Ars Magica : Loch Caillte

Typically, he finds the time :slight_smile: - about once every three months. He gets together with Mr. Tuura a little more often, because they only live 2 hours away. Me, I'm a six hour drive away.


Sorry for the delay, had to get hold of 5th ed again....

I rolled a die, and got a 7. So my magus is 12 years out of apprenticeship. He is normally gifted, but his people skills are lacking.

I will be fleshing out his stats tonight, will be able to post a full description in a few hours.


I was wondering if there is room for another player?

A pm is already on the way to you Kryslin :slight_smile:

Thank you for showing interest in the game. I'm sorry, but all character slots are full as of this time.

I once ran a PbP with 10 players. While it lasted for a crazy three years, I don't think my brain can keep everything straight like that again. :open_mouth: Even with the help of a computer.

I can alway add another to the waiting list, though. :smiley:


Just because Iร‚ยดm nosy.
Did it get off ?

I have 2 openings for players in Lough Caillte. Slots are available on a 1st come, 1st serve basis (I have 2 players who have been incommunicado for 90 days or more). PM me if you're interested, and I'll explain what's required, and send you the required information...