Did I say that they are the same thing? No. I explained where they had points in common, where they came from the same code base. It may have been deemed to much trouble to try and turn off server features on Windows 8, or perhaps they found other uses for those features, like client devices. More than likely those features exist on Windows 8, because they need it for Server 2012 or they fulfill some other purpose. It's speculation, sure.

But please don't think that by my having described how the desktop OS and the server OS pair together that means that I think that they are the same thing? That's a huge stretch not even close to what I said. Keep in mind what I said doesn't negate what you said that XP and 2k are based on NT. Technically, it's all based on NT. In fact Windows 7 is version 6.1 (Vista was 6.0).

I interviewed Black Chicken about their plans for the game, and you can read the account here -- ... rter-team/

Hopefully of interest. :slight_smile:

cj x

Hello everyone,

We were a few people on the Black Chicken forums who considered how we could give the kickstarter a kick forward and an interesting idea came up: Would you guys be interested in playing a game of Ars Magica with us?

We are somewhat newbs and I am not 100% how we will do this, but if the interest is there I am sure we can work something out. The idea was then to post parts of the game in the forum so people who visit could see a bit of how it is played and maybe get hooked on the idea.

As I mentioned we (I, certainly) are a bit unfamiliar with Ars Magica and you guys know the game far better, so, would this be possible? and how many people would we be able to pack into one game? :smiley:

(I feel I should ask if there are some 'before you begin' texts we ought to get familiarized with as well)

I'd certainly be interested. :slight_smile: Yes sounds like a great idea. I'm fairly used to Ars Magica and would happily run a game for up to six players - question is whether by chat room, forum or skype or similar? I'm sure others who are better referees (Storyguides in Ars Magica language) would happily run games! There are a few rrunning here on the Atlas Games forum :slight_smile:

cj x

Wonderful cj, thanks for offering. I'll make a post on Black Chicken's forums asking who would be interested and how best to communicate.

It may be premature to ask but which days would serve you best and when would it be preferable? (Please remember a timezone for reference ^^)

Also, if I may be so bold, could I lure a few of you to post how their game(s) are faring with your games on the Black Chicken forums as well? It would hopefully serve as a lure to potential new players if they could get a few glimpse into the setting, and aid us newbies as well.

I'll run a game involving apprentices training to be magi, as I suspect some of the players might not have the rpg rulebook yet, or am I wrong there? I'm in GMT, but am flexible about time slots as I tend to be up rather late, and weekdays/nights better for me, being fairly free except Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays. A chat room format could work well I think for this?

cj x

As Adrian suggested in a pm, I have created a thread on Black Chickens forums about what we have done over the years with the tabletop game - ... topic=2432

Do register and join in. :slight_smile:

cj x

I'm still kind of boggled that they don't have a Facebook connector on the kickstarter page. I mean, obviously I can copy and post the link to facebook... But not having a facebook connector? :S :open_mouth:

The other thing I've noticed is the lack of options to maximize people's $ spent, getting the world book and a hardcover or collectors of the diedne book is difficult without paying for two different buy ins.

The latest update and screenshot look really good. It feels like the game could be amazing. Unfortunately, the kickstarter campaign doesn't seem it's heading toward success... Something must be done ! They need more coverage & awareness.

I made apology of the project in the Spanish RPG forums, but it seems that the success has been negligible.

I agree they need more coverage and awareness, but how? What practical steps can an average fan take? I mean, I've mentioned them on the Australian Game Designers Forum...but that's not going to get them far. And the people who follow me on Facebook are basically all Ars fans already. Cj has offered ot run some games and I've offered to help, but basically that's just for people already on the backer forum.

Any ideas are very welcome, but it's basically in the hands of the Black Chicken people, IMO.

You're right, of course, there's only so much fans can do. I don't have specific ideas either, besides relaying the news whenever I can. I Just wanted to make sure everyone was doing the same, and find some comfort while I anxiously watch the rest of the campaign... :wink:

Some interviews/preview on gaming sites/blogs could not hurt, if anyone has such "connections"...

I've blogged about it (with an interview with Black Chicken), posted on all Ars related lists I belong to and the two Facebook groups I belong to related to the game, and have joined the Black Chicken forums and posted there about Ars Magica, and am going to run a game (and am looking forward to it) on IRC. I honestly can't think of much more i can do - I have posted on, uk-roleplayers,and Twitter. If I am missing anything do shout, but short of painting the URL on the hills overlooking my city I think I'm running out of ideas now. 'Tis really down to if Black Chicken can find new ways to market the Kickstarter - I'll do what I can to help, but I really am running low on ideas.

cj x

I've done as much as I can and tried to get any interested in the kick start as possible. I also just upped the amount given and the reward tier from the $160 option to the $500 one. I do make a decent salary after all.

Nearly on 18%. I read on Kickstarter that 80% of projects that receive 20% funding go on to fund: seems to be a fairly all or nothing business - well in that way, this looks good. However, we are 50% through the Kickstarter period. The updates are regular and enticing. I really want to see the game fund. Yet, there is still a very long way to go. The only thing I can think of is changing my signature on a few forums to the Kickstarter page. I'll give it a go, though perhaps little point on this one as I can't see how anyone here has not heard about it by now!

cj x

I don't think it will make it thi time.

I can only hope they are not discouraged and they try again in a few months...

I haven't seen a lot of support out there on the gaming sites. In fact, I've tried to submit the news to a couple of them myself but it hasn't been taken up. Maybe if a couple more of us point them in the direction of the KickStarter and tell them why it's news, perhaps they'll post something.

I've tried the following so far:

I have posted a pointer up on ... to-your-pc

Other than that, we do need to get the word out there.

If you're on Facebook and/or Google Plus, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to post something about the game to your timelines/wall/circles whatever ... HMkCqp6AhP

Did everything I could around me, to no avail :frowning:

Just did a post on the Giant in the Playground (of OOTS fame) forums, shamelessly taking from your own post, but I don't expect much reaction ... st14190308

Got the confirmation earlier this evening that the project didn't fund. I can't be alone in thinking that a very sad thing. They hit about a third of the funding that they needed. I'll leave it to others more schooled in these things that I am to comment on what sort of figure they could achieve if/when they try again with the right publicity push behind them.

I do understand that there's no way they can commit to trying again, at least not straight away. I do believe in the project though and I do believe that their game model is a great way of bringing Ars Magica to the PC, but I appreciate the challenge of the sell.

I get the impression that our little Ars Magica community punched above its weight in trying to get the message out there (and played more than our fair part in the actual funding), so that's very reassuring.

Here's hoping that they do rebuild their proposition and approach and give it another shot.

I agree.

For my two cents, the fundamental problem is that there were just not enough individuals signing up for enough $.

Partly, I think this was because there was no very compelling product on offer between the $20 (get game) and $150 (get game + Diedne Book + World Book); particularly if you have to justify your "hobby expenditure" to a sceptical spouse. Even worse, there didn't seem to be much reason to up your pledge from $20 at all, if you were not a tabletop gamer (who could use the books).

The median pledge for the ArM kickstarter was only $20 and the project only got an average pledge of around $60, with 1500 pledges. By comparison, Traveller5, got around $294,000 from 2000 odd pledges (so not too dissimilar numbers wise) but had an average pledge of $141 and a median pledge of $100.