Artillery and other Canons

So I'm firing on a temple (FS site) with the British Imperial Navy's ships, and I think to myself... I don't have an accurate damage rating. First estimate is that it's a "really big gun" and so 22 is not out of the question for a damage rating. I figured that it would likely be in the range of having a stone temple ceiling falling on you.

After the game was done, I started looking through books. I'm only short a very few suppliments, and was still unable to find a proper number.

My question -- are there stats hiding somewhere for canons and other artillery? Or will I simply need to come up with these numbers as I add vehicles with weapons?

BTW - I've got Golden Comeback, and don't remember seeing damage for the tank artillery either - thought it may be appropriate for damage too.

Any thoughts?


I own and have read cover-to-cover every Feng Shui book published and while I've seen scattered damage ratings for machine guns, grenades and other heavy weapons there aren't any official listings for heavy weapons damage. Below are my house rules for everything from .50 machine guns on up (YMMV).

14** (3) - Heavy Machine-Gun (.50 BMG, 12.7mm, 14.5mm, 15.2mm Steyr)
15** (4) - Gatling-Type Machine Gun (Minigun)
16*+ (4) - Light Cannon (20mm, 23mm, 25mm)
17*+ (4) - Heavy Cannon (30mm+)
20**+ (6) - Grenade (Hand Grenade, Rifle Genade, 30mm, 40mm)
23**+ (12) - Portable Artillery (Shoulder-Fired Rocket or Missile, Folding-Fin Aerial Rocket, Mortar Shell)
25**+ (16) - Light Ordnance (Air-to-Air Missile, 250-500 lb. Bomb, Light Artillery Shell)
30**+ (23) - Medium Ordnance (750-1,000 lb. Bomb, Heavy Artillery Shell, Anti-Tank Missile)
35**+ (25) - Heavy Ordnance (1,500-2,000 lb. Bomb)
40**+ (30) - Extra-Heavy Ordnance (2,500-4,000 lb. Bomb, Cruise Missile)

*+ - Unnamed characters go down on an outcome of 1 or better.
**+ - Unnamed characters go down on an outcome of 0 or better.
(X) - X equals the amount of wreck dealt.

Automatic cannons, heavy and Gatling-type machine guns deal an additional point of wreck for every two bursts.
Automatic grenade launchers deal an extra point of wreck for every burst.
Folding-fin aerial rockets deal an additional two points of wreck for every two rockets in the salvo.
Bombs deal an additional four points of wreck for each additional bomb dropped.

That's not a weapon anymore, that's a plot device. :wink: I guess you're left to your own (or dsprag's) devices.

For the larger types of cannon, I wonder about simply treating them like bombs, complete with a chance for players to get (partly) out of the blast radius as the shot gets fired.