Atlantean Physical characteristics?

Hey everyone I'm interested in creating an Atlantean Exile Comanion but am having a bit of trouble deducing the actually physical appearance of an Atlantean. From the ROP: Magic it says most have the form of ishes and thus don't survive long above water. Does that mean they are Half-fish human Hybrid like Merfolk or completely fish, no arms, all fin's etc? Also it says some are capable of changing form which is obviously the case for my character since she is now a permanent resident upon the surface world. What does this entitle physically? Like does she have a normal Human physic with fish scales, bluish skin etc? If I'm to judge by the story seed Women from Atlantis it appears she resembles a normal human.

Also with the Character guide the surface form is humanoid (at least torso wise) but if the lower half is fish how would a character move upon the land?

Finally as a side note where is the Surface form Virtue as I can't find an details on it in the book?

I would go with webbed feet and hands.
Probably double nictitating membrane, a transparent eyelid that allows one to see well under water.

Of course all of these are problematic when out of water, dealing with "normal" people. :smiley:

OK, to start Atlanteans are Magical Humans so they are essentially human in form though as you say, the text does tend to imply that there are some Atlanteans who might be better represented as Magical Beasts.

Like all Magical Humans, Atlanteans are obviously inhuman in appearance. There are any number of ways to represent this, from the classic mermaid tail to more esoteric examples like seaweed for hair, webbed hands and feet, iridescent scales, and exhibiting a fish-like odor.

There's no "Surface Form" virtue, but probably represents the necessity of having an ability to function out of the water by taking on a more human form and can probably be handled by building a Personal Power with the desire Muto/Corpus effect...