In my campaign I have decided that Atlantis was in the north sea, and the Dogger bank is an echo of it.

The loss of Dunwich (which I brought forward) is related to the ongoing sinking of atlantis.

The Covenant of the players is in Homerton* College, Cambridge, and they have recently discovered a ley-line leading from thier covenant to the dogger bank, which used to channel terram energy to the site. They accidently stopped that happening about 10 years ago in game time, and have only just woken up to the issue. There is the possibility that Merlin, set up this ley line to stop england from being dragged down into the waves along with atlantis, but this is speculation.

What I am wondering now, is what would be on the lower levels of an atlantean regio? I can do the higher levels where the city stands to some extent, but the lower levels which are much more connected to the mundane world, but with echoes of the higher levels.

There could be tribes of warring mermen, and I have already given hints that a kraken is abroad, so this might be its lair, but are there any more off-the wall suggestions that anyone can think of?


*The players are all students from Homerton IRL, and Homerton is the youngest of the colleges, but seems to have an inferiority complex about this, so we keep seeing tortured expressions about how we're actually over 250 years old, so I decided that in the campaign I would make it pre-date cambridge as a university. The players found out quite soon in play that Homerton is a corruption of Homer's Tomb, and discovered that the trojan wars actually took place in east anglia. I saw this bat-shit theory on QI, and thought: There's a campaign there. See this site for details


Did you read the chapter on atlantean in Realms of power : Magic?
There could be clues for you there.
There could be a group of humain with immunity to drowning (they breath under water) and they would live as surface people would, with sea weed farms.
Except that with no fire, they regressed to stone age...


You can certainly have the upper layers be a city with the lower layers somewhere between city and sea, as if you are averaging out.

In that Case I would go for something like:
sea (mundane level) -> wading sea/marsh, small rivers -> rolling hills and coastal terrain -> cliffs and proper hills with glimpses of city on them -> maybe a small iron-age esque city, village or hill-fort -> proper city (bonus points if you make it a wooden venice-like city inspired by scandinavian or english houses rather than the more normal greco-roman city.

Another option is to make different areas of Atlantis into different levels. Maybe the harbor is the lowest regio level, then the main part of the city, then the temple/religious district and then at the top either the palace or the most important temple (or even 2 parallel top levels in different areas of the regio).

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Another option could be repurposing the hyperboreans from Ancient Magic.

I too have read that wiki page before and found it oddly satisfying. Apparently there odd links between ancient greek and celtic... :wink:

For entertainment purposes, you could also look up atlantean docu series. Ancient Apocalypse on netflix has some ideas that while not directly about the dogger bank, could spur some creativity.

My personal favorite atlantis theory is the Jimmi Corseti and Joe Rogan Atlantas interview. Again, Joe Rogan has some Atlantis "experts" posit where they think it is and other likely wild ideas that are good RPG fodder.

Any dogger bank docu series will be quite interesting. You could also have regios with ice age animals surviving.

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