Art & Acadame teaser

Now that the month of January has officially begun... Is there any chance we can get the TOC or other preview made available for this book?


Well I don't have a teaser but I do have some positive news. My Local game store says that they expect to have it within days, and really they'd be the ones to know as they share warehouse space with Atlas.

Any more recent news on this book? Confirmations of it on the shelves?

I called my FLGS and the clerk told me that he did not see A&A listed on the invoice for new products due to arrive this week.

Any confirmed news would be greatly appreciated.


Personally I expect this either the last week of January or the first week of February. Atlas stuff tends to get delayed at the printers and I doubt the Holidays are going to help any. I just wish they'd put up a table or contents or some such on this. If it's chocked full of alchemist and other hedge types I'll pick it up next. On the other hand if it's another City & Guild I'm going to grab Guardians of the Forest and have my books a bit sooner.

City & Guild: Pages on craft guild structures that barely exist in the duration of the average game, no reference on how guild restrictions relate to imports and Verditus items and a one sentence throw away about running a Moorish blockade at Gilbralter with a shipload of goods from the east. That book probably needed some refocusing...


Your Blatant Gift is showing again... :wink:

Let's not forget maps(!), urban breakdowns, common social stuff like diet or disease, locks(!), aspects of travel and sea voyages, fairs and markets-- and who hasn't kicked around the "intrigue in a fair" story arc before, especially a faerie one? This book fills the void for material from Mythic Seas, without the crazy ship-specialization options. There are more story seeds in that book than you can shake a stick at, covering just about everything from the Silk Road to cursed skulls that bring misfortune to the comedic (politic?) gold of a Companion with a gaggle of daughters to marry off. When you want to do more than hand-wave costs and support materials for a covenant through a merchant companion, this is the book for it...

The table on Intrigue and Indirect Action? Ohmygodyes...but point it at your hermetic rivals. That's exactly the sort of thing I envision the Redcap network being able to talk about.

No, honestly, I think this book is a gold mine for Storyguides and support companions.


Anyone got A&A yet?


According to the "Ask Atlas" board, layout's done and John has to approve it before it goes to the printers. Then there's a 6 week turnaround at the I'd guess it'll be a march book...


John's just told me that A&A went to the printer yesterday (Friday).

So our January book is expected to be in stores mid-late March. Does this mean that we'll see three rather than four Ars books from Atlas this year or is it too soon to tell?

I'm still hoping for four.

Confirmed on the Atlas site here: ... -press.php

Back from printers mid-March then.

Hopefully we'll see a preview / table of contents before then (hint, hint)

Oh and a preorder link to Warehouse 23 would be nice too...



So, with this book nearing release, would it be possible to get a sneak peak? One of the Companions in my campaign is very focused on plants and herbs, and I read in Societas that there will be expanded rules for this in A&A.

So, any sneak peak I can throw at my players would be great. :slight_smile: Pretty please, we've been waiting long already. :slight_smile:



The TOC is up for Art & Academe as a teaser: ... ntents.pdf

Interestingly i includes the Sidebar Index. Neat.

Thanks to Atlas for that,


"Disputatio" is back - in some form, at least. (And there was much rejoicing...)

Some of those are ~quite~ the teaser, indeed - "Experimental Philosophy", "Art and Magic", what appears to be a definitive discussion of ME physics, academic heresies, 2 pages of Virtues for Education - hmmm... could the Magister-Magus become canon again?!

(Inquiring minds want to know!) 8)

This is good stuff! Looking forward to this book. Hope they make a "mundanes book" for nobles and warfare too. :slight_smile:
But this is very interesting. Here's a saga idea: Art & Academe + Ancient Magica = Indiana Jones?? :laughing:


The sidebar summary is a good idea.
Otherwise, it seems to be pretty interesting for both magi and compagnions :smiley: