Arya's character discussion

I saw Arya's character - finished - in the other thread and felt the need to point out a few majot weaknesses.

a) no spell that creates clothing - so after a change she is naked.
b) Talisman: A Talisman is not transformed into Heartbeast form (see Falke in GotF). So does she live it behind when she changes?


b) No, she carries it. I've been contemplating either a set of leather jesses, or an ear stud.

BTW, can these be moved to Table Talk? I don't want a discussion thread for my character, it invites backseat driving. (A lot of what goes on in character discussion threads would drive me nuts if people did that to my characters. There's "hey this would be cool and might fit the concept you're going for" and then there's "let me tell you how to play your character," and the line is a little too fine for me not to get annoyed at even the best intentions.)

What I am seeing missing is Bjornaer House Lore. The Mystery cult lore that is required for initiations into further levels of the house. Sorry if you don't want discussion but I believe there are minimums to initiate further (I think 1 or 3 score in the lore).

I think such a debate is necessary: I am not sure, but can a character start with 2 Major Hermetic virtues?

Peregrine says one of them is supernatural.
My apologies, I assume it's from RoP:F, which I haven't got.

Also regarding your initiations and house mysteries

Per HoH:MC, p27, Mystery of Theriomorphy initiation has minor ordeal giving either feral scent or Deformed (animal feature) flaw.

The ordeal for inner heartbeast requires a major ordeal (losing major virtue or gaining major flaw).

Neither of these is reflected in the character sheet. I will assume you spent the year as your heartbeast without parma or using magic for the other requirement of Theriomorphy.