Ars Magica : Loch Caillte

Still deciding on final concept for mage- possibilities are all over the board, but it won't be a high-combat concept, I can guarantee that much.

Think I'm pretty much going with Trianomae, with an interest in making peaceful relations with the fae. Need to full flesh it out yet though :slight_smile:

Mine probably won't be high combat -damage-, but I'm thinking of making a focus in defenses of various kinda, affinity with Rego, so likely to be good with various wards etc..

Just still trying to think up an interesting Major Focus for it really ^^

I'm going to build up a scholarly Jerbiton. Normally Gifted and very bright. Loves to teach on any topic (so may be Magister in Artibus). Christian. Not a combat monster but not a shrinking violet either. His interests are largely generalist with some concentration (at least at the moment) in Intelligo, Corpus, and Mentem.

He is probably best served by a shield grog that is somewhat educated and shares his love for travel if someone wants to pick that up.

This magus may join the Seekers at some point in the middle or later future. Also, there is good cause for investigating alchemical Secrets (particualrly if he went to Oxford or Cambridge).

I'm still pondering reputations. I'm thinking +1 "Insightful Scholar" that applies to other scholars in the three island tribunals.

Certainly open to ideas, but I'm pretty stuck on the whole educated well-connected teacher type.



My character will be decent in the field, mainly by the devices he makes, but he should have some decent ability in combat also. I'm currently going through several options for the time after his apprenticeship and have almost got that finalized.

However, as I said before I'd be willing to take a different House if the other Verditius would rather be alone. My alternative would be an Aprimorian Flambeau.

I don't mind having someone that I can work alongside and brag to. We could even swear an oath saying there would be no vendetta for 10 years :slight_smile:

My Verditius is going to be a Mentem/Terram specialist interested in how minds work. He is going to have a fairly good intellego which he will be using on people and things. He is not going to be combat-oriented, but will be able to look after himself. He is a little selfish, greedy and obsessed with his research project.

(Will not be doing InMe spells on everyone I meet, it is a research thing)

I've pretty much got my magus done :slight_smile:

Have indeed take a rather defensive focus, though I certainly intend to supplement it with a few more things in play ^^

(Famous last words...)

Don't get too hung up on "1 mage/House". With Ars, there is more than enough variation that any two Verditious, or any other house, will not look much of anything like each other. Build what you want, and if we end up with a high-density of one House, well, then that's the story we'll tell. :wink:

I'm currently exploring a concept I haven't tried before, an Ex Misc who specializes in Auras. Not quite sure what that means, or what he'd do with that- still working on that part, exactly. Got some ideas I'm playing with (casual suggestions are welcome).

Still waiting on that email, SG- got some questions I wouldn't mind bouncing off of ya. :wink:

I should have him posted tomorrow, it's the years after apprenticeship that are the problem. I've got it narrowed down to like 6 options. :laughing:

Hmm, thats a point.. what age and such -are- people making their mages?.. don't wanna suddenly find I'm the only one just out of apprenticeship ^^

Why not? It's a story, not a competition. If this saga goes long term, a young mage will have the best chance to last. Don't think too much about it- built the character for whom you want to tell a story.

Shield Grog-

[b][u]Braidy[/u] [/b][i](Irish for "Large Chested")[/i]

Raised in the covenant, he was noted early on as a likely candidate for the military life, and filled those shoes more than adequately, living up to his name and then some.  Now in his late 20's, he is known to be tight lipped and woodsy-wise, favors axe and shield, and has a robust life outside the role of guardsman.  Long a grog sergeant by brawn, ability and commitment,  he has been recommended by the Praecos as a likely candidate for personal shield grog to the new members.

Any takers?... (or I guess we can RP it before/after the game starts!)


Krys- "Grogs" have +/-3 Virtues & Flaws.  "Shield Grogs" are sometimes viewed as a slight step above their Grog peers- can we give them the "Custos" virtue for free, since that [u]is[/u] where they are headed*?  I'd suggest with an additional -1 Flaw to balance, for +/-4 total - hardly a Companion, but slightly more than a mere run-of-the-mill Grog...

(* This allows them to learn Martial Abilities during CharGen, and to speak Latin, as well as giving them an official Status slightly above other grogs, and gives them one more Minor Virtue to expand the character. Otherwise they'd have to get their Martial skills the same as any grog, probably/possibly by buying "Warrior", and ignoring Custos, since they are not, as yet, technically of that status.) 

[i]btw- I am currently working with the approval of the Atlas staff on mocking up some standardized sheets for NPC's and Grogs, and eventually PC's, should we need them.  If/once those are finished they'll be up for general use.[/i]

I can live with Shield Grogs getting "Custos" for free. After all, in all likelyhood, they are coming with you from whatever covenant you are coming from. :slight_smile:


...And there was much rejoicing... (yay!)

I'll go ahead and get the party started. I have my Magus finished, I'll post his public profile and a brief history I don't mind sharing.

