Ars5 Reference Sheets?

Just started my new Saga on Friday, which I will post more about once I have entered the characters into Metacreator.

In any case, I noted myself referring to the book, charts, etc. quite a bit.

Now, Ars5 has no screen, so I thought that perhaps some enterprising Ars scholar might have put together some sort of reference sheets to make playing the game a bit easier.

Does anyone know of any, besides the lab formulae?

How much of the 4th edition screen is useful? If it has some still correct bits, I might dig that up...



I've actually been thinking of doing one, since I haven't heard any rumblings about Atlas doing one.

If I finally get around to it, it would likely be landscaped rather than portrait. That's my preference for GM screens, anyway.


I was just talking about this at my game last night.

I'm okay with a fair amount of book checking, and with the magic system you're going to get plenty of that. But I would really like the combat information printed, the Words and Gestures and the realm interaction chart.

I've posted a master screen, of sorts, here. I also got the spell guidelines, if anyone wants me to mail them to him (1 MB).
I didn't make either, I got the files from a friend.


Very helpful, thanks! I wonder how well this is going to transfer to landscape... :open_mouth:


appendix II really is more than just lab formulae. You can download a PDF of appendx II right off of this site.

If I may,

It would be nice to add to the zises the corresponding individual values for humans :

Size {-2;+1} = 1 Ind; Level 15
Size 2 ~= 2 Ind (Size +1); Level 20
Size 3 ~= 5 Ind (Size +2); Level 25
Size 4 ~= 10 Ind (Size +3); Level 30
Size 5 ~= 22 Ind (Size +4); Level 35
Size 6 ~= 47 Ind (Size +5); level 40
Size 7 ~= 100 Ind (Size +6); Level 45
Size 8 ~= 216 Ind (Size +7); Level 50
Size 9 ~= 464Ind (Size +; Level 55, Ritual
Size 10 ~= 1000 Ind (Size +9); Level 60, Ritual

Size 10 ~= 1000 Ind (Size +9); Level 65, Ritual (Base 50, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +0 Circle) = Create your one night army of Titans & crush your ennemies!

2.1545^Size = Round(#Ind)