making a compilation of fan created enchanted items, and spells.
If any of the authors here wants to have his creation included, please contact me.