Atlas Games Hacked

This morning we were notified by our website host that they'd been hacked, and that we should change our FTP passwords. After getting a tip from forum user Kurt Konegen, we also checked all the files on the site for unusual activity. It looks like the Forum's index page was changed this morning by persons unknown. I've replaced that file with a backup copy, so it should be fine now. No other files were compromised. Please note, though, that because our webmaster is on vacation, I had to replace it with a less-than-current version I had on hand ... some of the mods you've become used to using might not be accessible until she can upload the more-current backup copy in a week or so.

When we determine what exactly was changed in the file, we'll let you know ... DreamHost did tell us, though, that what hacks had been reported so far were to "append data to the index files of customer sites using automated scripts (primarily for search engine optimization purposes)." So it's probably relatively innocuous, but if you viewed the forum this morning before noon CST, it would likely be a good idea to run a virus checker on your computer.

Thanks to Kurt for emailing us right away!

More info ... it turns out that the hacker's file was actually a redirect link to another web site. So, if you tried to access the forum and got redirected somewhere, that was it at work.

Some more bad news ... it looks like all of the index files on the entire,, and sites were replaced.

There is some good news, though. It turns out that our webmaster Wendy had her website backups on her laptop with her, and just finished replacing the hacked files. So we should be back to pre-hack status. :slight_smile:

The virus in the file was tagged as downloader. I strongly recommend an immediate virus scan for all readers and changing the passwords of any site you have tagged as "automatic sign-on."