Ars Magica Session Logs & Actual Plays?

For those more familiar with Project Redcap and other Ars Magica resources (i.e., are you aware of any written up session logs or actual plays and able to post a link? I thought posting some off site links in the Actual Play forum would be helpful.

There used to be a really good journal for a midnight sun campaign, but i couldn't find it just now. (Edit: found here) On the other hand, obsidian portal has a few campaigns that might fit the bill

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Here are some I've found so far...

Druids’ Dale Saga – Gaming Chronicles (

[Ars Magica] Rhine Tribunal Saga | RPGnet Forums

Ars Magica 5th Ed: Milton Chantry- The Covenant at Graves End | RPGnet Forums

Two that I am still running

(Set in Cambridge)

(Set in Iceland)