Ars won an honor and now needs an "acceptance speech"

Ars Magica won this year's Geek lifetime achievement in role playing thing that they do at RPG geek every year.

They now need someone to write up a description of the game for their list here:

Would anyone here like to take a shot at it?

I nominate Tellus

Not sure I should be doing it :frowning:

[code]Originally created by Jonathan Tweet and Mark Rein*Hagen. First published in 1987 Ars Magica has gone through a series of changes in mechanics (it is currently in its 5th edition) and ownership (Lions' Rampart, White Wolf, Wizard's of the Coast and currently (2018) Atlas Games).

Set in a Mythic Europe that's close enough to historical Europe (approx AD1220) that your history textbooks will double as excellent sourcebooks. Ars Magica was originally written in part as a reaction to D&D but soon grew into its own thing, with a loyal group of dedicated followers.

Ars Magica features several types of characters (Magi, Companions and Grogs), which are not created equal. Magi are the focus of the game. Members of the Order of Hermes use Hermetic Magic. Rules-wise, this is a Verb-Noun magic system, with a wide variety of applications.
Hermetic Magic allows for Spontaneous Magic (effects made up on the spot), Formulaic Magic (known, studied, repeatable effects), Ritual Magic (more complicated version of Formulaic spells), and several types of enchanted devices.

Ars Magica also features a central meta-character, namely the Covenant. This word is a bit overloaded in context, but it is the comunity in which the magi live and share resources.[/code]

Looks good to me.

What about adding one phrase more about how encompassing and expandable the magic system is?


Sure you should.
Maybe mention the wide selection of source books?

Better? Too much?

EDIT: More typos fixed.
Anyone with an account over at RPGGeek want to post it?

Tellus, for five editions and over 40 books now your word count is still very moderate.

And your text looks quite complete to me now. There is just one "y" before a "ou" and an "over" before a "40" that I still miss.


Community has two "m"s, not one?

Looks great. Wizard's of the Coast => Wizards of the Coast.

That's what I get for not turning on the spell checker :wink:

Should I add something about longevity and theuse of Seasons/long term activities?

Yes. Lab projects and the long term scope is one of ArM’s strengths

I added a line about laboratory and long term scope. Is it OK?

It’s good, maybe a brief sentence about whatGrogs and Companions are?

Erik, it's great.

We could, but it's already the longest acceptance speech, I think.

Yep, consider every added word now for its real usefulness!

Writing by committee already leads to longish texts. And seeing the opportunity to play Grogs and Companions will not motivate role players to look into Ars Magica, if they didn't know it before.


For me the amazing part of Ars Magica is:

  1. The covenant as the central character
  2. The extensive magic system
  3. Long-term story and plot potential (most commonly used time-increment is the season)
  4. Story-based character development
  5. Extensive in-depth interest from the players in regards to the forums. You guys are awesome.

SO, how do we get the acceptance speech accepted?

Erik Tyrrell's last proposal is fine with me.

But even if we all agree to it: I have no account with RPG geek, so cannot post it there. Who can?


Post it!

I put it on the thread announcing who won the award a few days ago. I think that this should be sufficient. We'll see.