Ars Magica: Novus mane

Sounds interesting - what kind do you need?


You are welcome. Any magi allowed but no-one with a good reputation would live at the forgotten dump of Novus Mane.

I could be in two of your games. The Verditus in the saga I'm running needs a life where she is more than just a mouthpiece for my Machiavellian plots.

Welcome aboard. :slight_smile: Two verditius in one covenant...

Hmmm . . . okay, how about a Jerbiton who sucks at being Jerbiton? His house Virtue is Gift of Venus and he has Gentle Gift (and +3 Presence), but he's also got -5 Communication. Probably Envied Beauty as well, just to be mean. He's basically fled to the "forgotten dump" because he wants to hide somewhere while he figures out how to fix his problems (such as developing a ritual to boost his Communication - at level 30 that's not precisely easy, but not impossible either).

Has a bad reputation for seducing women and causing a lot of trouble thereby. Isn't quite as good at it as his reputation would indicate, but a fair number of his spells were learned to help out with the logistics of seduction, and the whole Envied Beauty thing makes it very easy for cuckolded lovers to blame him more than their unfaithful partners. One reason he's fled is that he's gotten really, really tired of the drama.

I'm thinking he's about 30 years post-Gauntlet. Has three children(that he is aware of), all cuckolds, all by different women. The youngest has the Gentle Gift and is nearing Gauntlet as a Jerbiton(but not as his apprentice). Of the older two, one was raised as minor nobility and is reasonably successful as a mercenary, and the other was raised by a merchant family. She's now a wandering merchant, and a couple of years ago freed some sort of pagan wolf god-critter (who then decided to hang around her for a while).


All good until this last bit. All PC's are straight out of apprenticeship so you would be a max of 4 years out of apprenticeship which is about the same as the current pc's

Are you still looking for new players? I have an idea for a Bonisagus longevity experimentalist. Not entirely sane, in a "there's something not quite right there" sort of way rather than a frothing loon.

Yes still looking for players. Be aware that the covenant is short of vis , but otherwise the sort of loon who may fit in well. Although he may want to experiment on my character