Ars Magica Open Call

There is a new Ars Magica Open Call. If you are interested in writing for the line, this is your chance to get started. The call is for grog backgrounds (not particular grogs). Download the details to find out more:

Good luck!

If someone could post this to the BerkList for me, I'd be grateful. The server there seems to think that my ISP's SMTP server is a spammer.


I tried but the Berklist seems to have gone suspiciously quiet since end of April... At least it didn't call me a spammer!

I spoke too soon.

It seems the Berklist uses something called "APEWS" (Anonymous Postmasters Early Warning System) which blocks IP-addresses from sending mail. They block whole ISPs if (seemingly) anyone using the ISP sends spam or a spamvertised web-site. In their almighty arrogance they then leave it to ISPs to sort out the mess.

David reports APEWS block his ISP. I now find they block my home ISP and my work's ISP... Maybe they think that blocking every large ISP will reduce the level of Spam?

This leaves the average mail user lost - the ISPs are too large to keep up with blocking every instance of spam sent through them, and the rest of us are too small to influence fate.

Hu, i don't know where you find berlkist (i have never used such a thing)...

But with some info, i could try... I'm in Europa... maybe the ISPs here are not blocked :smiley:

Edit: i red the instruction for fun.
What about language? Nothing is said.

I've just tried posting the original message to the list...

and that's how I found it, so it worked. :wink:


My fellow Australians!

Pending being told not to by either GenConOz or Atlas Games, please be aware that at GenConOz this year I intend to host a "polish your submission for this open call" seminar at GenConOz. The open call closes the week after GenConOz, so if you wait until that session to start, you have buckley's. So, get started, and if you need a hand, contact me privately. My email is my first name and last name as one word, and I'm at the big pond company. (That should fool the spambots...)

If you aren't a GenConOz attendee, that's still cool...most of the authors in Atlas's pool are willing to help people out anyway.