Ars Mini-con Cheltenham November 2007

Following a discussion on the Berklist I have volunteered my group to organise a mini-con dedicated to Ars Magica, to be held in Cheltenham UK in November 2007. Although the event will be saturday day and night, there will be ars related stuf sunday morning for the die hards, and entertainment on the friday night!

It will be a one day and night day event, but I will ensure cheap (possibly free if willing to have sleeping bags) accommodation is available for those interested, and try to arrange pick ups from the railway and bus station. I think we can manage something, but I will schedule it for the November so it does not clash with holidays and with other cons. Saturday November 17th looks good.

I'll write a small Ars Magica freeform, and my Ars boardgame will be played no doubt. Also I'll ensure we have a few scenarios running, and an Ars charity raffle to dispose of my surplus Ars treasures....

In the evening I'll get arrange a medieval meal and genuine medieval music for an hour if anyone wants, then back to some serious gaming. I'm thinking maybe November of this year?

Who would be interested? I'd better check with Atlas this would be ok as well! Any offers of help or ideas are welcome! So would you be interested?

And anyone got any ideas for a snazzy name? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cj x

Best airport to get there? Middlands? I might be interested. Low cost aierlines rock for this kind of things :stuck_out_tongue:



Read the invitation on the Berklist. Initial thoughts were "COOL but unfortunately in the UK". Second thoughts inspired by hearing that people as far as Italy, Spain and even the US might be joining turned toward "Hey, then I should be able to get my ass over there as well"!

Thus I'll try my best to join the venue - and I'll try to persuade some of my co-players to come along.

We might as well make it a vacation, maybe spend some time in London and see a play at the Globe as we always wanted (granted they play in November) or maybe pop up to Shrewsbury were our saga takes place :slight_smile:

I hope to be there - life may get in the way between now and November. :angry:

For those of us without access to Berklist can you give us the exact dates and location?

OK for lack of a better name and because we have so many people coming from other lands, I think we will call it

[size=150]Grand Tribunal 2007[/size]
Saturday November 17th
Cheltenham, UK
A Festival of Ars Magica

Including a freeform ars larp, ars boardgames, ars rpg sessions, medieval music and food and a Ars raffle of rarities!

People are welcome to arrive on the Friday night, and I will ensure that those staying till Sunday have plenty to do, but the main events are on the Saturday.

I will confirm that as the date, having managed to find a venue with multiple rooms and cheap on site catering and bar. I will pm anyone expressing an interest with further details and the website as soon as I get it sorted. As so far the organising committee is limited to myself and Kev I apologise if I am slow in responding.

Getting here
Trains from BRISTOL, CARDIFF and BIRMINGHAM are frequent, and all three have good AIRPORTS. A return railway ticket from these locations is currently about 18 Euro, and the trip takes under an hour and is simple with frequent trains. STANSTED and HEATHROW connect to Cheltenham via National Express coaches, but services are infrequent and difficult, and trains from London are expensive. From London Cheltenham is one and a half to two hours via car - M4 to Swindon turn off, then Cirencester, then Cheltenham. By bus there are many cut price deals available, and hopefully lifts can be arranged via the website when I get that far...

There will be some sleeping bag only floorspace accommodation for those happy to rough it, but very good hotel accommodation can be had for 60 euros a night, including breakfast. Bed & Breakfast is much cheaper, starting at around 22 Euros a night.

Any questions, please do ask. I'll get my committee organised here, but the event will now occur as I have committed myself via deposits...

cj x

All Hail the Praeco! :smiley:

Good job!!

Please, don't be put off by the costs. Cheap airfares to the UK can be had, and we will put people up if accommodation is a problem as best we can, even if its just floorspace. I will also try to arrange room shares so people can have a hotel room with two beds, which is much cheaper, if people want.
I will also cook one large meal on the Saturday for anyone starving and broke, thought it won't be fancy!

We'd like you to come and enjoy yourselves if you can, for our little Ars Magica mini-convention. If you have something you'd like to run, donate to the raffle or can help in other ways just pm me or email. I am donating several long out of print Ars supplements, and if I can catch Neil and get him to sign it, a signed copy of The Mysteries Revised with esoteric marginalia! If I can recall the Special Ops email there may even be other goodies, who knows?

all the best
cj x

I have a repeated Rome tribunal book to add to the mix, if you want it. Not the best book ever, but the only one I would have no problems parting with.


Jeg taler kun lidt dansk. Jeg hedder Christian Jensen Romer. :slight_smile:

OK, I may be Danish, but its been a very very long time since I spoke my native tongue much - and i mean decades! I mention my name as I think it gives away my origins? (Falster). It might be fun to do a Danish language session, and certainly I'd be delighted to see Danes. We have good Spanish and French speakers as well, and if all else fails we can revert to Latin!

cj x

If you have a spare that would be wonderful. I have a Loch Leg. book (lion of the North) here which has a sticker saying its yours btw - was I meant to have posted it? I can do!

cj x

LMAO! Yeah, you were supposed to have posted it 2 years ago or so :stuck_out_tongue: I will mail you on that issue.




Having seen your name Falster elsewhere -probably the Berklist?- I did earlier wonder quite a bit! But then it seemed you'd lived all over the place, so I kind of let the theory go!

I think my troupe in total has people knowing: Danish (doh), English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Amharic, Latin, Ancient Greek and bits of Gaelic, so I suppose we'd always have an interpreter at hand :laughing:

Anyways I've got a brother in London, but it's been ages since I went anywhere in the UK but there, so this might be an opportunity to do so again!



Well I just noticed my e-mail to Michelle had bounced so I have emailed again outlining the plan. If there was any problem it would be a generic medieval fantasy con. :frowning: I'm just hoping I can find a way to make Atlas happy with the plan! :slight_smile:

cj x

So, we are unlikely to get any answers from the Nephews until early March. No biggie, considering that we are planning this for November.



Please post back here as details come together as I'm definitely in on this!

David has kindly informed us on the Berklist that Atlas are happy for the event to go ahead, so full steam ahead! If you would like to be on the mailing list for details, and i promise to restrict myself to one email every two weeks maximum, just e-mail me at

I'll post details on here as well!

cj x

Someone has just pointed out to me that this will clash with Consequences (

Drat! Unfortunately it is the only weekend in November I can arrange the venue for: however I am sure a goodly number of freeformers will miss it for that reason. It's doubly sore as i had hoped to go to Consequences myself. :frowning:

Still, I have unfortunately confirmed my venue.
cj x

For those with spare Cash to go to Consequences :