Asking suggestion about Ordeals

I was trying to devise some theurgy initiation scripts for the Philosophers of Rome, and I'm uncertain about the Ordeals:

For Synthemata Magia, I've thought of a name-related Weak Magical Resistance; what do you think is better "spelling name backwards", or "calling name three times" ?

For Invocation Magic, I've thought of a combination of two minor Flaws: possible Ordeals I've thought of are:

Fettered Magic (your magic is empowered by the gods so much that residues of it make an arcane connection to you)

Vow (protect the wilderness and pagan places of power) (as a price for their aid, gods charge you with protecting magic and faerie auras)

Visions (a channel opens in your mind, which the gods send omens and warnings by at their leisure, sending you on quests)

Fear (enclosed spaces) (during the initiation, the character is buried in a casket almost completely filled with water and charged with improvising a poem of praise to the gods)

Which ones do you think more appropriate ?

About a completely unrelated (Merinita) mystery and the Glamour initiation, if the character already has a Restriction (touching iron or holy objects), would it be appropriate to get a Vulnerable Magic Ordeal with the same description ??