Ars Magica LARP at DunDraCon in SF Bay Area

I'm going to be running an adaptation of David Chart's The Fallen Fane at DunDraCon, which is a gaming convention in San Ramon, California, USA. The convention runs February 16-19, and the five-hour LARP (live-action roleplaying) is scheduled for Saturday the 17th at noon. The web site is I figured I would bring this to the attention of the Ars Magica community, so that if attending sounds feasible, you have time to make arrangements.

I have made some changes to the story and characters as they were published, and I've developed a quick and simple way for resolving certamen that retains most of the options and ramifications of the tabletop mechanics. If you've read Fallen Fane, don't worry that it will be spoiled for you. I think most of the fun will come from experiencing the wonder of what Tribunal must be like for the characters-- an event very much like a Mythic gaming convention, with equal parts of trial and tournament, and a bit of the Grand Tribunal board game for good measure.

I would love to have you participate, and it would be a great treat for me to meet any Ars Magica fans at the convention. If you have any questions or would like more information, send me a private message here on the boards and I'll respond when I get the chance. I've also posted the description of the event below.

Hope to see some of you there!

I'm too far away to consider coming, but I wanted to wish you the best of luck on this. After it occurs, I hope you'll consider writing a post describing how things went for you, and what you thought about The Fallen Fane in action at your con. :slight_smile:

Be great, but unfortunately I like most of the regular posters here are on the wrong continents.

Me too :frowning:

Me too :smiley:

I had de opportunity to go across country -which isn't an awfull lot around these parts- and play the Fane with a large group of diverse Ars players. The great part was that the 3 of us coming from my town, and playing together normally, we were cast as the magi of Fanum Covenant. I have travelled that distance to the capital so many times but this one was tense - we literally felt as they magi presumably headed for a conviction at Tribunal. We made it through though and even got a few other agenda influenced in our prefered direction.

But it really is a great scenario and the stage of a Tribunal is a magnificent way to do some Ars live action. I'd wish to be there and do it again with a crowd, but I'll have to settle with wishing you the best!

BTW Erik, as I bought it myself and plan at hosting it at sometime (especially since one of my players has access to borrowing a nearby tower) I hope you might be persuaded into sharing some of ideas and most especially the ones on Certamen mechanics!


Sadly I'll miss it too, but if you run it at Gen Con, I'm in!

I hope somebody does!

sorry man sounds cool but thats a distance...

Ars Magica Author Paul Tevis signed up to run it at GenCon SoCal three years ago, but my brother-in-law and I were the only ones who showed up (admittedly it was a bit of a walk from the main gaming areas). However, we might be able to convince him to give it another go, and if anyone wants to run it in Indiana, I'd be glad to share my experiences after this one is over.

The certamen cards are looking really good, by the way. Ars Magica Illustrator Angela Taylor was kind enough to do original drawings for me to use. I'm looking forward to sharing them with everyone at the convention.

I am presently begging the wife for permiss...I mean, we are checking our schedule, but I am only about 90 minutes from SF.


It's less than 12 days away!

I'm going to try to make it. If I can get some work done, I should be there.

I'm certainly going to do my best to be there in mind and heart -and I'll look forward to hear of experiences with running it there- so as to set it up here at some time.

For those close enough to be there in more than just mind or heart, here's a big recomendation of trying it out! There is no better way to play, setup or experience a Hermetic Tribunal. I envy those that can, not only because having tried it here myself as a player there nothing I'd rather do than retry it - and especially because I know Erik has some 'conflict-reolution' treats in store for you not in the original supplement.

Congratulations, Regnant!

Thanks! Why do I suddenly feel like a Tremere?

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Only two days left!

Last bump, I promise. :slight_smile:

Hey, you beat me to it - I was also just about to bump it! To everyone fortunate to be close enough to go - I wish you a great experience (and myself a little less envy :imp: )!!

Just don't get confused and go to [color=red]DunDragCon by mistake.

DunDRAGcon? Isn't that in Sydney in two weeks? :slight_smile:

That must be when the Circus arrives in town. :stuck_out_tongue: