Ars Magica Spell Guideline

I compiled the worked of Christopher Allen and some différent work into one and only document

dont hésitate to tell me what i missed

thank you ... BGZ1U/view

Perhaps a list of which books you have guidelines from?

I did put my sources at the begginning of the pdf
otherwised when it isnt quoted it is from the core book when there is a[] book and page are wrote

Looks great. I'll have to give it a closer look tonight.

InVi guidelines, page 51, TMRE are not Mystery specific.

PeVi guidelines, page 63, The Contested Isle.

Thank you will modify this soon :slight_smile:

Great job! Thanks! :slight_smile:

This is great. I wanted to do this myself for ages. Thanks for all the effort!

When putting stuff on the Atlas site, I wasn't supposed to include guidelines from the core book (which in theory everyone has to use the pdf anyway) and the stuff that requires Mysteries and the like since they require other rules and thus other rulebooks. So I won't ever be putting those into the pdf. I am behind on picking up books by a few years now, so I am not up to date on new guidelines, though there are not a lot that come out in most books. Eventually I'll add the new ones to the pdf when I can get the specific guidelines and their references.

PS: In case the hint wasn't clear, Atlas didn't want all the guidelines posted publicly.

Better grab your unified copy while it's still available! :slight_smile:/2

I dont have Contested Isle , but all the rest

Thank you very much for putting together all these guildelines together.