The Verditian craftsman known as Fabrica Diabolica (Devilish Devices) is a Magus from England. He hails from a Covenant in the woods near York, called Vires Occultes (Unseen Potence). He's several years out of his apprenticeship and is known to be perhaps one of the smartest Magi of this generation, veritably a genius. He's known for his near obsession with becoming an Archmagus as well as an almost equally strong sensitivity to any slight against his House. Among the locals he is nearly loathed (even moreso than most magi) due to his intense magical air. Grogs that get used to him however actually enjoy the fact that he treats them rather well, insisting they have good equipment, decent pay, and a full belly of good food whenever they are on expedition with him.

Lately he's become known as '3 Blade Fab' by some of the Grogs and locals that can stand to be near him for any length of time, due to the fact that he carries in a special harness on his back 3 swords of excellent craftsmanship. He's never seen wielding them, instead he usually awards them (temporarily) to the Grogs and Custos travelling with him. He doesn't mind a shortening of his name to 'Fabrica', or even 'Fab' and sees no problem with a respectful nickname.

Among his Sodales he's known for his magical potency when weapons are involved, especially the creation of them. He's totally serious about his far off goal of Archwizard, but there are rumors he has a secret patron steering his footsteps. It's also whispered that he had a falling out with his previous covenant, and that his Parens died, apparently in a Grog mutiny, which probably explains his attitude toward them. His name was supposedly a nickname that other apprentices called him while he was an apprentice, and his Parens decided to keep it.

Here's mine...

The mage known as Seireadan (Sheridan) was reputedly spirited away by the Fae at birth, and indeed many people who meet him could mistake him for one of the sidhe, as he is both tall and unusually reed-thin, with eyes as deep and perfectly blue as the ocean.

Many magus’ who don’t know of him presume him to be a member of House Merinata, but he in fact a Trianomae, and works tirelessly for greater relations between the fae and the Order.

Certain people whisper rumours that he is more fae than man, and look at his work regarding the fae with suspicion. Especially so most mundanes, as he often does not understand them, having lived his whole life with being of a higher power.

People who know him well know of his specialisation in defensive spells. Indeed, he seems to have a tremendous amount of skill with regards to various wards.

However, any character named Robin who has minstrels can expect them to get eaten during the winter, especially if it's a harsh one. :slight_smile:

And now, for something completely different...

Rhiannon MacDiarmid ex Misc. hails from a covenant in Wales, though she was born in Eire. Tall, with a commanding presence, she is neither meek or mild of manner, as many men think women should be. Her demeanor is that of one who is used to giving orders, and having them followed without question by her lessers. To those that are her equal, she is pleasant, polite, and well mannered. Her one outstanding feature is her hair, which is usually plait in a single braid, which reaches past her knees. Her magic appears to be the summoning of varied creatures great and small, mundane and fantastic. She is well versed in legends and lore of many different places. Her parens she does not speak of.

Travelling with her is her young son, Eaghn (a precocious 10 year old), and his nurse, Belle.

Inviting you to Loch Caillte is one Diedre, maga ex Flambeau. The wording of the invitation is very formal, and gives you the impression the she may be old, yet Diedre of Flambeau is relatively unknown to the rest of the order (the Mercere know the name, but little else). One of Loch Caillte's inhabitants, Mab filia Badb maga ex Merinita, is slightly more well known to the Order. For what, though, seems to be a matter of some dispute (current trends tend to be a Mobile Magical Disaster with Good Intentions, or One Strange yet Powerful Merinita, take your pick).

However, the Invitation is signed one Aonghas (Angus) Ua Conchobair (O'Connor), Steward of the Covenant.


I made a shield grog (I'll post something later) and I have an idea for a Companion, Glen 'Good eye' a Welsh Longbowman on the run from his French enemies as well as the many hearts and marriages he's broken. He claims with little modesty to be the greatest shot in the world, and after seeing a few samples of his skill, many think he might be. He travels with a Magus because he believes that no one would be stupid enough to attack him while he's with a wizard. It's obvious he's got a lot to learn about wizards and the life they live.

Also, what are some of the items people have on their wish list? Fabrica doesn't like to be taken for granted, but it can be easy to appeal to his ego to make items.

Sorry for the delay, guys. Here's info on my magus:


You've invited your shield man to join you in a drink and to report on his findings. Earlier in the day two days ago you asked him to ask around and try to get a little info on what folks thought of that new Jerbiton.

"Well sir," he starts, "Actually, there isn't a whole lot to tell, as yet. Not a lot of people know him. I acually got a chance to meet him though, after a fashion..."

You indicate, somewhat impatiently, that he should continue. It's been raining all day and a minor experiment didn't work well as a result.

"Right. Well, it's like this. I was at the guard house visiting with Sean, doin' just as you asked, and he drew the short straw for duty out there today. I figured he'd be a bit more talkative for want of the company, if you take my meaning, sir. Anyway, we were talking about things -- kinda working up to the specific question -- and we see down the road and off in the mist a man approaching."

