Ars Magica logo and fonts?

Anyone know if its possible to get hold of the fonts used in the Ars Magica character sheet, as well as the logo?

I'm currently putting together an Excel char-gen / xp management thingie, and would love to be able to give it the 'authentic' look!!

I think the font Lombardy MC might suit you just fine. The logo should be available on several websites - try the Redcap or if you got the AlterEgo it might have it.

Excel character utility:
It doesn't use the official fonts, but... ... cmisc.html

You clearly can't be a true Excel geek. The pleasure isn't in the using, it's in the making :smiley:

True, although seeing the efforts of others can often spawn ideas of one's own: a secondary Insight, if you will. :laughing:

True enough. I like to think I have Puissant (Excel) but I suspect in fact I just have a minor Personality flaw :laughing:


True enough, Neil Taylor is the Excel guru, I just updated it for 5th edition.

The fifth edition ArM books are set in Weiss (body text) and Goudy Lombardic Caps (decorative headers). Neither of them are free, sadly. ... LST0000165

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The best ones are never free. Although there are a lot of similiar fonts that are, if you are into that sort of thing.

Just to reiterate...

Lombardy MC is to the best of my knowledge free and I personally cannot destinguish between it and the Goudy Lombardic Caps.

Out of curiosity, do you know what font was used for the decorative initial caps of "Ars Magica" and "The Art of Magic" on the cover of the core rulebook, and on the title and author names for Fallen Fane and Calebais?

Interesting question! I have had my doubts whether it is a font or something Atlas had had made especially for the layout of the Ars line?

Well, I managed to download two free fonts, "Victorian" and "Oxford" which do a reasonable approximation to the Ars sheet.

Got the main sheet all laid out as close to the PDF as I can get, next step is to develop the formulae for Virtues and Flaws....

I have the Lombardy MC if needed so don't hesistate to PM me.

In terms of sheets I've had a sobby goodbye to my excell sheets in which I had investet oceans of time - and moved on to AlterEgo. I am still trying to figure out why I waited this long! Another perk of AlterEgo is the possibility to print in 'almost' authentic sheets.

If you have Metacreator to ArM it contains the used Lombardic caps font. Just find it in the directories. :wink:

As well as the logo btw.

The Ars Magica logo letters are custom-made illustrations we inherited from Wizards of the Coast when we bought the IP from them. Not a font, but we have an illustration for each letter in the alphabet.