Ars Magika online

Hello to everyone, it seems some people keep searching for players around their area..

I would like to play ars magica, only through skype/ventrilo or any other means of voice comm.

So any pointers for me on finding a game or any players who would like to try?

Much as I enjoy using voice communication as a roleplaying medium, it does have it's drawbacks. The main one is that it's hard to deal with the math and formulae - pronouncing all of that in a way that everyone understands is tricky, and that's not even getting into language barriers / accents. As a result, you'll probably want to use it alongside a typed / written medium, such as Google docs.

dropbox and metacreator

No, if you are doing a voice medium for a game, you want to also have a chat room such as openrpg, IRC or AIM with die roller for doing the dice rolls and writing out things like math numbers for sponts and such.

I do a text based game via openrpg once a week. It works out.

My sister, who lives out in the countryside near precisely no gamers, has bullied me into running a four-player Deathwatch game over skype. It works well, but requires a lot of setup time. I can't draw quick sketch maps at the session; I have to prepare everything in advance.

I prefer voice chat to text simply because text takes so long. I can bully players into taking their actions quickly in tense scenes, which is vital in an action sequence, over voice, but via text it's impossible.

as I said, do a mix.

connect everyone to openrpg (easy software to find) and then you have a dice roller, a place for writing out formulas as needed and the map can be a freeform sketch pad for you to draw things with mouse but start skype and once everyone is connected, minimize it so you can see the openrpg screen. Then you have a voice based game with some text/writing/sketching capability at need.

Has any found a diceroller and/or openrpg-type android app that they like? Free or paid - I don't mind paying for development.

I realize there are any number of text/voice/video chat programs out there, as well as collaborative tools like google docs, but I'm looking for something more gaming-friendly.

This appears to be mostly awesome. I'm hoping to get a game in this way when it's ready.