Artwork for Sub Rosa #5?

Would you like to submit some black and white artwork for Sub Rosa #5?

We're looking for a few pieces by the 15th of March (ish-- I have some wiggle room there). Size and shape is up to you, but if you're interested, drop me a private message and I'll get details back to you.


In case it wasn't clear, you will get a free copy of the issue as part of your compensation. :slight_smile:


You know, you and Alex can keep me on retainer for artwork... :wink:

You can assume that I will always submit work as long as you tell me what you want.

At this point, we have all the artists we're hunting for this issue-- barring more articles.

you know you want to write articles.


We know. We simply have not found the time to finish them!


Very much so, unfortunately.

I know I'm not the only one who's offered, and certainly not as famous as others ;), but I'm always willing to offer a set of eyes and comments on an article for someone preparing to submit. Drop me a private message and I'll get you my contact information.


I'd also like to chip in and offer to review anything and offer comment, no strings attached. The hardest step is just getting past that first awkward draft stage. Getting some practical feedback early on helps get over the hump.

I always find it helpful if others review my work and it often leads me in interesting directions that I've been blind to.

Go on!


email sent.