Art and Academe vs hedge magic

A quote from the Art & Academe blurb:

Natural philosophers were about the most powerful group of hedgies in 4th edition (fully gifted exotics like the Trollsnyr, Kabolists and Volkov not being what I would call hedgies). The natural philosphers are appearing in art and academe. Between this, the ex miscellainia section of Societas, the magical craftsmen of City and guild, and the traditions fleshed out in the realms of power books my previously despirate desire for a fifth edition Hedge magic book has subsided to the point where there are several other books that I coud stand to see first.

What's left for the Hedge magic book? What do you think you really want in it that we won't see someplace else?

A long time ago, I mentioned on the Berklist that I had an idea that Ars was stronger because we had played out the easy stories, and you asked me to elaborate, but I never did. Now seems a good time, because it colours my answer and I've had time to think the idea through.

It struck me, in the Amber community, that the game was stuck, because it only ever published a few supplements, and so by the time that we got the official version of obvious stories (like "Brand Returns", for those who have played the game) the fanbase had moved far on from that point, and completed so many fascinating experiments that the offical ones seemed neophytic. Brand returns? We have -all- done Brand Returns, and yet new people to the game were not being given the benefit of thousands of hours of play. They were starting from the same first principles as the rest of us, and so, every new player invented "Brand Returns".

Similarly in Ars, we have all done some of the obvious stories. Druids coming back and so on. In Ars 5th, it was time to move on. Time to find the stories which were only possible because we, as a community, had already worked through the simple stories. Time to say to new players. "Here are some of the low-lying fruit we have already picked. Now, time to show you some of the stuff we discovered afterwards!"

In any books that repeat a theme we have seen before, I hope to see the same thing. I hope we will see nods to the old and obvious, and to the old and difficult that looks obvious now because people told you about it back then. I also hope to see what people have been doing since they digested what was revolutionary back in the day, but is obvious now.

What has our community learned about hedge magic since "Hedge Magic", or about faeries since "Faeries"? I think there's been a lot. For example, "Covenants" was a lot different to "Covenants" and "City and Guild" was a lot different to "Mythic Seas".

I hope to see how far we have come. I hope to see us build on the foundations the community has laid down.

What would you call them? Exotic Traditions?

Which books do you want to see first? What makes you think they won't come out first? Are you saying that all forms of magic in Mythic Europe have been fully detailed?

What makes you think there will even be a Hedge Magic book forthcoming? Has David announced it?

Yes, exotic traditions is what I'd call them.

I used to feel that there was no upcomming book as important as hadge magic. I no longer feel this way. For books that I now think are more important to fill in the game line; I'd be happy to see both of the realm books (and one other book) come out first.

It is Atlas' policy that books are not formally announced until they are in final proof reading . Never the less from this thread last December [url]On The Edge - #4 by John_Nephew] there was a mention.