Ars Magica Net Grimoire and Wiki!

I'm glad to announce the Net Wizard's Grimoire, a wiki where you can easily navigate through fan-created spells (arranged by their Technique-Form combination), and edit or submit your own!

See what it's all about. Post spells till you drop. You know you want to!


Are you on the Berk List. There is some discussion there dealing with a change in Project Redcap and the creation of a maintained project redcap wiki.

I'd like to see the on-line spellbooks merged. Would it be possible to put the SHR spells on the Wiki with attributions or did the SHR contributors not sign up for the general free for all distribution of their work (there's only five or so of them so far)?

To further aquaint myself with 5th ed. while I look for a new group I've been updating the Net Grimoire. (Yeah, I'm up to like Aquam, I think.)

How would you feel about my putting some of those up if I try to attribute them properly?

Yes, but I haven't reall been reading it lately. I'll take a look.

I have no idea what the SHR authors agreed to or want.

As much as I'd like to incorporate that massive hunk of goodness, I'm afraid I don't really see posting on someone's behalf as proper. Perhaps if the old Net Grimoire owner's would agree to treat the wiki as an "extension" of his own site - which I doubt.

I'm also stuck on Aquam :slight_smile:

Yeah! I've noticed. Project Redcap - Wiki, that would be so awsome!
Having spell and item contributions here and on Net Grimoire and/or redcap, that's all fine. Here we could comment and discuss the contributions. On a wiki page they would look great and be referenced and search friendly.
It'd perhaps SHR that would lose out on this.
But a crash or competition between Net Grimoire and Redcap? Someting to avoid. Possible solutions? Or isn't it a problem?

While we're spruiking wikis...

I have a wiki for my Ars Magica "Templar" saga:

Does anyone else have problems with this page now? I can't seem to get to open it, in either of my two browsers. :imp: :angry:

Yep, seems like pbwiki is broken this morning.

It's back online.