Ars Magica Sale!

I know folks who frequent this board might not spend much time on the forums for other games, but Paizo is having a sale of Ars Magica material, going back through the editions.

(And for those who may not know, Lisa Stevens, Paizo's CEO, worked on ArM1!)

So go check it out and see what kind of vintage Ars goodies you can get!


I don't know about the Ars stuff , but there are some King Arthur Pendragon bargains!
They do not have The Bats of Mercille. :frowning:

Don't bother with the Pendragon books if you live in a foreign country.

Subtotal (13 Items) $13.00
Shipping & Handling $107.45
Shipping & Handling Discount - $11.96

Order Total $108.49

I don't want these books enough to pay that much in shipping costs.

thanks for posting this!

Edited to add:

No more sale any longer... Or everything got sold out, just a sale on Atlas' d20 books.

I understand... to pay 8 times the original price is not very interesting...

There are other games?