Ars Magica PBM

Ok firstly, sorry if I am breaching any forum rules posting this in the wrong place.

I run an Ars PBM and due to RL issues from a few with a couple of players over the last few months I have a space. Their toons are inactive until at least Easter.

It is not long started, freshly gaunteted magi setting up a new covenant at a roman cult site with a mithraeum in a regio benath.

Turns are approx 1 season per month currently although we expect to process more than a single season per turn after the first couple of years have passed and people have more of an idea what they want to do long term.

The players are all mutual freinds of mine IRL, just thought it was worth pointing that out as any potential player you may be left feelign a little isolated.

We use a google group for discussion and pool information - library etc.

Most of the players are fairly new to ars magica - they have played before but for at least one player that was 2nd edition. Only 2 have played 5th recently.

There are 5 magi, and two storytellers currently.

All character options are open, but all are obviously subject to approval. Powegaming is decidedly unpopular. Given the long term nature of the game, much lab, little apart from politicing available, non-magi options are a poor choice.

Anyone fancy taking up the slot?

How often in RL do you post?

interested. can you tell us where this campaign is - reading what you've done so far might tell me more about this group.

The campaign date is summer 1247. It is set in Stonehenge tribunal.

The covenant site is close to bath.

We process a turn about once per month IRL.

It is set so late because some of the players have played a covenant in Ars a few years ago also in stonehenge and we don't want to mix up the characters.

I'm potentially interested. Am I too late?

No decision has yet been madr. I will be putting suggestions forward to the group on Sunday.

If it's not too late, I would love to join in.

I'd be interested (especially to see whats around Bath in 1220 as its where I currently live :mrgreen: ) if theres still a space


The position has now been offered to a player, sorry to anyone else who was interested.

If we get another place I will advertise again.

Oh well :frowning:

Good luck with the game