Ars Magica: What if we joined them? (3-6 Players)

Hi I am a new game master looking to start my first Ars campaign. The setting will be 1360 around 100 years after the order took the step and started to intergrate in to mundane society.
Does this sound interesting? Do you have questions? Do not hesitate send me a message/reply in this thread and I will answer them to the best of my abilities.

the order took what and started integrating into the order?

You should probably have a look at transforming mythic europe, chapter 2 "the fourth estate".

ah, with the editing for readability, yes this looks interesting...

Definitely interested.

I run a game in real life, but I would really like to be a player, too. What are your expectations about posting frequency?

No posting from the opener after the initial post over 1 month ago make me wonder if this actual is not already dead.
Still depending on the rules like Magus age and how frequent we should post I also might be interested.

You're probably right, alas.

We've got three people, maybe four if silveroak wants in. that could be enough if we wanted to play a small covenant. I'm even potentially willing to do some ST duties if we trade off running stories like a genuine troupe-style game.

I'm in, and would be up for taking turns storytelling. First we'd need to figure out some setting details- Perra hasn't been on the board since Oct 31st, so I figure we can run with the basic idea any way we choose- starting with do we want to keep the setting date of 1360? He originally stated it was 100 years after the order decided to join society- I'm assuming in the tribunal of 1261, but we wouldn't need to stick to rhat timeline if anyone prefers a different one...

Yeah, I'm not exactly married to the premise of the Order integrating with mundane society, either. Starting in 1220 with the basic premise of the game is fine by me, and without an ST at hand who wants to drive the idea, might be best

My understanding is that was the topic of the thread and what you were indicating you wanted to join... if you are "not married" to that idea it seems to me you just want to join any old game and we should expect you to disappear from the game whenever something else catches your interest...

I don't have to much time so a game where we should post weekly is probably the best I can do.
If we don't follow the idea of the thread opener maybe we play at a Tribunal that already have less issue in the interaction with mundane (think the Theban is one). But I'm fine with a setting that lessened the rules about interaction with the mundane for all Tribunal as well.
So far I only had a play by chat but no play by post game but in the play by chat ArM I was SG for 2 short adventures.
Silveroak you probably have to make the alpha SG because I'm not to deep into the rules and play by post is new to me, also it sounds that the other are in a similar situation then me.
(I.e. RoP:F is complete beyond my grasp despite having the book)

Also don't ask me to create an elder level char as it would take me far to long to do one.

Current I play an Parmacopoeian trough the apprenticeship in the Rhine Tribunal with a modified solo play rule and if the setting we chose and the strength of the starting player chars suite I will take this char. (Fabian will have many more points then your default magus out of apprentice time and is best suited for a city covenant)

Maybe we should make a new thread here if we nailed down some of the setting as it looks like we will go a different route then what Perra had planed.

Sorry to disappoint but for the time being, I'm not interested, I was just pointing to, I believe, useful ressources for the SG.

I might be interested, but pbp sagas keep dying on me, and this kinda frustrating so as this one doesn't seem for now to provide solid fondations, don't count me in.... At least not yet.

Hmm then I think we need at last 1-2 more people because it is to expect that at last one person drop out before even one adventure is finished as PbP is supposed to be much slower then Chat / RL RPG where you can go trough an adventure in just one weekend meeting.
Edit: Especial a single combat will probably take weeks given that we post at complete different times.
(Silveroak / Bitter please correct me if my assumtion is wrong)

realistically we would probably need another 3, we have 3 right now who like the concept and one who seems interested in "a game". Generally in my experience at least 1 or 2 drop out before character creation is complete if you actually create characters as opposed to allowing people to slap just anything together to get the game started. Then people drop out during the game too...
on the other side there are plenty of people who are likely to express interest in a game once it gets started who never check out this forum.
The other thing is that I am already GMing a game here and I'm not sure I'm up to being primary on a second...

In the meantime, should we begin discussions about where to set the saga, what sorts of resources will be available to the covenant and what assumptions that the premise will entail about the game?

Being on the player side I have a slightly different point of view than Silveroak, but I agree on his "statistics", I'm part of them I guess. I've already left 2 games before they started on the board so I can only concur...

Sometimes you like the initial concept but as people join you realize you can't commit for years to play in these conditions :
Both times I left there was too many players for my taste, In Lock ness on there was almost 10 players I believe by the time I left (there's still 7 players I believe, Silveroak being one of them) and in the other ones there was also too many players (more than 7 I believe and some "magi concepts" seemed only driven by pure mechanical concerns.

Maybe that makes me unreliable ? I don't know, I think I'm doing less damage to a Saga by recognizing before it's started that I won't fit in.

Anyway as much as I trust Silveroak's good will, I don't think it's a good idea for him to alpha two sagas but then again I have no idea how much freetime he has.

I don't want to stop you from talking about location, premises etc.. But IMHO you need an alpha story guide first for it to me worth anything.

Anyway, I'll keep an eye on the thread just in case...

If we go with the basic premise of the opener I think having the covenant in one of the harbor city in Europe would be good. Also I would prefer to go with an fresh started chapterhouse or covenant with magus max 10-15 years past apprentice time. One idea could be a chapterhouse of the covenant controlling the Hanse.

To make the conversation more meaningfull the situation needs to be broken down on the following axis-

  1. do we want to play from when the order first goes public (massive chaos and plot possibilities) ir when it is established after having done so?
  2. Is going public something done continent wide or in only one tribunal?
  3. Which tribunal do we want to play in?