Ars Magica Lot For Sale - Toronto, ON

I have the following Ars Magica books that I'm looking to sell. All books are in very good to excellent condition, many like new. I am looking for $200 for the lot (o.b.o.). I'm definitely more interested in cash than trades (part of the objective is to clear stuff out before a move next year), but there may be some negotiability there.

I'm in Toronto, Ontario, and shipping this will probably be prohibitive. (I can look into it, but expecting to sell locally.) Willing to make arrangements to meet up/drop off in the GTA.

5th edition:
Core Rulebook (5e) - HC
Guardians of the Forest (Rhine Trib) - HC
Realms of Power: The Divine - HC
Houses of Hermes: True Lineages - HC
Black Monks of Glastonbury

4th edition:
Sanctuary of Ice (Greater Alps Trib) - HC)
Blood & Sand (Levant Trib) - HC
Land of Fire & Ice (Iceland) - HC
Living Lore - HC
Parma Fabula (screen & booklet)
The Mysteries
Core Rulebook (4e)
The Wizard's Grimoire
Heirs to Merlin (Stonehenge Trib)
Mythic Seas
Medieval Bestiary (Rev. Ed)
Bishop's Staff
Ultima Thule
Dragon & the Bear (Novgorod Trib)
Ordo Nobilis
Medieval Tapestry
Hedge Magic

3rd edition:
Lion of the North (Loch Leglean Trib.)
Tribunals of Hermes: Iberia
Tribunals of Hermes: Rome
Mythic Places
The Maleficium
Houses of Hermes

Compendium (various printed downloads/resources)
Book of Beasts (downloaded & printed resource)
Various Saga Notes, Characters, etc.

Private message sent!


The Mythic Perspectives mags have been sold; removed from the list & price adjusted.