I am working in some magical objects, here some examples; sorry by the Languages, but on line translator can work well i think.

Charged Items:

Leser Enchanted Items:

Soon more.

Been awhile, but am beginning a new saga and came up with this Greater Enchanted Item (potentially talisman effects) for sword wielding magi....

The Black Blade
This powerful ring allows a magus to summon a deadly blade to their hand.

Effect 1: Blade Summon
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +1 Conc)
+5 Item Maintains Conc, +10 Unlim/day

Creates a sword in your hand. Requires a Int+Finesse roll against Ease Factor 6.

Based off the spell Sword form the Unseen Scabbard, from HoH;S, pg 37

Effect 2: Weeping Blade
(Base 10, +1 Touch, +1 Conc)
+5 Item Maintains Conc, +10 Unlim/day, +3 Linked Trigger [Effect 1]

Any wound caused by the blade is increased by 2 magnitudes.

Not the most efficient magic item ever, but I like it for style 8) If you have better enchanting abilities, adding penetration to both effects would really make it shine.


Second effect lacks a good base.

Back when i was more active on the boards, I adopted house rules from the Light of Andorra game here - specificity

And with that, I also adapted PeCo guidelines to reflect those guidelines with perdo as

Base 5: Increase the severity of a wound by 1 level
Base 10: Increase the severity of a wound by 2 levels

This meant that Perdo Flammbeau (my favourite) could also have a weapon bluff spell, much like their Ignem peers.


But that's house rules :wink:.

Also, the second effect, even if RAW, would work on wounds created by the ring, not by the sword: What you intend is cascading magic, and that is quite bad (see the plague of rats effect around these boards)

The wounding effect could have a custom range of "poke" costed equivalent to voice ie. when the ring is touching the sword the range is whatever the sword touches.

No it cannot. That's the domain of talisman or mutantum magic.

Hm, well, that idea seems to have failed completely then :frowning:


A talisman allows touch range to be extended. "Poke" is a lesser variation of voice range. For a Target to be within voice range the caster/item must transmit their voice to it vie sound species whereas for a Target to be within Poke range the caster must transmit physical force (the poke) to it via a solid object.
Poke and voice are not interchangeable, a spell/effect is invented with one or the other and as it is not a standard hermetic range, poke is not available for sponts. Making poke and voice interchangeable would be the purview of Mutantem Magic.
The core rules state that spells/effects can be invented with non-standard RTD. As poke is clearly shorter range than voice I do not believe there should be a magnitude premium beyond the cost of voice, YSMV.

With poke, you do not realize that it's not the range which matter, but the indirect.
It would be the same as having the prop range, which is special to faerie.

Salt from the Palace
CrAq 36
R: Personal, D: Solar, O: Individual; Penetration 12
The condiment is salt commun enchated to fester one poison that produce ulcers on the stomach when is eated with the food. The salt is normal and unharmless to any mundane examination. When the venom begins to affect must be resisted with a soak roll to ease factor +9. That stills until the Dusk or sunset, so the Light Wounds can produce more several with time.
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Magnitudes to increase de ease factor; +6 to Penetration 12) - Other thing, the erratas said that the tree known how hickory is not european, but here says the opposite thing, taht is known since romans time.

  1. This does not belong in a pinned thread - these are for finished effects.
  2. Your link appears to refer to the walnut tree. I fail to see how this is relevant for the Hickory tree, even though I shall happily grant you that they are related (being of the same order). I also note with interest that

(from the wiki article on hickory), meaning that hickory indeed can be found in asia.
Being of the same order does not imply being of the same genus and certainly not being of the same species.

Ok problem about taht i am not a English natural speaker. When i search the word Hickory, the name translated on Spanish is "Nogal", searching "Nogal" on that sends me to the wallnut tree.
And sorry, but i didn't want do Threadnomancy or make a one response theme. I should have edited my before magical object, that has created polemic too. Sorry the Off topic.

Don't worry about it - I'm not a native speaker either, I figured it was something like that

Not really threadomancy, just that the thread is mostly for finished items.

Yes, for that, i am sure that there are a thread where sombody talked about the failure to include the hickory, i mean that.
Finished finally:

I'm not sure I would call that "finished" - not with all the problems noted in this thread on that exact spell -

Yeah... but most of the opinions are related to perspectives and house rules. With the basic arguments now works well, i think.

The Patient Sentinel
Base: Stir the Slumbering Tree,
MuHe 25 (Touch, Sun, Ind, +2 size)
+1 Sun -> Moon, +3lvls environmental trigger
Total: 33

This device, crafted from clay in the guise of a bird's nest, awakens a tree in a manner that makes the new human-level sentience very good at remembering details and taking messages. The self-activating Moon-duration nature of this enchantment ensures that the tree will not miss any messages, and will warp from constant exposure to a powerful mystical effect, the exact effects of which should be periodically measured by the covenant for appropriateness. Should the tree gain some aspect which makes it no longer suitable for its task, simply remove the device and apply it to a new tree. Care should be taken to ensure that the old tree does not create a security or health hazard to the denizens of the area.

Reassurance For The Nervous Parens
Base: Phantasm of the Talking Head,
CrIm 10 (Voice, Diam, Ind)
+2 Voice -> Arcane Connection, +5 24 uses/day
Total: 25

This necklace is adorned with a chip from a standing stone which is placed within hearing distance of The Patient Sentinel. Thus, an apprentice filled with wanderlust may still periodically reassure his parens that he is unharmed, warmly dressed and well-nourished. And by periodically, I mean once every hour.

Norbert Gunthar doctrinae Verditus, who invented these charms, is rumored to have a more powerful version which self-activates by certain environmental triggers. In defense against charges of scrying, Norbert claimed that his apprentice had never passed her gauntlet to Norbert's satisfaction, and thus was still considering his property under the Code. The prosecution countered that, as he had begun her apprenticeship in 1188 AD, if she was still his apprentice, then he was guilty of completely different crimes. Gunthar replied that while this may be their position, it was not one that could be prosecuted at the current Tribunal. The case is set to reopen at the Rhine's 1227 Tribunal.