Salve soldalis!

I'm looking for a guideline/base to remove arthritis. Our covenant has a vis of virtue source that is currently being used to ameliorate the arthritis of a covenant memember, and we would like to do this with a spell/item instead. Warping is not an issue, as it is replacing an item that warps anyway.

I can't find any published guidleine that might help. Any ideas?


The perdo corpus guideline for inflicting something akin to arthritis is base 5 "Hamper a person without actually injuring them. For example, make them lame, blur their eyesight. Heals as a Light Wound" also at base 5 we have "Inflict a light wound". I'd therefore suggest that healing arthritis would be the same difficulty as healing a light wound.

That's level 15 so range touch, duration sun, 2 uses per day, environmental trigger gets you a device of level 34.


That is a lot for 1 pawn of perdo a year....

Thank you!


Though I wouldn't go so far as to say you're wrong, that implies arthritis can be healed rather than treated. I wonder if it would be better to simulate it as a minor malediction or disease that can be staved off but not removed via basic magic. Hmm. You guys give me such interesting projects.

Especially since my current Merinta is a healer with Affinity in Perdo.

Assuming he's taken it as the flaw of the same name, it's going to be part of his Essential Nature and therefore only suppressible rather than removable by Hermetic magic anyway.

For the campaign I am in, it is for an NPC, and as the dedicated vis already helps I therefore assume that it is not part of their essential nature.

Raccoonmask's point about a malady to be staved off was my initial thought, but my copy of Art and Academe is in another city atm, so I couldn't easily check.


If I understand your OP right, there is constantly vis used to ameliorate that NPC's arthritis.

This fits very well with an Arthritis flaw being part of the NPC's essential nature: permanent magic cannot heal it, but temporary magic can reduce its consequences.


Oh no: we haven't even tried to cure the arthrits, so we don't know if it can be cured.


What about the ReCo 10 guideline of "Eliminate the penalties of Fatigue and wounds."? D: Sun would be +2 Magnitudes, for level 20. Perhaps add a Creo requisite to incorporate aspects of the CrCo 3 guideline "Prevent all of a target’s wounds from getting any worse.", to minimize potential injury while acting without penalty, taking us to level 25.

A second spell/effect to specifically address the day or two penalty at -6 the flaw mentions a botch gives might also be an idea.

It's not a perfect match, but might be close enough?

Full honestly, I forgot it was actually a flaw already, which is why I randomly cited it as a malediction since I didn't have a book handy.

The penalties for arthritis as a flaw are -3, which is equivalent to a medium wound. If you were trying to fix it with only Creo Corpus, I would set the base level at 20 (possibly base 15 because the penalty only applies to specific actions rather than all actions). I much prefer jason72's idea using ReCo for a berserker-ish effect that eliminates the penalties; probably up to the troupe if it's actually the same spell or just an equivalent to 'fatigue and wounds' (Still curious if arthritis is considered a wound or a disease?) however, if I was storyguide, I wouldn't let you just throw a Creo requisite in there to add in the 'prevent from getting worse'. Hermetic Magic, in my experience, is bad at doing multiple things at once with a single spell; I would want the CrCo to be a separate spell rather than an add-on for the same effect. Reducing pain and preventing someone from straining themselves are different effects.
Though, to be pedantic, I might allow a Creo requisite and a +1 magnitude to prevent the botch effects of the arthritis, but not the full 'all wounds' effect from the CrCo 3 guideline.

A character with a Lesser benediction Virtue could cure Arthritis. But you may pass a full season looking for that blessed guy. And you may very well end replacing your Arthritis Flaw by Favors Flaw.

Arthriis may also be the fruit of a demon's efforts. Evil beings love to make people sick.


Elaborating, I think it depends on the cause of the arthritis.

Ordinary arthritis should be curable, flaw or not, from aging or not.

After all, if I lose characteristics to aging or start the game with Reduced Characteristics, CrCo or CrMe can solve this and then some.

If I go blind, there's some CrCo for that. So why not arthritis?

Of course, if there is a curse, then perhaps its conditions must be fulfilled or the curse must be dispelled.



I guess the point here is you can have a character with a flaw or virtue that is not part of their essential nature; ie is a temporary thing. of course, curing this in a game may result in that flaw being replaced by another equivalent flaw.

just to be clear: The SG has already stated that this NPC

a) has arthritis
b) has all the effects of said arthritis mitigated by the dedicated Vis
c) the wise-one that enriches the clach crubian (RoP:M 127) therfore is using one pawn of Perdo Vis a year

so the question I am asking pre-supposes that the Arthritis can be `cured'. Nothing to do with the flaw, nothing to do with essential nature, we just want to craft a permanant item that means we get the Vis source

What I am looking for is a guideline that would help my maga craft a spell /item to do that.

Erik's initial suggestion looks good, so I am going to forward that to my SG for her approval.


An enriched Thing of virtue is often an item that is permanent. Enriched things of Virtue generally mention any expiry in their descriptions and the Clach Crubain doesn't.

I'm a little confused now as to the scenario as you've described what's being used here as dedicated vis, a vis source and an object of virtue? Which is correct?

A Clach Crubain is an object of virtue containing 1 pawn of Perdo vis that can normally be enriched to create an item that provides a virtue (Lesser Immunity - Arthritis). The enrichment description does not indicate any sort of expiry for the stock version.

If you have a vis source that produces 1 Clach Crubain/year, that allows you to (harvest 1 pawn of perdo vis or enrich a new object of virtue)/year.

Dedicated vis is something else entirely, a TeFo combination specific vis that can provide bonuses to casting, enchantment and study.

I'm the GM for this, and the vis is an object of virtue. While a Clach Crubain doesn't normally expire after being enriched, this version does. This has two benefits from my perspective - it explains why their peasant hamlet doesn't have a roaring trade in treatments for the geriatric, and it makes life more complicated for the magi. If the enriched vis lasted permanently, they could use the Clach Crubains as vis without objection from the villagers, and where's the fun in that? :slight_smile:

That clarifies things. It's what I thought was likely the case, but didn't want to assume.

As I said earlier, I'd likely go with an item based on the ReCo 10 guideline "Eliminate the penalties of Fatigue and wounds." +1 Touch, +1 Conc. to level 20. We can skip the suggested Creo requisite (the thinking there was the ReCo was an analogue to painkiller medication, with the Creo adding an anti-inflammatory med to the effect).

Add +5 Levels for Item maintains concentration and +5 levels for 24 uses/day and the final effect level is 30. Unlike a constant device, there is the potential to avoid Warping.

A Lab total of 60 can make it a lesser enchanted device. Some suggested Materials include Gold (+2 Health), Garnet (+2 vigor or +2 strengthen body), Amber (+3 Corpus), a Magnet (+4 Rego Corpus) or of course a Clach Crubain (+2 Arthritis).

So -

Assuage the Pangs of the Eld - (ReCo 20 R: Touch D: Conc T: Ind / +5 lvls Item maintains concentration +5 lvls 24 uses/day = Final effect level 30) This effect eliminates the normal -3 penalty associated with arthritis for the duration of the spell. It does not however, prevent or aid with the -6 penalty caused by combat or movement botches.