[Ars Magica] Reprint of Core books

Can you please consider doing a short reprint of the Realm books and Houses of Hermes. I know that you last year did a reprint of The Infernal. But still Realm of Power: Magic has been Out of Print quite a while and that is almost the most important Core book apart from ARM5 itself.

DId you mean RoP magic? i'd appreciate a reprint too, I can't get it... 200+ dollars is just not possible :cry:

I have spoken with several gaming stores in UK, Norway, germany and Sweden and all say the same: They try to order it from their distributers but always get the info that it is out of print. But that there are several people who is asking for them and one shop told me that as they cant get all the core books they do not deal with ARM any longer.


Hi, Entilzha—

First things first: I apologize that we did not answer your question in a timely fashion. Our process for regularly checking the forums here has obviously not worked. As the person in charge of overseeing that process, this is my fault. If this ever happens again, please don't hesitate to email me at jeff at atlas dash games dot com.

In answer to your question, reprints of Realms: Magic, Realms: Faerie, Houses: True Lineages, and Houses: Mystery Cults have been in progress for some time. The thing that slows these processes down is that titles originally printed in hardcover need modest graphic changes before softcover reprints can be done, and in some cases, these books were originally laid out using software that no longer runs — at least not easily — on current-generation computers.

Some distributors have also dropped certain ArM titles because of slow sales. In some cases, these products accidentally get marked out of print, rather than not stocked.

Can you let me know which titles you're trying to get hold of? I can check their specific status, as some of them may actually be available.

Thanks for your patience, and again, my apologies that your question went unanswered for so long.

any new informations?

Hi -- unfortunately there's not really any new information. Getting softcover reprints of these books is still languishing in the "things we'd like to do but other more urgent things keep hopping onto the priority list above it." Sorry... I realize it's not a totally satisfying substitute, but the books are all available in PDF from e23.

Any news?

The going rate for True Lineages and Realms of Magic is absolutely absurd at this point and, aside from the Rhine Tribunal, it's kinda all I need to round out my collection :confused: