Ars Magica Open Call

I've just announced an Open Call for freelancers over on the blog. You may want to have a look.

You have a link to the blog perhaps?

Atlas main page

Here's a link to the specific blog entry: ... n-call.php

And here's a link to the submission details: ... enCall.rtf

If using content from the supplements, do we need to repeat the text from the appropriate virtues, flaws or spell guideline, or just a reference?

A reference is sufficient; that's one reason I don't want much of the book to rely on supplements. There won't be space to reprint large amounts of material, and I don't think most people would appreciate it if we did.

So we should avoid using a great number of spell parameters from sources outside of the core (divine, infernal, sensory magic, spell timing, astrological, etc.)?

It's not quite as simple as that.

There will be 10-15 magi in the final book. If one is, for example, a Merinita with lots of Mystery Initiations and lots of spells using those Virtues, that's fine. However, over the whole book, the overwhelming majority of the spells and items will be vanilla Hermetic. I don't mind advertising our other supplements, because I think they're good and will enhance any game, but people who really don't like, say, Realms of Power: Infernal should not feel that this book is useless to them. On the other hand, I do want spells and items that use rules from the supplements, just not too many of them.

The best strategy for authors is probably to write concepts that interest them, without worrying about whether that relies on supplements, but not to introduce material from supplements that isn't part of the core concept.


Should details for talismans or familiars be provided, or are such things beyond the scope of what you are looking for for this book?

Talismans and familiars with new and interesting enchantments in them would certainly fall within the scope of the book. If they only have old and boring enchantments, they might take up space better used for new stuff.


I have a few questions about the open call, I'll just list them if that's OK.

  1. 30 xp/year, less 10 for each season spent on labwork, correct?
  2. What about Secondary Insight/Elementalist/affinity/Book Learner/Free Study etc?
  3. Starting spells to be purely from main rule book, or main + others, or main + others + custom?
  4. Covenant is standard +1 Living Conditions, +3 Aura, no other mods for labwork. Can you upgrade lab using Covenants book?
  5. Do you want the lab mods included in the 15 year batches?


K. :open_mouth:

Correct. Standard rules.

Probably best to avoid them. The point is the spells and item effects, not the magus.

New spells can be introduced at any point in the magus's career. Spells can be drawn from any book, but my earlier point about relying too heavily on supplements still applies.

Yes, but it's not what I'm primarily interested in.

If you use them, yes please.

Thanks David,

that actually cleared up a few points. :laughing: