Ars Magica: Roll20 Charactersheet

I've done a fairly large update to the Roll20 charactersheet. There's already a small bug with the css I noticed, but feedback and comments are welcome. Its not a full featured sheet, non-hermetic stuff isn't supported very well but I'd be interested to see if there's a high demand for witches or non-hermetic arts.

looks immersive....shame we dont have more ArM on roll20 :frowning:

I can see it dosn't have a way to do exploding dice or automatically roll botch die - I've been running a game for some years on Roll 20 and do have an API script from someone who was working on a sheet at the time that was never published as far as I'm aware that can do that if you're interested - they were kind enough to provide it to me on request when one of my players at the time contacted them

I love the artwork on the current sheet - may actually have to get my players to start using the character sheets on roll 20 now!

I'm still noob at API scripts, but my understanding is that the host of the game has to be a Pro-member and then manually opt-in to the script or put it in his game's custom scripts? I don't know if I could have that packaged in with the character sheet, but I'd be interested in knowing if I was wrong.

If you guys do end up using the sheet, let me know and if there's any items that seem priority changes that should come through.

@Kal, its been my experience there's usually one or two ars games active on roll20 that advertise on the forums. Maybe last year there were two games looking for new players at the same time, it was pretty funny to be competing for players for Ars.