Ars Magica: Novus mane

Campaign Title: Novus mane
System: Ars Magica, 5th Edition
Players Wanted: 4-6 Players
Posting Rate: 2-4 times a week.
Special Rules: All that is published yet and that will be published.
Advancement Rules: Mainly Rules As Written, it will be noted in the game when advances occur.
Deadline: At most 30days. I start when I have a full team of players.
Style: I’ll assign different players to GM different stories and divide the game into distinct chapters. See Ad Fons for example but be prepared to do some work your self.

Brief Description : A winter covenant that has passed into spring again. It is located in Flanders near the mouth of Yser and is a vassal of Florum. There will be a dark and dirty place plagued by poverty in several ways and with a good deal of hidden secrets. Aelianus Robur Ex Miscellanea who where the last apprentice of the founding magi, he where gauntleted 10 years ago and have now become the only member and thus the ruler of Novus mane. He sent out letters to newly gauntleted magi all over the Rhine and the Normady tribunal and invited young magi to join him in his new project.

I'd be in. Would a nonmagical redcap work, or would you rather I crafted somebody else?

I won't stop you but you should reconcider, or atleast take magus character as well. But it is your fun.


Sign me up

I would like to participate if I may :slight_smile:

I would like to play a Flambeau magus. Pretty vanilla too. I am not too interested in mysteries or anything. Maybe some stuff out of Societates

Max, how's a Tremare corpus-focused "healer" sound?

Fine with me. But we need a few more players.

And, IIRC, andrew was interested, too.

I'd liked a flambeau, I'll see if I can do something else. Maybe a bonisagus or verditius.

I don't want to seem over eager, but I have a guy ready to go. I need a bit of polish and fine tuning, but I have in mind the traditional fighter Flambeau, slightly specialized in Ignem, but more so focused on Spell Mastery. I also think their could be room for more than one Flambeau magus :slight_smile:

I have requested a new forum. So the game is on it's way. :smiley:

I, too, have a character prepped and ready.

I have a merinita - undine blood ready to go

I will produce a Bjorear, I am tempted by a Tremere but not in the Normandy Tribunal

Is there still room for one more ?

I am especially interested by the "winter to spring" focus of this saga but if you already have enough players, I will just wait for an opening in one of the other sagas.

Ask max, but we're already numerous.

Well, I have been watching the story this week, not wanting to disturb it as it was just starting: looks like, as you said, there is already enough people.
I will wait till there is a need for someone else.
Looks great, for now :slight_smile:

Thanks, hope you'll enjoy reading it :smiley:

I would be interested in joining if a slot opens up. I've never done PbP before but I can post at least 2 times a week if not more.

More magi needed for Novus Mane.

Hi, I am interested in participate, I haven't decided yet what character but if you got a slot I am in.