aspurgers syndrome?

how would aspurgers syndrome be expresed in medeival times?
Just the rules please,not the medeival terms for it please!

Depending upon the time, place and severity of the ailment I imagine it would've been likely been construed as either evidence of being under the power of a demon/faerie/witch or simply as stupidity.

Edit: If you meant creating a character with the trait, I think it could probably accomplished by penalizing taking a low Communication score and selecting an appropriate compliment of Personality Traits...

ok then

It's spelt Asperger's, by the way. As it's named for the doctor who 'discovered' it.

I know of atleast one player who declared it was effectively the Magical Air flaw :wink:

I'd call it a Social Handicap, as the Flaw.

I agree!


Althought to go folklorisitc, all forms of autism* were seen as being Faerie Touched.

  • Yes, it is. Check the new version of DSM IV. .

I agree with what the others have said.

It might also depend on your social status a bit. A noble with Asperger's Syndrome will likely be treated differently to a peasant with it.

noit nessarally