"He was using a walking stick. He was limping pretty bad, but even so, he had some get-up-and-go to him. Not slacking off and no woe-is-me bend in his neck. He had a moderate sized pack on and he was walking with a white donkey which was loaded down pretty good as well. Yes sir, white. Why, yes sir, he did have red eyes, how did you know?

"Move on, got it. OK, well I couldn't see the eyes as yet but I've never seen a white donkey before and I was getting that strange sort of feeling that you warned me about. Right then, Sean decided to talk."

"'Now take this one,' he says. 'He's a nice enough bloke. Oh, he's just as itchy as the rest of them magus types, but once you get used to him he's an OK guy. Only don't go askin him how he's doing, or whether it's bad weather, or how ... well, the "how" of anything. He'll jaw on and on about how it actually works, or feels, or is and, strange enough, you'll find yourself listening and then hours will pass by and you'll be further behind in your work. But, none nicer, says I.' And then Sean just stopped talking while the magus walked up"

"It took a bit -- I mentioned the limp, right? Right. Anyhow, he's walking up the path and it looks like he's talking to the donkey. He's waving his hand around like he's making a point, then chops it down and -- I swear this is true -- the donkey SHOVES him right into one of the larger puddles. The man sprawls spectacularly face down right into the puddle. Right in front of us. All I could think of was how badly beaten that poor donkey was going to get.

"Then, to add insult to injury, the donkey starts braying away -- almost laughing at him it seemed. Now the donkey was just a rug for the fireplace only he doesn't know it yet. The magus slowly pushed himself up out of the water. He turned slowly towards the rug, er, donkey, pointed (and this is where I covered myself to avoid the blood) and took a deep breath and said 'Well, YOU may think that Euripides was a piker, but you jsut wait until I teach you to read! Then we'll see who's all wet!' Then he laughed, sir. Out loud and not too unlike his traveling companion. I must confess that I was a bit shocked.

"He turned to Sean and said, 'Drew the short one again, Sean, didn't you?' Sean and the magus chatted for a couple minutes on things. Oh, don't worry, Sean was all respectful and so forth. But it seemed that this one was genuinely concerned with the health of his son who had gotten the Flux a few days ago. Then he seemed real relieved when Sean told him everything was OK. 'Well,' says the magus, 'you just send him by when he really is well. He's going to have to work extra hard if Angus is going to take him on!'"

'He turned to me and said, 'You I haven't met before.' Sean stepped in and introduced us. The magus looked me over real thorough-like, then looked me dead in the eye and said 'If Sean vouches for you, then that's good enough for me. I look forward to seeing you around," and he turned around to go. 'If I don't get Old Grumpy Guts here out of the wet, I'll never hear the end of it. You two keep dry. Sean, let Angus know that I'm back, please, and that I have his shipment for him when you get off duty. And bring that lovely wife of yours by. You two can bring me up on the news.' and he started walking up the path. He waved his hands and said something and his cloak shed all the water and mud it had picked up (some of it spattering on the donkey) and he went up to the stables. Sean gave me a didn't-I-tell-you look and we went back to talking about other things."

"Strangest thing is that even though he was rubbing me the wrong way, like you said most magi do at first, I felt like everything was going to be OK."

You quiz your man a little more, but basically it's nothing new other than the story. Your other inquiries raised other info: Brought up Jerbiton. One that the local members of that house think will do well as a scholar. Well enough that they paid for him to attend Oxford and complete a course of study leading to Magister in Artibus. Seems to maintain a good network of contacts amongst the bookish community. Was a guest of the covenant just north of London while he was studying. And doesn't miss much.

You know that he is lame (some sort of childhood accident), and that he doesn't let it get him down. He has a voracious and generous mind. The donkey is more than simply an albino, but you know nothing other than that at the moment, other than he has not been introduced as a familiar. You would guess from the story that he has some skill at Mentem and, given that he studied at University, he's probably pretty good at ceremonial and ritual magics relative to his age and magical training.

So this is one of Augustus Jerbitonis's latest apprentices. And you DO know that Augustus Jerbitonis IS one of the great scholars of the of the Stonehenge Tribunal. Judging by how far the previous apprentice got, you think that this one really might be going somewhere but he just doesn't seem as driven.

"Well," you say to yourself as your mind turns back to the lab, "we'll just have to see where Magister in Artibus Stephan Jerbitonis filus Augustus gets to, won't we?"


I (Kurt) am going to be wrapped up in some personal business for the next couple days and probably won't read or post much until Thursday.

If either of the Verditii are looking for Venditores or Forge Companions, contact me through personal e-mail and we can discuss. I'd like to play either as my companion character.

As for shield grogs, I can offer a good Grizzled Verteran (tm). Contact me through personal e-mail (eagle_c85 AT yah00).



Just a quick note my two Ars worlds are colliding... Hi Tuura, Veriticius, and Kryslin... Maybe I can play 5th business sometime...



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Yeah, like a student in your field is going to find the time!

How many years do you have left? Huh? By the time you're done, we'll be in 7th, I'm sure.


Anyway, glad to know the world isn't quite as large as it looks sometimes.