Ars Notoria - Any synergy with the skill bonuses?

+3 com and +3 int are definitely worth it by themselves for darn near anything, but I look at that xp in philosophiae, theology, and medicine, and hate to see it squandered. Getting teaching from the fourth ring, you can easily hit a score of 9 in those abilities. While this makes you an excellent npc who will live a happy, wealthy life, it's a little poor for a Gifted adventurer.

So far I have found: Ritual hermetic magic, Philosophical and Medicinal refining (elementalist hedge magic), and Mythic Alchemy, which uses philosophiae to great effect. Is there anything else using those abilities that would enhance a character with the Gift?

(Also, amusingly, the latin/greek/hebrew/chaldean needed for Ars Notoria puts the practitioner in the right starting position to pursue Adamic from Ancient Magic, and if it weren't for the Artes Liberales requisite, AnM's automata are also interesting.)

Art & Acadame is chock full of ways to use Artes Liberales, Philosophiae & Medicine.

In the sidebar on page 98 (RoP: TD) , Supernatural Ability: you subtract your score in ability from your Recitation Score.
Unless your supernatural ability is tied to the Divine Realm.

Mythic Alchemy (page 81 , Hedge Magic) is a major , supernatural ability linked to the Magic Realm.

The angel has:
Communication +03 , Artes Liberales 07 , Civil and Canon Law 07 , Medicine 07 , Philosophiae 07 , Teach 07 and Theology 07.
Teaching Source Quality (Single Student , from page 164 in ArM 05) = 19

Recitation Score: Intelligence + Ars Notoria + Modifier

First recitation of an Ars Notoria Ring
Ease Factor: 06 + (03 x level of ring) + 01 per season of desired duration

Subsequent recitations of a known Ars Notoria Ring
Ease Factor: 03 + (03 x level of ring) + 01 per season of desired duration

(just putting info for those who do not have The Divine)

Assuming no xp spent on the above abilities , you need 8 seasons to learn them to 07
(also that no affinity for any ability exists)
this need not be continuous seasons of course.

The extra 100xp for Philosophiae (First Ring) , Theology (Second Ring) & Medicine (Third Ring)
will give you an ability score of 09.
(while the duration of the Ring lasts , the 100xp are not permanent)

The oration for the First Ring must be performed during the Spring or Autumn season.
Second Ring: Winter season.
Third Ring: Any season.

In the Writing Books section (page 100):

Ceremony conquers all, especially with multiple people carrying the 2nd ring. A small circle of Notaries, each with a few supernatural abilities, and judicious use of XP, sounds like it would be a lot of fun to throw at the players. Except they don't have much to throw. I'm growing more and more respect for the things you can do in the Divine, but reading the Ars Notoria just gives me this aching feeling that something is missing. Requiring the Gift for it made me think there was some ability or tradition I was overlooking, but I just didn't consider Art and Academe before. Need to get my hands on it.