Ars Magica T-Shirts Now Available!

Show off your fan fervor for the art of magic with the new Ars Magica RPG t-shirt! Visit Cafe Atlas now to pick up yours, in a variety of colors.

I'd like to see one that reads "Jesus Is My Shieldgrog".

I'd buy it. :wink:

This is the jeekiest thing I have seen today. And guess what: I LOVE IT!!!

I am getting the Creo Ignem one. :laughing: Wait for Mark F to see this one.

How would an In Vi shirt look like?


Cool! Are these available for stores?

Just ordered. And picked up an Atlas-Games mug too. But you know we're going to want House shirts too, right?

And for that matter, probably shirts for every possible form and art combination.

Yep, we thought about House shirts, and Form and Technique shirts make sense ...

However, it's a matter of economics, like everything else. We opened up the Cafe Press shop for Atlas a few years ago, and have had very few sales. Also, the margin Cafe Press gives us is not especially attractive ... sorry, Saxonous, but we can't get a bulk discount of any real substance from Cafe Press even for ourselves, so we're not able to extend a reasonable discount to retail shops.

So, it hasn't yet proven that it would be worth our time to implement, plus in order to offer that many shirts we'd need to become a "premium" member, which incurs a setup fee and monthly charge.

Unless anyone has a suggestion for a better vanity tshirt site, other than Cafe Press?

No idea for a better t-shirt store. But I would like to see more shirts. I couldn't find the set up price for the premium store, but I will spring for the yearly fee ($59.99, right?) if that will help you do the Art/Form combos.

Just bought the CrIg shirt. :mrgreen: Now I need to figure how an InAu or ReVi shirt would look like

I was thinking the same thing. MuMe anyone?

My shirt and mug arrived today. Very nice. Worth ordering if you haven't already.

It got me thinking along the lines of mis-spelling common terms such as CrAq Addict/Wh***, CrIm Lord and MuVi Star

There is also likely mileage in some of the other terms like Finesse, Intelligo and Imaginem.

Hmm, you can probably already get Aegis T shirts and possibly "Parma Ham" T shirts - which seems appropriate for most players :wink:

Hee ... I like MuVi Star, etc. Any other play-on-word ideas for tshirts floating around out there? If you come up with some good ones, maybe I'll spend some time looking for a better way to get them produced. Impress me! :wink:

Yes we CrAn?

In Spanish "I sin" is "yo peco", if you want a wordname in other languages.

PeCo boo!

PeCo skeleton or skull?

A lot of copy stores can make it for you. Good luck! 8)

Just got my CrIg shirt. Top notch quality product. :slight_smile: THe impression on the shirt is very good and smooth. Now it only remains to see if it sustain washing mashine heavy duty.


ReCo'n patrol
PeVi Herman
MuTe the sound
MuMe dearest
you PeIg
Basement Cat says MuAu

I just hope we don't get "Penetration Total +10" or something.

How about the House shirts??

"Join or Die!" ?

"InVi is a sin"

"I play PeVi P"

Ladies shirts? I've love to CrIg, but without some liberal use of MuCo it's not going to fit very well