Ars Magica: Online Game (Skype or otherwise) 3-5 Players

Campaign Title: To be discussed with players..
System: Ars Magica 5th Edition

of Players: 3-5.

Inazuma and friends, please use this thread to discuss scheduling.

Anyone else interested feel free to drop a line.

Yep, I am interested. Have you given any thought to the type of game that you are interested in running? I have not played the game before, so besides having worked up a couple of characters, I am very flexible.

My timezone:

Available days:
Monday eve, Wednesday eve, Friday eve (if playing every other), most Saturdays (day or evening), most Sundays (day or evening).


Hey everyone,

I might be interested depending on the time we meet. My schedule is kind of all over the place (with the only day that is a no go for sure right now being Sundays), so it might be better for you guys to set something up and then I can chime in to see if it works for me or not. Steve, feel free to just shoot me an email if and when everything starts to shape up.


Hello there,

 I might also be interested depending on the chronicle idea and of course the meet times. I will monitor this thread. JFYI, I have gamed with Inazuma quite regularly.


Well I think it should be something fairly vanilla, with possibilities for you guys to get to know the game and the setting.

I'd say a Spring covenant at one of the most traditional Tribunals, perhaps one or two slightly senior magi NPCs to boss/mentor you about.

If that's not something you'd want let me know!

Anyway, I'm currently at GMT-2 and my availability is a bit weird as well, but will open up a lot come December.

How about we try for Monday 26th at, say, 8pm EST so we can talk more? Would that work out for both of you?

That works for me. I will pencil it in.


How about Mike and Bow??

I should be able to meet by around 8:30 (est) maybe a bit before...I generally have band practice from 6:30-8:00.


Ok, it's set!

See you in a few days.

Just a little reminder, we're still on for Monday 26th!

And might as well ask again if there is anyone else who might be interested... Anyone? :slight_smile:

We had a good first meeting, but still need a couple of more players. Post or PM Yan or myself if you are interested.

An Obsidian Portal site has been setup to get things started and to track any future developments: ... /home-page

Normandy, Summer covenant, we haven't started discussing characters yet, or location.


Is there opportunity to join?
I live in GMT+1 zone. Could it match with yours?
I can play usually at eveningtime on workdays.
I played AM long ago.

Thanx in advance!

I'm very sorry, I haven't checked these forums in a while because of their sluggyshness...

Right now we're full at 5 Players, but I'll be sure to send you a PM if that changes.